Saturday, July 6, 2013

Candice and Howard Compare Notes #BB15

after Spencer and Howard both discuss voting out Elissa this week.  Spencer doesn't feel bad about it....she has a husband and child and has other things to do outside of here.

Howard:  Those two girls are just hanging off Jeremy's nuts....but that's good because he can just control 'em....

Spencer:  It's hard to get to talk to him though, because he's up there all of the time.

They know that Helen tried to do a deal with Aaryn and Jeremy, so they question how great her strategy can be.  After Spencer left Candice came in and said that competition was intense.  Howard whispered about how things would have been like "back where he came from"...

Candice whispers:  She makes a lot of comments that are....

Howard said he knows that, he hears it, and leaves the room quickly for the kitchen.  In the kitchen I hear him saying something about needing "a little less of the homophobia".

I think Howard made it clear that he doesn't want to appear to be aligned with Candice in any way.

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