Monday, July 29, 2013

California Sunshine #BB15

Judd's feet.  I know that fake grass gets hot in the sunshine.

Nick's hat.  Actually McCrae's hat.  On Gina Marie's head

McCranda half naked, without Amanda on top.  It's a miracle.

 Aaryn came outside to work on her tan.  Judd can't sit still for very long.

 It seems like Amanda is always having to try to entice McCrae into really loving her.  You know, with all of the sex and aggressive attention.  And while they were laying out there Amanda was telling McCrae that her home in Florida is near the beach, so she painted a little mental image for McCrae of them filling up a cooler with beer and sandwiches, and then spending the day on a big blanket by the shore.

Probably paradise for a Minnesota boy, right?  Then she was whispering about taking a vacation together, to some island.  As usual, McCrae just listens.

She'll still be there if she's evicted this week McCrae.  But then maybe you can get back on track to win this damn show,  and forget about this stupid showmance.  You will get plenty of girls with big jugs when this summer is over.  Just ask Peter Brown from BB Canada.

(He was on Rob Cesternino's podcast and claimed his luck with the ladies changed overnight with his new "confidence", aka "TV time".)

Oh, and you might recall Amanda saying that she quit smoking.  Well, that didn't last long. These pictures are from this morning, when she was learning all about last night's plot to flip the house and vote her out.

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