Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Brother Express Study Session #BB15

Last night after the 3:00 am Big Brother Express Delivery  (you can learn about that here) Amanda set up shop in the Cockpit, using various household items to represent the deliveries on the train.  McCrae sat nearby to help, and I heard Amanda tell him that she didn't pay attention to the order things happened.  (potential big mistake)

They chant:  London, Manilla, Encino, Rome...

On the couch Jessie chants the same thing.  Spencer asks her if she knows the Nationwide Insurance jingle and sings it for her ("Nationwide is on your side").  Then he sings London, Manilla, Encino, Rome to that melody and I'm not sure that is helpful for Jessie.

(Although I still remember that the Tigris River is 1,100 miles from the mouth of the Nile, and the Euphrates River is 1,700 miles from the mouth of the Nile, because me and my high school friends stayed up all night drinking Rum and Cokes and making up songs the night before a history test.  During the test we looked across the room at each other and grinned, tapping our pencils to the beat as we all aced those test questions.)

(I may or may not have been Valedictorian of my class...)

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