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Big Brother After Dark - Whose Bubble Will Be Burst Tonight? - 7-10-13

This episode aired on the eve before the second live show, on Wednesday at 9:00 pm BBT.  What a differene 24 hours can make...I think we are in for a doozy on tonight's live show, and the aftermath in the house is sure to be explosive as well.

Aaryn is in her last day as an HoH, and Helen, Elissa and Nick are on the block.  One of them is going home tonight, and I am now afraid that the one going home may be Nick.  Once again what seemed like such a sure thing is now kind of up in the air.

So let's not waste any more time.  Here we go.

As the show opens we see a shot of Helen leaning on the kitchen counter inspecting a large jar of peanut butter.  She has a big spoon in her hand and is savoring the peanutty flavor, apparently.  (The Have Nots started eating on Tuesday night at midnight, I think.)   Candice is there and has her hair all curled and is eating a slice of pizza.  I can tell it is very hot from the way she is handling it.

Now we see Jessie sitting in front of a silver bowl on the kitchen counter, and is busy with something and filling up the bowl.  She has a slice of pizza sitting on a paper towel next to her.   I hear Amanda in the kitchen talking about making something and barking out questions about the recipe, so I guess they are trying to cook.  They are locked in the house tonight as the backyard is prepared for tomorrow night's live show.

We go go the chess board where it looks like Jeremy and Kaitlin are playing.  Jeremy is handling a slice of pizza with both hands and Kaitlin sits across from him with a bright pink blanket covering her legs (for once, huh?).  As usual the loft is filled with sound from downstairs.  Kaitlin is not happy about the chess game and says "this is some bullshit" and "no no no no" so apparently Jeremy can eat and win at chess at the same time, too.

The couches at the chess board are a take-off of the old George Nelson "Marshmallow Sofa" which is an iconic piece of furniture that can sell for $15,000 or more in it's original state.  The two in the BB house by the chess board are black and white "striped", but a solid color marshmallow sofa reproduction is selling right now on the Design Within Reach website for over $3,500, and looks like this:

Kaitlin is put in check by Jeremy, and then she puts him in check as Spencer arrives with his own piece of pizza and sits down by Jeremy.  Jeremy reports that he is "kicking her ass" as they continue their game.

The cameras go back to Jessie at the kitchen counter, as gnaws on her slice of pizza.  The pizzas that they eat are always DiGourno and every year the house guests  talk about how good they are, but then in a backhanded compliment say they can't believe DiGourno pizza is so good, and if this tastes good, imagine what a "real" pizza would taste like.  McCrae goes to the storage room and wipes his mouth on the inside of the neck of his yellow T-shirt as he walks.  I think he was summoned by Amanda to go and get her something.

Howard goes into storage with McCrae and busies himself with pouring juice from a large jug.

Howard:  It's going good, man...

McCrae:  I know.  You guys need to break up..split up...everyone is talking about seeing you together and they think it's like, four of you together.

There are three cantaloupes on the counter next to McCrae.  Howard does not seem worried, however, and says that "after this they will work to build trust with them". They talk about making Judd feel secure, because Howard says "he ain't got nobody to cry to" and they both leave the storage room with glasses of juice in hand, and McCrae is swinging the jug of GatorAde.  He reports that there was no soda in there and the girls are disappointed.

Amanda is making some sort of lemon poundcake and is talking smack in a fun way with Jessie, telling her to just go with the lemon poundcake flow.  Judd and McCrae move some furniture around with Helen's help as they set up targets for a bean bag game.  They are placing chairs on the red striped section of the living room and are throwing small objects at a broom that is placed horizontally over two chairs.  The objects they throw are small balls connected by a string, and they try to wrap the string around the broom.  Helen is pretty good at it.

(Maybe this is a game given to them by Production that might be related to a future competition?)

Back at the chessboard Spencer is alone with Katilin and I guess they are playing.  Spencer remarks that the quesadilla was pretty good, but Kaitlin says that it was an "interesting cheese choice".  Spencer likes anything "cheesy and meaty" so he enjoyed it.  Kaitlin listens to the talk in the kitchen and comments they must be having cake for dinner.  They are toying with the chess pieces and Kaitlin says she's over playing chess.   Spencer tells her he has her back and she says "me too" and they do the rock over the chess table.  Spencer says the house looks so small inside but looks different on TV.

After the first break,we're back in the kitchen where Candice is laying flat on the floor for some reason.  We see them constructing the little string contraptions, or maybe just untangling them, and it's Andy's turn to throw. It looks like they have tied wine corks to the ends of each string.  I have never seen this on any other season.

Aaryn  is helping in the kitchen, too, and is trying her best to fit in as her week of HoH ends.  She says the Ritz Carlton's margaritas have lime zest in them and they are "the best ever".  They have one bag of powdered sugar and Aaryn goes in to see if there is another one in storage.  Elissa sits silently and watches the group, with full hair and makeup, of course.

Up at the chess table Judd is sitting with Spencer and Nick stands nearby as they talk about the chess pieces, laughing.  Andy comes up and is going to go into the HoH to listen to Aaryn's music but stops to joke about Nick trying "to get him in there one last time".  Judd lifts up the right sleeve of his T-shirt and inspects the large circular nicotine patch he is wearing.  Spencer gets up to go downstairs and Andy reminds him "don't forget your plate" in a manner that probably irritates Spencer, because it sounded like nagging to me.

Back in the kitchen McCrae is wearing his mounties hat and watching the baking in progress.  Now we see GMZ in the HoH bed listening to music and Judd is nearby on the couch.  Kaitlin is wearing a pair of booty shorts again (Shocker!) and bends over to talk to Andy and we see her ass in a TVGN close up for at least 5 seconds.  Judd says some stuff but I didn't understand any of it.   Kaitlin thought it was funny, though.  Nick took a little nap but says the Spy Cam distracted him.

They comment that GMZ is really into the music as she lays back with her eyes closed, listening.  Judd says something about "them pants" and Nick says "Yeah".  Judd doesn't like being locked inside because he feels trapped.  They try to guess what is going on in the backyard with all of the hammering and all and seem to think they will go back out there at some time.  Nick keeps watching the Spy Cam.

Judd:  You can use my HoH room next week, if you wanna do that..

Nick:  You're such a dick, bro!

They chuckle and watch the screen.  Judd thinks the nicotine patch must be too strong but he read the label and points out "this is what they gave me".  At home he smokes 3 - 5 a day, but in the house he's been smoking 6 - 8 cigarettes per day.  Nick says that's not too bad as Judd rubs his arm.  They both go downstairs because Judd wants to "roam around" and Nick gives GMZ a "shoulder" hug as they leave.

Outside of the HoH people are whistling and talking loud and Judd and Nick lean over the rail with Andy to watch the game being played.  Nick wants to play and we see Howard throwing the string with authority as McCrae looks on.

After the break it is still Howard's turn to throw, and I see that they have two "bars" laying over the chairs.  There is a broom connecting the bottom rungs, and what looks like a cane or pool cue laying across the seats of the chair as they try to throw the strings to wraparound one of the bars.  The girls are still baking and Jeremy stirs a steaming pot of something on the stove.  Aaryn has her hair tied back in a yellow bandana and looks eerily similar to Daniele Donato in her BB8 blonde days.

Amanda scrapes some batter out of a bowl and Jeremy tries to narrate the action in his "sex voice", low and deep.  There is a bottle of Cutex nail polish remover on the kitchen counter as they all take turns licking the mixing bowl.  They say it is "super lemony" and Jeremy adds that it is "lemonesque" and he has never had a lemon cake before.   GMZ salts something on the burner just to the left of Jeremy's steaming pot and Amanda wishes they had some wine, too.

They sing the J.U. Double D Farmer Man song for a second and I think they are making macaroni and chicken, from the sound of it.  Amanda complains that "they" won't give her hair dye, saying that it is a luxury item she can only have if she is HoH.  (Last year all of the girls had hair dye.)

Amanda:  I pointed at my grey hair and said, does this look luxurious to you?

Jeremy needs help draining the pasta and Nick lends a hand, holding the colander in the sink as the hot water pours.  In the Small World room, Judd and Jessie lounge on a bed and whisper about the vote this week.   Judd says things he's told  Nick have gone right back to Jeremy, so he thinks "theyr'e trying to make a guy alliance with those four".    Candice walks in wearing a towel and wet hair so they stop talking immediately.

Judd and Jessie went in the Eames room and are giggling as they look at something in one of the beds.  McCrae and Amanda came in and wanted to know what was so funny.  McCrae wonders if he can still come in and nap and they said yes, but Amanda left saying she needed to get cream cheese.  Judd whispers to Jessie that Elissa said she'd never put them up, so if they work with her they can definitely make it to jury.

(The camera gave us a close up of what looked like a nightgown laying on one of the sheets, so I don't know if they were giggling about this or not.)

There is a definite vibe between them as Jessie touches his arm where the nicotine patch is and asks "is this for me?"  (Because she is trying to quit or cut way back on her smoking.)  Judd wants them to be one and two in the game, and tells her that she is probably playing the best game now, just "balling and chilling" in the house.  She giggles with excitement and they slap Five and leave the room.

Candice is walking around wearing two towels (one on her head) as Amanda starts using the cream cheese to mix something, perhaps a frosting of some sort.   After the break we are in the Cockpit, where Judd and McCrae are lounging.  They hear cheers in the kitchen and thinks that booze may have been delivered.  Judd wants to chill for a minute but McCrae goes in the kitchen and tells them he's "putting wax all over the cord for some reason".  Judd laughs to himself, smiling, all alone in the room.  He's a thinker, that Judd.

McCrae goes back to his bedroom and fiddles with soemthing.  There are clothes and shoes in various messy stacks on the floor of the Eames Room.  (Shocker #2!)  Back in the kitchen there is a lot of activity as Aaryn stirs the frosting and now GMZ is there, watching.  Spoons are tapping and Andy chugs a glass of red liquid.

Now we go to the HoH Room, where Kaitlin is laying down on the bed and Jeremy lays down on top of her as she wraps her legs around him (Shocker #3!).  Kaitlin is in the middle of saying she hates the people in the house when the smooching sounds start.  Jeremy is just kneeling as they both listen to the music.  Jeremy remembers all of the songs on the CD and does a little shimmy for her and she says to stop because that is unattractive.

She tells him he tastes "macaroni and cheesy" and he says he came up to find her because he missed her.

Jeremy:  Oh my god..what am I saying?

Kaitlin is pleased but they joke about taking it back after he already said it.

Kaitlin:  They are going to use all of the things that you do you feel about that one?

Jeremy:  Argh.

Kaitlin:  Don't be upset about it!

Jeremy: I'm losing my bad ass image!

Kaitlin:  That's not true at all!  You play everybody in this house!

Jeremy tries to deny it but they just laugh about it and argue a little.  He tells her not to let "them" get to her, and Kaitlin says "it's our own alliance".

Jeremy:  Listen.  She's pissed because she's got no David.  I guarantee that if David was here this would not be happening.

Now Kaitlin tells him not to use that towel to wash his face because that is the one everyone uses to wipe their hands and mouth after they brush their teeth.

Kaitlin:  Did you hear me?

Jeremy:  I can't hear you right now because I"m washing my face.

She repeats her warning and he says it is too late, rubbing his face with the towel.  Jeremy repeats that she should just let everything roll off her back and they will both be at the end, laughing.  Jeremy says that the "they" is Amanda and Aaryn, and she should let them do their thing and they will play them for votes at the end.  Jeremy moves in for a kiss  and there was some tongue as the cameras quickly changed to a non-tongue angle.  He plans to come back up later to "check on her" and "lay with her a little while".  Kaitlin might go take a nap in Jessie's bed because there is so much traffic in the HoH room.

Katilin is mad because he beat her twice in chess and he leaves the room, laughing, after another quick kissing session lying flat on top of her.  She tells him she likes her alone time, and that is why she is taking a break from everyone else.  She paints her fingernails after he leaves, and the camera shifts to the bathroom where Jessie is drying her hair.  Spencer goes into the Cockpit with Andy and Andy says the DR said he was a one trick pony and he might get edited out of the show because we've seen it all before by now and they laugh about this.

The two of them are comfortable with each other and hurl easy insults at a fast pace and seem to enjoy the banter.  Andy jokes about closing the door to whisper and Spencer says he calls this room "Conspiracy Corner".    Howard has joined them and Andy jokes about wanting to ruin the cake somehow, if he can.

After the break McCrae takes a silver bowl into the shower and is looking for shampoo.  He pours some in the bowl and I hope he's not cooking with it.  Elissa is drying Candice's hair in sections as McCrae reports he is trying to make bubbles, and the kitchen soap wasn't strong enough.  Back in the Cockpit Helen has joined the group along with Andy and they joke about electing a leader in the house.

Helen tells them that if she goes home she will be watching all of them on the internet and talking about "what fricking liars they all are" as they laugh.  She must have told them about her politics, though, as she says she will start a smear campaign when she leaves and it won't be pretty, and they won't want to see it.

Judd:  Helen, by a vote of 11-0 you have been evicted..

They joke about laughing on the live show if that happens.  Howard says Helen will "go off for like 20 minutes" and BB will have to have 8 commercial breaks while they try to remove her.  They are all enjoying it and now they talk about "Topaz" (i.e. Emerald) from BB Canada and how dumb she was.  Helen tells Howard it will take longer than 20 minutes to get her out.

Howard:  Helen we're doing what you want...we're keeping Elissa!

Helen says she never cusses in her real life.  Ever, but Spencer says she said the Eff word three times today that he's heard.  Howard's ex -girlfriend hates cursing and wouldn't stand for it.  Howard says that the men in his family, they all curse at each other as a greeting, and say Fuck You and his ex would get so mad.

Judd:  If you heard me and my friends talk, you'd think we don't like each other.

Helen's friend's mother died of cancer in high school and she learned a lesson after saying "mother fucker" during a sports game and her friend was very upset when she heard that.  She reacted as if Helen was talking about her mom and Helen has never forgotten it.

In the kitchen the bubble-blowing project is in full swing.  McCrae has fashioned a handle and a little circle of string that stays in place with the wax he put on it.  Jeremy dipped the circle in the soap mixture and a decent-sized bubble emerges, but does not form fully.  They consider adding soy sauce to the mixture but Amanda shoots that down.

McCrae:  But the bubbles will taste amazing!

They consider adding protein powder, oil, and other items and Kaitlin says she can't believe McCrae didn't lock down this information before now.  McCrae is "bored at home a lot" and Jeremy keeps trying after adding protein powder.   Jeremy is encouraged by the progress they are making with the project as McCrae goes in search of more shampoo.

Jeremy uses the bubble blower as a microphone as he sings to Katilin who is sitting at the kitchen counter now.  He is singing in a deep Isaac Hayes type voice that he wants to "make love to her, and get it outside the house..".  She hides her face in her hands, giggling, as we go into the break.

When we return Jeremy is trying to blow the bubble again, and it grows very big and almost detaches before bursting.  They all "ooohh" and "aaaah" at the sight of that.  The kitchen is full of  people as the girls discuss their manicures.  GMZ is chewing on her nails and now when I hear Aaryn talking off camera I think she sounds like Dani Donato.

GMZ is really down in the dumps because there is no soda.  Kaitlin says it is apparently a luxury item in a sarcastic tone.  Jeremy takes a spoonful of tomato sauce from a jar but Kaitlin tells him it is marinara sauce.  It is hot from being in the microwave as a component of Nick's dinner.   We get a close up of the back of GMZ's head and I don't think she can go the whole season with that same weave.  I'm no weave expert, but there is no way that GMZ's hairstyle will end well.

Amanda put something from a cookie sheet between her teeth and it must have been hot because she spit it out of her mouth onto Jeremy's plate.  It might be a piece of meat.  They discuss concerts they have been to and Jeremy admits to seeing Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey back in the day and Aaryn saw them at Red Rocks, too.  Aaryn is eating a chicken breast as they discuss Take That.  Aaryn saw them when they opened for Blink 182 but Jeremy says they suck.

I don't know if I've discussed this yet, but there is an additional table in the kitchen this year.  The counter space is limited since it is fashioned into an arrow shape, so BB has added an oval table as tall as the counter tops for them to stand and sit at.  It is close to the round dining table but is located in the kitchen area.

Elissa is dressed up as if it were New Year's Eve in a magenta silky top and full jewelry.  GMZ is very angry about the lack of soda but doesn't want to go into the DR to complain about it.  Howard is in the kitchen and is wearing a red bandana around his forehead.  Amanda thinks the potato might be too spicy but Aaryn does not agree.  In the distance we hear BB tell someone to stop singing, and to knock it off.  (my personal favorite)

After the break we go back to the Cockpit, where Helen is talking about being obsessed with Bradley Cooper now, but was in love with Joey McIntyre growing up.    She watched him on Dancing with the Stars and her husband's celebrity crush is Katy Perry.  Spencer agrees with that choice, and says his crush was Elizabeth Shue when she was on CSI.

Andy chimes in that he loves her, too, and wishes she would visit them in the house.  Spencer says that she's getting really fat but Andy argues that she is perfect.  Judd has a hard time naming just one, but says "Katy Perry is purty good".  Spencer wants to name the Top Ten Hotties.

They say Zoe Saldano and Howard agrees she is sexy, but says she may be too skinny.  He mentions a movie she was in with Idris Elba (Stringer Bell, baby!) and Bradley Cooper called The Losers.  Helen never thought she was pretty and Spencer says she is crazy.  Spencer reminds them they need to name Ten Hot Chicks and Howard is deep in thought now.  Candice is sitting next to Howard with her hair all straightened and I am looking for signs of affection from either of them towards each other.

Candice just wants to name five, and Judd starts the list with Katy Perry and Olivia Wilde.  Helen tells him that if he likes her, she has a single girlfriend back home that looks just like Olivia but with lighter hair.  She says their faces are identical.

Now back in the kitchen Project Bubble is still going, as McCrae has made an even bigger bubble blower but Nick strikes out at his attempt to use it.  You can see the gleam of the bubble as it starts to form, but it did not fully shape itself into a sphere.  Jeremy is using the smaller bubble wand and was just very close to success.

Jeremy:  That was a MONSTER!  Just missed it..

Aaryn is telling a detailed story about pushing an old boyfriend and how he kept standing there, anyway.  Nick and Jeremy keep trying to blow bubbles and the camera gives us a close up of the bowl of soapy water.   Kaitlin starts teasing Amanda, telling her to "slow her roll".

Jeremy:  Oh, ya'll are just jealous because ya'll don't have the same relationship she has with McCrae..

Amanda, startled:  What did you say?

Jeremy moves on and Amanda looks down, deep in thought.  Nick just blew a bubble that disintegrated immediately.  Amanda made Jeremy repeat his comment again and Aaryn says she is the only one with no relationship.  Amanda reports they are still waiting for the "baked goods" in the oven and GMZ likes that term and laughs at it.   Jeremy says here we go, he has a good feeling about this bubble, but it bursts in his face and he gets soap in his mouth.

Howard massages GMZ's shoulders and asks her how her hand is.  McCrae comes out of the DR and Jeremy calls out to him that they've got "straight monster bubbles" in there and now McCrae joins them to get back in on the action.  Andy is called to the DR and they all cheer since he says they never care about him.  Howard moved over to massage Kaitlin, too.   Now Howard works on Aaryn's back and tells her she just needs to relax.  He is rubbing her lower portion and she has her eyes closed and is enjoying it.

After the break Amanda has taken one of the lemon loaves out of the oven and put another back in.  There seems to be excitement in the kitchen as they get the frosting ready and watch the bubbles being blown.  McCrae is very good at it and get some good bubbles going.  They laugh about the lengths they can go to when they are bored.  GMZ wants to take a shower and Jessie says she will wash her back if she washes hers.

Back in the Cockpit they are still discussing hot women.  Judd likes Sarah Evans because she has dark hair and Spencer calls out Faith Hill and they all go "yeah!".

Judd:  Kelly Pickler, too... there's a lot of hot country girls. Carrie Underwood, but  I've heard she 's a real bitch in person though....I've heard that.

Helen wanted to know more about that, saying doesn't she know where she came from?  (i.e. American Idol)  Judd tells her about some big concert where they put Carrie on a T-shirt along with all of the other stars of the show and Carrie refused to allow her picture because she wasn't earning any money.  They couldn't even use her name and had to put "C.U." on the T-shirt instead.   There are several conversations going on at once in there, and it is hard to follow, but they may be imitating Amanda looking for McCrae.

In the kitchen the excitement continues but then we see McCrae in the HoH bathroom, washing his hands and looking at the fish tank.  Amanda is there, in the shower, and asks him if he is alone as she starts the shower.  He went and turned on the Spy Cam and returned to the bathroom as she asks him if he wants to come in and wash her hair.

McCrae says he "doesn't really care what happens" and I think they are discussing the vote this week.  She begs him to come in the shower with her, saying she will put on a bathing suit but he says no.

Amanda:  What's wrong?  How was D.R?  Did they say anything else about me?  You're being kind of cold today.

He keeps pacing and laughing as he answers no, no, there is no problem.  McCrae points at the camera in the bathroom ceiling, saying hi to us.

Amanda:  Can you see me?  Can you see my boobs?

McCrae:  No, I'm not looking.  That's not gentlemanly.

They keep up the patter and the teasing and McCrae keeps telling her "you wish, you wish!".  She calls him "McCrazy" (ha ha ha) and sings a little song about McCrazy having frizzy hair.

Amanda:  You were in the DR so long!

McCrae:  I couldn't get my shit together!

McCrae wants to go back downstairs and blow bubbles, even though Amanda wanted him to "come in there and shave her vagina hair".

Amanda:  Okay.  I'm done chasing you....thanks for your help.

McCrae:  Whatever.

After the last break we are back in the Cockpit during a BB12 discussion as Andy talks about Ragan Fox and it turns out that Andy thought he was hot.  (A true Shocker, not a sarcastic one.) Now they discuss Cassie and Britney.  Jeremy didn't think Britney was hot at first, but after seeing her personality more he found her attractive.

Judd:  I liked Kristin..

They all agree Annie was hot and Jeremy says once he found out she was a lesbian she was even hotter.

Judd:  What?  No way!

Andy keeps bringing up Sheriff Kathy and Rennie and they all laugh.  Now they talk about Alyssa Milano, Miley Cyrus, Kerry Washington and the girls from Full House.  They also like Charlize Theron and Hallie Berry.  Candice has something bad to say about Hallie and TVGN blanks out most of it, but I did hear her tell Hallie to get her shit together.

Back upstairs Amanda is now talking to Kaitlin as she finishes her shower.  You can see Amanda very clearly through the HoH shower door and TVGN has to go to a blank screen for a moment as she towels herself off.  Being Amanda, she must report to Kaitlin that she "shaved her cooter and it feels refreshing".  She thought she would get her period and jokes that since she didn't she's going to have "McCraby's Babies" in a sing song voice.  Kaitlin is bored and starts telling a story that involves using character voices.  Amanda needs Q-Tips but Kaitlin doesn't have any.  That doesn't stop Amanda from rooting through all of the drawers in the bathroom, though.

In the final moments of the show we go back to the Cockpit as Helen and Andy discuss how they thought the final interviews for BB were pretty easy.  Helen felt confident and Andy did, too.

Judd:  I thought Jordan was pretty hot, too.

Jeremy thinks they have the best looking cast now, even though he hasn't seen all of the shows.  Helen says they usually only have one really hot girl, and when she saw the line up of everybody outside of the house she was like "holy shit these people are attractive".

(They really are.)

Andy brings up going to Open Calls for casting, and Jeremy says he didn't do any of that.  He "filled out some papers and Skyped" and they laugh.  Now in the kitchen Aaryn is eating something as McCrae says something is "gross and he doesn't like the way it smells".  Unfortunately I think he is referring to the lemon loaves that Amanda baked.  He also "doesn't get how there are so many people in that room".

Aaryn goes into the Cockpit to report there is warm lemon loaf in the kitchen and as the show ends she tells McCrae that the taste is "interesting" and she "doesn't know how she feels about it".

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