Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Wheel of Worries and Misfortune - 7-24-13

This episode aired at 9:00 pm on BBT on Wednesday night.  The tension in the house is building and building, as relationships crumble and new alliances are made and abruptly discarded.  This is Judd's last night as HoH and I think he was ready to give up the responsibility yesterday, if not sooner.

Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina Marie are on the block, and one of them will be going home on Thursday night.  I thought a big blindside was going to happen, but now the surprise is gone because people have been running their yaps and sinking ships with their (big) loose lips.

And "People" = Elissa, basically.


After watching the CBS show last night, I have a few thoughts about The Elissa Situation.  There was a lengthy segment shown regarding McCrae's 24th birthday surprise from Amanda.  I was shocked when CBS chose to show this, but then I realized the objective was to show how bitchy Elissa was, and demonstrate for the CBS viewers what it is like to live with her in the Big Brother house.  By airing this clip, I believe CBS has taken the gloves off with regard to Elissa.  I think they wanted her to be like her sister Rachel, but she clearly is not.  Elissa can be a fierce competitor, as we've seen by her winning that PoV, but if you watch the live feeds you know that all she does is get ready to be on camera, and there is not a moment that feels authentic or honest.

I believe CBS has laid the groundwork here in order to show us more of Elissa's antics in the house, maybe even on Thursday's live show.  Elissa's behavior on the clip they showed last night barely scratches the surface of her actual behavior in the house this week.   If the MVP program continues, I believe it will be used for other purposes than to advance Elissa in the game.  Rather than hurting her, I think this may actually help Elissa.  When her back is up against the wall she shows a lot of steely strength, in a nasty 'Fuck You' kind of manner.  THIS is what we want to see from her, but  I just don't know if she can drop her multiple layers of artifice enough to just go for the jugular.

(You can read my recap of McCrae's Birthday Surprise here.  And my recap of one of Elissa's freakouts this week when she thought McCrae and Andy were mocking her religion here.)

OK.  Let's get started.

As the show starts we are confronted with a huge contraption that has been set up in the backyard.  It is the base for the set for Thursday's live show.   There is a large ramp that looks to be at least four feet wide, and there are stairs or some sort of ladder on the back so the house guests can stand on top. 

At the bottom of the ramp is a large wooden wheel that is constantly spinning.  It is hollowed out and looks raw and unfinished now.  They have a number of shiny metal tubs that are placed here and there in the hollow wheel, and on the ramp to act as obstacles.  They can move them around at will.

The house guests are rather quiet, or maybe the sound quality is just bad AGAIN.  The main sounds are the balls that they are rolling down the ramp, that look like bocce balls.  At first each person stood at the top in a group, clutching three balls and waiting their turn.  They are all watching each other roll, and they seem to be aiming at the silver buckets placed in the hollow wheel.  This is kind of hard to describe, so here is a picture.

This is similar to the games in the past where they use hockey sticks to move balls through a course, or the huge golf clubs they used in BB11.  You might remember the practice session with the golf clubs because that is when Chima Simone threw her microphone in the pool and got booted from the game in the DR.  (Alison Grodner:  No need to sit down....)  With these games the house guests have the opportunity to get some practice in the night before, but from what I've seen it doesn't give them that big of an advantage because of the added twists and turns for the actual competition.  I have usually been surprised by who wins these type of skill-based competitions.

The game will be much different when we see it on the live show.  It is likely that the wheel will have a top on it with various point values and some way to capture the ball at certain points, like a big roulette wheel.  Like this:
I'm just guessing, of course.  But they could put prizes and punishments on the wheel, too, like maybe being a Have Not or cash prizes.  There is a sense of urgency as the house guests line up to practice, as they realize this really is a crap shoot.  Anyone can win.  Even Gina Marie Zimmerman.   Or Spencer Clawson.  Or Candice Stewart.  Even little Jessie Kowalski.  Anyone.

They are not speaking much at first.  Maybe they are really watching the action, or maybe they are scared to share their observations with the others.  For one thing, there are likely to be a number of obstacles on the ramp that Big Brother will put there to make things difficult.  So they really should be counting the  number of seconds it takes for the ball to get down the ramp, and the number of seconds for the buckets to spin around in order to be in position to catch the ball.  And if they are lucky enough to take their turn near the end of the line on the live show, they can count the seconds for everyone in front of them.

But the pressure of the live show is tough.  They will be able to hear the audience, too, as they cheer and maybe even boo as each person takes their turn.  Lots of bleeping tonight, I predict.

Howard seems to have a good feel for the ball and made several solid connections with the metal buckets during practice.  And Andy threw the ball and it got stuck behind the very first "obstacle bucket" on the ramp.  It was funny.  Elissa did something that probably scared a few of the house guests.  She just threw one ball, without a lot of drama before hand, just kind of dropping it so it would bank off the walls of the ramp before falling on the wheel.  She looked calm and determined, and that can be frightening to others who are neither.

McCrae stood at the bottom and offered up some words of encouragement to people, saying "too soon" a few times.  Elissa came and stood at the bottom, too, and I heard McCrae say in low tones that he expected the wheel to be separated into point values on the live show.  (Which is what I just guessed, too.)  It is smart for McCrae to start kissing up to people now, and act all helpful and happy. Because there is a good chance he will go on the block with Amanda this week, and as much as it seems a sure thing to evict Amanda if that happens, as we have seen every week the sure thing never happens.  Just ask David.  Or Nick.  Well, I guess Jeremy was the sure thing, but whatever.

Amanda has got something in the oven and Judd went inside to check on it, saying it was almost ready.  Judd said, "it's a crap shoot" and Amanda agreed.  (I heard Judd say yesterday he would be very pissed if no skill was involved.)  Judd, Amanda and Jessie sat on the couch and smoked, muttering about the situation, but of course little was audible over the bowling alley sounds.

Amanda left and Judd told Jessie to watch out, and not to make everybody mad.   She was whispering about Aaryn and Judd said she looked up when she heard her name.

Jessie:  I'll stay out of it. Just like I do everything else.

Jessie jumps up and runs over to the ramp, and we see closeups of the balls dropping on the wheel. Elissa is throwing when it's her turn, and just tapped the rim of a bucket and Howard whistles a low sound as we go into a break.

When we return we see Amanda in the kitchen checking on her dish.  She took foil off the top and closed the oven door.  There is a pan of roasted zucchini chips and she is draining water from a pot into the sink.  Andy is standing at the dining table which is covered in colorful stacks of clothes.   He is looking through the stacks and moving things around.  I think this may be the "lost and found" of unclaimed clothes.

Amanda:  Apparently Judd did something bad.

Andy:  What?  What do you mean?

Amanda isn't sure, but overheard someone confront him and says she will find out and tell Andy later.  She is making mashed potatoes, I think, with what is left in the drained pot.  She adds milk to the pot and a stick of butter.  Yes, a whole stick, and then starts stabbing at the potatoes with a spoon.

Amanda:  And Spencer got one in the bucket?

Andy says yes and they discuss how Spencer may be good at this game, since it is accuracy-related. Amanda says it is scary and Andy says he has to stop practicing for awhile because he was psyching himself out.

Andy: I was doing well for a while, but now I just need to cut my losses.

Amanda shakes parmesan cheese in the pot. and Andy wants to know what Jessie said about Judd.  Amanda repeats that she doesn't know, but when she finds out she will tell him.  Amanda sneezes, but does so over her right shoulder, away from the pot of potatoes.

We go to the backyard where there is a camera stationed just at the bottom of the ramp.  So when Jessie leans over to fetch the balls resting inside the wheel there is an extreme close up of her ass.  I can hear the guys in the control room giggling from here.  It's not a great angle, as you might imagine.  Elissa is standing off to the side, watching how things go as the ball falls on the wheel.  She's studying it, and her wheels are turning.    She has on shortie shorts and high wedge sandals though, in case you are wondering.

Helen is wearing what looks like Aaryn's cowboy hat and now Amanda comes outside and calls Jessie in to help her with the mashed potatoes.  Jessie came in and didn't waste any time getting right to it.

Jessie:  Kaitlin came in and Judd told her it is a 50/50 chance and when she asked who would vote her out he said Helen and Andy.  So if Helen and Andy freak out later...

Amanda: They probably will..

Jessie:  He also told her Aaryn told him...

Amanda looks exasperated as she mashes her potatoes.  Jessie says she wants to try them so bad.  Amanda sticks her fingers in to taste them but then rubs her fingers across the front of her teeth like she just did rails or something.  She added more cheese and then a huge group came in from outside, talking and milling around.  Amanda tastes the potatoes again and covers them, checking what is in the oven again.

Elissa wants to taste a piece of zucchini and so they both try one, and when Amanda turns her back Elissa shoves a second piece in her mouth.

Elissa:  What did you do to it?

Amanda:  Just olive oil, garlic salt and parmesan.

Aaryn gets a drink and leaves the kitchen without speaking.  There is general conversation about being glad to have an idea what they will be doing tomorrow.  Helen, Kaitlin and Candice paw through a pile of laundry on the table and remove bikini pieces and underwear from the pile as they recognize it.  Amanda stirs her food and makes an announcement to request that people "refrain from eating the zucchini".  She says there wasn't very much left and I guess she wants to save some for dinner.

Andy chirps that he's going to have some pasta (macaroni) and now we see GMZ and Kaitlin laying down in the Small World.

GMZ:  I don't even care...everyone is like, focused.

Kaitlin:  I'm like, 100% positive that I'm going home.

She says that "Amanda got Jess" and now Jessie will be voting against her.

GMZ:  Why does Amanda think she has so much fuckin' power?

Now Candice comes in and flops on a bed and they start talking about the game outside.  As we go to break Kaitlin says at least they know they can definitely get dressed up, since it will not be an athletic competition.

When we return we see Candice in the bedroom talking to Kaitlin about how defensive someone is, and how that proves something to them.  Oh, they are talking about Amanda.  They can't figure out why Amanda would campaign so much to keep Aaryn in the house.  They hear commotion coming from the kitchen and Candice says the slop balls must be ready, and she mentions the macaroni must be ready, too.  GMZ grumbles that its nothing like her mother's macaroni, adding that she really hates macaroni.

We move to the kitchen where Spencer is practically shouting about being happy to have slop balls and Elissa is getting some Baked Lays chips from the bag on the dining table.  GMZ is now in the kitchen yakking about how she helped "make the crumbs" for the slop balls and I see McCrae take a piece of the zucchini without being reprimanded by Amanda.

Now back in the bedroom Kaitlin is whispering that Aaryn has been telling her that they can fight hard and get back into power.  She and Candice think something is fishy about Elissa and Helen, and Kaitlin asks if she should go get Helen to come in and talk to them about it.   Candice says to do it if she wants to, and offers to talk to Elissa while she does her hair later.  Candice leaves to go find Elissa and make a hair appointment with her.

Now we see Helen sitting in the Eames Room giving GMZ a pep talk about tomorrow, saying everyone in the house loves her, and advises her to stay out of the drama that is going to happen in the next 24 hours, and I think she warned her to leave Elissa alone.

Helen:  Just stay calm and focus on the HoH.  I know you can do it.

GMZ:  Thank you.  I'll just try my best and that's what I have to do.

Candice and Katilin come in and Kaitlin has a huge beer mug full of water.  Elissa is in the room too as the girls talk about their hair.  Helen says she is really hungry and needs to eat soon.

Elissa:  Are you going to eat the halibut?  It smelled really fishy to me.

Now they discuss how fishy it smelled, and GMZ strikes another blow against Amanda's dinner by pointing out that she "hadda defrost it" and then the camera moves to the HoH room, where Jessie and Aaryn climb into the bed.  McCrae and Andy are in there too and Aaryn made some sort of statement about the buckets they are using in the backyard and includes a lot of curse words.  Jessie says it is too hard and they won't be able to get balls to land in the buckets.

McCrae:  Yeah.  And that's why we're probably not gonna use those buckets.

They discuss Spencer saying that he made one, but Aaryn says she made two and the ball bounced right out.  McCrae says that  Howard was doing well, too.  Andy says how scary it will be if the high scores on the wheel are next to "Slop" and Aaryn says they have to go for them anyway.

Aaryn:  What if the question is how many days since something, and then we have to aim for that number on the it to soon for that?

McCrae:  I think that's why it's called Crap Shoot, because anything can happen.

They discuss the possibility of only getting one chance to do it live on TV.  Aaryn points out that the barbecue competition lasted longer than the live show, but Andy says this one will definitely end on the live show and they agree it is going to be scary.

Aaryn gets up to go get some mashed potatoes, and adds that Kaitlin won't even talk to her now or even look at her and she doesn't know why.  Andy wants Jessie to explain what Judd said and Aaryn sighs and leaves the room but Jessie says that McCrae can explain it.

McCrae:  OK.  Judd went in there and Kaitlin asked who could be voting for me to leave?  And he said, I don't know, random people like maybe Andy or Helen ....

Jessie:  He was really tired out there...

Andy:  WHAT?

McCrae: Yeah, and then...

Amanda walks in with a plate of food for McCrae.

Andy:  WHAT?

McCrae:  And then he was like, I don't know, I mean I don't know how he explained it, but...

Andy is shocked and keeps saying "What?" and wants them to explain again what happened.  (This is how shit gets started on Big Brother.  This one little incident is going to be discussed over and over and over...)

Jessie: Judd basically, well Kaitlin confronted him, and he had just woken up from his nap and he didn't know what to say to her face. He was confused and they were pressing him to name names.

Amanda:  Who's "they"?

Jessie:  Her and GMZ.   They were pressuring him for names and he said I don't know, and they kept trying  to get names so he said maybe some random people like Helen or Andy and if people tell her that they are doing whatever the house wants to do then they are voting against you.

Amanda:  That was a really bad response.

We see McCrae digging into a plate of mashed potatoes and maybe the fishy halibut with a glass of yellow juice and I wonder if this drives Jessie or Andy crazy with hunger.  The cameras move to the storage room where we see a ceiling shot pointed down on Elissa and Helen whispering.  I can see Aaryn's huge pink flowered suitcase in there, ready for her to pack it up again like she did last week.

I just heard Helen say that Spencer was doing a pretty good job with the game as they leave the room.  Elissa has one of her huge flower contraptions stuck on the left side of her head again.  Maybe she is trying to start a new trend.  Good luck with that, Elissa.

As they try to leave Candice is blocking the door and is obviously upset and backs them back into the room and closes the door.  Candice reports that she doesn't know who is voting for whom or what to do.

Helen:  Ask Judd.  You need to ask Judd.  It's either one of them...

Candice:  Ya'll would prefer Aaryn to stay over Kaitlin?

Helen points out that Kaitlin is a big competition threat, and Aaryn will always be a huge target in the house.  Helen is worried that Kaitlin will win HoH and people will start kissing her ass and then she'll never leave.

Helen:  That is my own personal view.

Candice is taking this calmly and is letting the facts sink in.  Helen says can't you just see her winning HoH and then the whole house will move over there?  Candice admits that she's super pretty, athletic and likable and the guys like her.  They are not happy about Aaryn staying, but say they don't like her but they can get her out next week.

Helen:  And while we feel bad about it, she never talked to us until Jeremy left, which was the first 20 days of this game.  What happens if she wins HoH and her head gets really big.

Helen points out that Aaryn has no cards to play, and often looks to people like Judd for what to do.  Candice says that McCrae and Amanda will make a deal with her.  Helen keeps strategizing while Elissa picks a red apple out of the wire bin and says "this is disgusting" and throws it away.

Helen is really overselling it to Candice, saying what if Kaitlin wins PoV when they are trying to evict her, and speculates that maybe Jeremy told her when he left to just get out Helen and Elissa for vengeance.  Elissa continues her own weird dialogue by now picking up a moldy mango and announcing that it is disgusting, too.   Candice agrees with what Helen is saying, but doesn't like that Aaryn is working with Amanda.

Candice:  So for next week, that's two girls who don't like me.

Elissa points out that one of them can win HoH and then get Aaryn out next week.  Helen brings up the PoV again, saying that she "really booked it" and Kaitlin just killed them as we go to another break.

When we come back the ladies are still meeting in the Storage Room as they discuss the situation AGAIN and AGAIN.  Helen repeats again that Kaitlin never spoke to them for the first 20 days or so of the game, and Helen will never forget the way "both of them" reacted when she won HoH.  Helen says "they both have to go".

Candice:  I just can't believe ya'll want to keep Aaryn.

Elissa:  I don't want to keep Aaryn.  I just don't want to keep Kaitlin.

Elissa says it makes her feel sick to her stomach to do this, and that is why she spoke to Kaitlin yesterday, to find out the truth.  It will make Elissa sick if she leaves the game before Aaryn.  Helen assures them that both Kaitlin and Aarn will leave the game long before the three of them are leave the house.

Helen:  I'd rather be in the Jury with Gina Marie....

(ha ha ha)

Helen brings up that nobody wants Aaryn on the jury, and adds one good thing about keeping her is that she can go on the block every week to keep one of them safe.   Candice is listening and has something else on her mind.

Candice, with a little tone in her voice:  So, you guys do not have a Final Four deal with McCrae and Amanda?

Helen:  No, we do not.

Candice:  No secret deals?

Elissa:  Who told you that?

Helen:  No, we do not.

Elissa:  Who said that?  Was it Howard?

Candice:  No, it wasn't him.

Helen:  But we do not have a deal.

Elissa:  Then who, then?

Now Candice confesses that Aaryn said this and Elissa says she is so scared that Aaryn will stay in the house for a long time.  Candice believes in destiny and sometimes feels left out from their group.  She's glad to have Howie but that is different.

Helen:  I can understand you you feel that way.  We do not have a deal with Amanda.  You know how I feel about Amanda....she's a drama queen.  Now if it was Jessie and McCrae, maybe my judgment would be better, but we don't have a deal.  I'm working with Elissa...I don't know if she's working with me...

Elissa:  I am.

Helen says she would love the four of them, including Jessie, to go as far as they can in this game.  She repeats that they have no deal with McCranda, and that she will do whatever she can to protect Candice.  Helen mentions Howard losing her trust, and Candice says she understands, but to please let them both get to Jury.  That's all she is asking, and Helen agrees, saying they will focus on getting Spencer out first and then Howie.

(I think Candice believes Howard might really be relationship material, and time in the Jury House would provide a free opportunity to get to know each other better.  Howard probably would agree with the last part of that statement, but I'm not sure about the first part.)

Helen says that Spencer has betrayed her much more than Howard, and she wants to backdoor him as soon as possible.  Now Candice says she thought Spencer is the one who told Amanda about the secret alliance.  Now Candice rehashes that same old stuff again, even though it is really much ado about nothing.  Candice also mentions the "fake fight" that Amanda and Elissa had the first week and all of her issues with Amanda are just gushing out.

Elissa:  First of all, Amanda was the one who thought it would be fun to act mad at each other, so it's not "we" that were doing that.  And then Aaryn tried to do the same thing, and I was like all of these catty bitches have the same personality.

Elissa doesn't want to talk to anybody because everyone just twists her words.  Helen says they shouldn't even repeat this to the house, because you can't really deny a secret alliance with any credibility.  They end their meeting knowing what they are going to do, but Elissa and Candice are both sad to keep someone who is so hateful in the house.

Helen:  You know what Kaitlin told me?  That her first target in the house was Howie.

Candice:  Yeah, she told me that.

Elissa takes a huge jar of pickle spears and a 2 liter bottle of Sprite back to the kitchen with her, commenting again that the smell of halibut is really strong.  Candice wonders if she will get in trouble for washing her hair in the sink and Elissa says no, that she did that too when she was a Have Not.  As we go to break Candice says the fish really does smell bad.

After the break we  see Candice up in the HoH and hear them joking about GMZ winning HoH.  Judd is laying on his bed and Spencer and Howard are there, too.  Spencer says that Aaryn was really good at the game outside, and Judd says that Kaitlin didn't really practice much.

Spencer says both he and Andy did pretty well, and adds Candice did well, too.  Judd is mumbling and Spencer says the key is taking your time and waiting for the right spot to come around.  Spencer says it is better to go for two medium scores if they get two chances, rather then going for 100 with 1 being right next to it.  Spencer says that the mechanism to keep the wheel spinning was the same as the one used for the Big Brother Express but the other guys didn't notice that.

Andy jokes that he hopes the HoH competition will include questions from the Big Brother Express and now they discuss nicotine patches.  Judd says you aren't supposed to smoke while you're wearing one and that is why "she" got sick.  Andy wonders what would happen if a nonsmoker used a patch, and Judd says they would probably feel sick and mumbles a story of trying "step one" one time and feeling ill.

McCrae reports that he has been to the DR to discuss his ailment.  Spencer asks questions and McCrae says his "left nut is sore"

Spencer:  Well, let's see it.  I had a semester in med school.

Judd cracks up.

Spencer:  Because the first semester, all you do is talk about nuts.  I got a C on that test.

Andy:  Well, that's average!

McCrae:  Nuts 101.

Spencer:  It was actually testicology.

Andy:  When I started college I was a testicology major, but it was too hard.

Spencer:  You kind of minored in it because of your can get an honorary PhD!

They laugh.  Judd wonders  what will happen if Andy "wins" being a Have Not and he has to extend for another week.  Spencer says they will have a ten minute tantrum live on TV and Andy shows them how he had a mini-tantrum by throwing the sheet on his bed.

Andy:  I think I would just want to be alone in a room and start crying.

Judd wonders if any of them have cried yet.  Spencer say she was teary when Helen was reading her letter and Howard agrees.  Howard adds that after all of the bed-flipping stuff after he got Candice to calm down he cried.

Judd:  Why the shit didn't you guys cry during my letter?

(ha ha ha)

Andy:  I think I've cried at least 20 times.  I cried telling Jeremy that he was going to go home.

Judd says he never even considered crying in the house, that there's nothing worth crying about.

Spencer:  I was emotional about the letter, not really crying.

Howard:  I was crying because I couldn't do what I wanted to do...I had to weigh my options and that is why they called me in the DR.

(It was intense.  You can read about it here if you missed it somehow.)

Andy:  I cry a lot in general, though. I'm emotional.

Andy says he is not really a sad crier, he cries at happy things like weddings, for hours and hours.  Spencer is asking questions about this and Andy says he cries all the time, like at movies and during Helen's letter.

(Andy discussed his crying habit and his fears about it during his preseason interview with Jeff.  You can review what he said here.)

Judd says during his friend's wedding a child in the procession was bawling walking down the aisle and looking from side to side looking for a familiar face and was  just sobbing.  Judd was already up at the alter and started laughing because the child's actions were funny and then he knew he looked like a total shit up there to everyone in the church.  Spencer starts to tell a story about being a groomsman in a wedding and the camera moves to the bathroom.

We see GMZ sitting down glumly on the bathroom lounge and Aaryn is brushing her hair in the mirror with a slight smile on her face.  I'm guessing she knows she's safe, and GMZ does, too.    GMZ's roots are nearly 2 inches of dark hair, and she is mumbling about not "having her own stuff" and she just can't deal with the dark roots.  Aaryn is listening to Elissa talk down the hall and is ignoring GMZ who is babbling about the location of her missing flip flops.

In the kitchen Elissa is washing the dishes and I see Helen in there, too.  As usual the sound of the water and something else rubbing on Elissa's microphone is deafening as we go to another break.

(Honestly how hard would it be to get the effing sound fixed in there?  I watched some of the live feeds for BB Canada and don't recall any of these problems.  There were other problems, of course, but no sound problems.)

When we return we are back in the HoH and they are talking about playing Candy Land and Guess Who.  Candice is sitting on the floor with wet hair and Jessie and Amanda have joined the guys, too.  They are quizzing Candice about something she has and she says that she has "special privileges so they gave that to her".  They are all laughing while she said this and Andy explains.

Andy:  McCrae saw it before and didn't know what it was, so we told him it was Elissa's dildo machine.

The camera has a close up on Howard's face as they say this and he kind of smirks, but listening to Andy crack up is actually funnier than the joke.    OK, I see it and it is a hair dryer that looks like a dryer hose hooked up to a plastic bag.   I remember Jameka from BB8 making a huge stink about having black girl hair and wanting Big Brother to let her have hair appliances, too.

Candice wants to know if other house guests on BB have had hookups on the show, or if this season is the most sexual ever.    Andy says they have "mega slut Helen who is into anyone and anything".  Now Jessie  is sitting in a chair at the HoH table and is combing out Candice's hair.

(I'm waiting for someone to discuss all of the sex Rachel Reilly has had in that house, but no one brings it up.)

(I'm also waiting for someone to ask follow up questions about McCrae's sore left nut.  Do we know anything about that yet?  Did Amanda give him ringworm?)

(And did Spencer really start medical school?  So many topics just drop like bouncing balls.)

Candice:  I really want to use this and make an ass of myself on the air.

Spencer:  That is how my shop vac works.

They are all kind of laughing and then Candice turns it on and they joke about the sound and Candice says the air is hot.  McCrae is fascinated by it and Spencer says he wanted to stick it down his pants the other night and McCrae wonders if it will suck your blood.  The sound is really not that loud and everyone is interested in this new exciting beauty appliance.  Spencer compares the sound to white noise.

Amanda wants to try it, too, and Candice says that if she spent 20 minutes under that drier her hair would be so much healthier.  Then the cameras change to Aaryn in bed, yawning and talking to GMZ.  I think they are talking about BB searching their luggage and I hear GMZ talking about they didn't open the "zipper in there" so the cameras can't let us hear this, of course.

(Supposedly Adam Baller from BB9 took oxycontin (or whatever) in the house hidden in a sock, and when BB heard him tell Matt about it, they had an outdoor lockdown immediately and confiscated the pills.  I mean, allegedly.)

We go back to the kitchen where Helen and Elissa are alone, cleaning.    Helen is talking about her sons knowing she is gone and now Andy comes down and says if Elissa is bored, than some Have Not icing would be awesome.

Elissa says his wish is her command and they joke about her giving him $500 as well.

Elissa:  You're not going big or going're trying to stay around.

Helen thinks Charlie and Henry have no concept about how long three months is.  Elissa mentions her son Riley and Andy says he is old enough to definitely know how long she will be gone.  Elissa says that she doesn't think they have anymore powdered sugar to make the icing and sends Andy into storage to look for some.

Elissa says the little munchkins are so cute and she could literally have five more and be like the Brady Bunch, before admitting she "kind of has that, now".

Helen:  You have four children, so let's just say that.  It doesn't matter if they are your biological children, they're just children and you have four.  And you have to raise all of them.

Elissa:  And we travel together, and it is hilarious.  People look at us like, oh my gosh.

Helen:  At least they're not babies.  Traveling with that many babies is like, crazy.

Elissa loves to spend time with her husband, but mentions her mother-in-law, saying her husband devotes his life to her, and she devotes her own life to their family.  Helen's inlaws are always babysitting, she says, and she has to get on their calendar weeks in advance.  They are super-active in their community, too.   Elissa starts getting into some specific details about her mother-in-law and the cameras go back to the HoH Room.

The blow dryer is still going and we see Amanda and Judd laying in bed.  Candice has the plastic dryer bag on her head and she is giving Jessie a back massage.  They are naming their favorite cartoon characters, I think.  McCrae mentions one that has something to do with the devil, and only Spencer is aware of it.

McCrae:  I don't really feel like explaining it that much.

Jessie mentions a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Judd has been thinking about it and he's ready to give his list.

Judd:  Batman, Hank Hill and Tommy.

Spencer:  Tommy?

Judd:  From the Rug Rats.

Now they talk about Tommy Pickles and Candice says she love him.

Amanda:  OK.  Mine's Jessica Rabbit...duh!  And Betty Boop....I don't have a third one.

McCrae:  Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Amanda:  Daria's sister.

McCrae loves Daria and Judd says he does, too.  He said MTV played that again a few months ago, real "early in the mornin'".    As we go to break McCrae is talking about Batman.

When we return we are in the Have Not room where Andy is talking to Kaitlin.  I can tell from Andy's voice that he is faking as he drinks a cup of coffee and they count the votes for Kaitlin to stay.

Kaitlin:  You sure?  Yeah, that's three of you, but that's not enough to stay.   With Candice and Howard that's at least five.

Andy, chugging the drink:  Yeah.  And I can try to see who's doing what, but they're all in the HoH room now.

Kaitlin says that when Judd talked to her earlier she thought she was going home.

Andy:  Not as of now you're not.   I just wanted to tell you that.

Now they whisper and walk down the hall together, and back to the kitchen.    BB tells Kaitlin to put on her microphone and she isn't sure where it is right now.  But she keeps talking anyway, and the house microphones pick up some of the chatter, about asking the girls about their votes later.

We now see Helen, Andy and Elissa whispering in the Cockpit, talking about the vote when Nick left.  Both Helen and Elissa were on the block but they review who voted for Nick to leave.   They are discussing their relationships with GMZ and Helen is saying she told her to really try to win HoH tomorrow.  I think they plan to remind her that they didn't vote Nick out if she wins HoH.

Helen thinks Spencer will nominate her, she knows he wants her gone.  Andy has been working hard on Spencer and says he's not going to want to piss Andy off.    Helen thinks Candice would target Amanda but not Howard, of course. 

Elissa says "she is really going to be shocked when she goes home".  (I think Kaitlin already realizes she is in deep shit and leaving will be no surprise.)  Helen is just going to tell her she loves her when she leaves the house.  They compare her competitive nature to Jeremy's, but Helen says "in a nice way".    They assure Elissa that Aaryn will not target her if she wins, and Helen virtually guarantees that will not happen, because Aaryn wants to be friends now.

Elissa brings up that they are on camera now, and what will be shown on TV and how serious it will look.  (Of course.)  Andy is so hungry but he doesn't want to eat any more macaroni or mangoes.  When Elissa was a Have Not she never felt full, either.  Andy found some cough tablets or something of that nature and Elissa assures him that he is allowed to have that.  Andy checks how many are in a serving and shakes two of them in his hand and puts one in his mouth.

Elissa starts yelling to Evict Him and she laughs.  Helen comments that there still so many pizzas this week and she knows now that Jeremy was eating all of the food when he was in the house.

Helen:  Well, he was a big guy, so...

She is looking for the pizza cutter and starts sawing on the pizza as soon as she finds it.  She thinks she could eat half of it right now.  Helen buys the Supreme Di Gourno at home and Andy brings up the "Home Run" pizza and Helen is going to try that when they get home, too.  Andy is so worried about being a Have Not again tomorrow, too, but Helen says that will not happen.  As we go to break she says that two people should volunteer right away (Aaryn and GMZ) and that Howard said he would volunteer, too.

When we return Andy has gone back up the HoH and is discussing how easily Jeremy left the house.  Amanda and McCrae moved next to each other under the covers and Howard leaves the room.  Candice says McCrae has a smile on his face now so is Amanda touching his balls?

Yes, she said that.

Andy:  I just ate four fiber pills just now.

Candice:  Why?

Andy:  Because they taste like candy and I'm a Have Not.

They all laugh and now we go back to the Cockpit where Helen is devouring her pizza and Elissa is whispering about Aaryn potentially aligning with McCranda.  She doesn't think there is any way Kaitlin would target Helen, but Helen points out that Judd heard that when he was in isolation.  Kaitlin told Andy that, too, and they discuss how the room smells like "feet".

Elissa is stressing about Aaryn, and Helen adds that "Jessie wants her out bad" to emphasize the matter.  Helen starts going over everything again with Elissa but I can tell that Elissa is not programmed to vote out Kaitlin.  She worries that this whole idea is contrived by McCranda and that they are running the house.

Helen swears Elissa to secrecy, and then tells her that Jessie wants Amanda out, and then goes through the ENDLESS list of house guests who will surely vote for Amanda to go when she is on the block.  Even Judd, Helen says, but Elissa is not to repeat that to anyone.  She says that McCranda wanted Howard on the block this week, and Judd came to Helen to complain about them pressuring him.  Helen felt the same way when she was on the block, too, that Amanda and McCrae were pushing her to nominate Howard.

Elissa worries that if McCranda wins HoH, they will put her up and Helen assures her that will not happen, that she will target Howard and Spencer.  Now Helen pushes the Kaitlin agenda again, and points out people in the house hate Aaryn, but no one hates Kaitlin.

In the final moments of the show, Helen repeats her case for Kaitlin to leave over and over, saying that Candice is their friend so they will target Spencer first and not Howard.  Helen tells her that she does think Howard was MVP this week, because when she was in curfew she knew that he was in the DR for a long, long time, and then he was blabbing like crazy with Spencer afterwards.

Helen point out that when he speaks with Candice, he speaks so quietly, but with Spencer he was going a mile a minute.  Helen's pizza is crunchy as she takes a big bite and then says " I think Howard put you up".

Elissa:  Mmm hmmm.

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