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Big Brother After Dark - Some Just Kick It, and Some Get "Engaged" - 7-21-13

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday night.  Judd is the HoH and nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for nomination.  The MVP, which was America's vote, nominated Elissa for eviction but she won the PoV so on Monday we will learn who America gave the next highest vote during the PoV ceremony.  There is a lot of chatter and nervousness about this, of course.

Judd was in 24 hour isolation after the PoV and was released earlier in the day.  Basically he was trapped in the Cockpit with bread, water and slop, with a snooze alarm going off constantly.  He slept through it most of the time and is surprised that people heard the alarm all over the house.

OK.  Let's begin.

As the show starts we see a small group of people laying around on the backyard couch.   Judd has been released from his 24 hour isolation and is muttering about "4 bottles of wine"  He tells Kaitlin that he feels weird and grouchy now.   They are discussing something with Amanda and McCrae and Judd thinks Amanda would rather it be televised than McCrae.

GMZ:  I'm gonna be in traffic during this wedding.

Now the camera moves to the kitchen where Elissa is talking to McCrae about how the cameras capture things.  Elissa is going to "plan the wedding" and says she and Amanda are going to start "scouting locations".  Andy is going to officiate but then Elissa says Howard needs to be the minister.  Candice wants to design the dress and I see they have set the dining table with flowered fabric and vases with flowers.  McCrae says she doesn't understand any of the wedding details but seems excited anyway.  Elissa needs to find some light bulbs so they can smash them during the ceremony.  (Jewish weddings feature the breaking of wine glasses, I think, for good luck.)

Back outside Candice has joined the group and McCrae is out there smoking.  Kaitlin says they wished BB had a birthday party for McCrae today but he says it is okay.  McCrae turned 24 today and sometimes BB brings in a cake and turns the feeds off for a few minutes while they get to listen to music but not today, I guess.

Judd says in isolation he lost track of time, and reality, and they wanted him to hit the snooze button every time the alarm went off but he just let it go most of the time and tried to sleep through it.  He joked that this was part of his strategy.

Judd:  And I was a complete dick most of the time. I would get up, stretch, put my shirt on and then go over and hit the button.  I was bein' a dick this morning.

Andy asks McCrae about the wedding but he says Elissa is going to plan it.  Andy says Howard will lead the prayer, but he himself will officiate.   I think Judd is going to be the Best Man but they say that you are supposed to wait until after the bride says "yes" and not before.  McCrae says Judd demanded to be Best Man.  Judd wonders what a Best Man wears and the girls say a suit.

Judd:  I guess I can wear my jacket.  And my gray pants.

The jacket is from a competition and Andy says he is obsessed with the jacket and if Judd doesn't want it then he does.  I think Judd said it was a little tight on him.  Now Amanda comes out and Candice says that they need to discuss the dress.

Amanda:  Oh I'm so excited!  This is going to be so much fun!

(I think I might vomit before this is all over.)

Amanda says she just requested more alcohol, and asks to bum a cigarette now.  I think she ran out, or is very close to running out of smokes herself.    Amanda says she does want a veil and wants to know how long everyone has known about McCrae's plans for a wedding.  Amanda is very excited that some of them have known for five days or more.  I think Gina Marie made the ring and Judd says McCrae told him up in the HoH room.

(Don't they realize that one-by-one all of the showmances are getting broken up by eviction?  And that they are both on VERY shaky ground in the house right now?  I predict McCrae is going to look back on this little stunt and feel like a total jackass.)

The camera gives us a close-up of Amanda's "ring" as she lights her cigarette.  Classy.   It does look real, from the flash that I just got.  The band is thin and there is some sort of stone on the top.  Amanda says McCrae was "super nervous" when he "asked her" and said it was because it was their "first date".

Aaryn says she is obsessed with the ring and says it is so cute.  Now McCrae says he made it and Elissa gave him some sort of "fake thing" for the top of it.  Aaryn says it looks kind of like the ring she would want to have and says it is so random that Elissa brought that with her to the house.

McCrae:  Yeah.  I don't know.  I don't know.

He used twisty ties without the paper on them to make the band and Judd says it looks like a real engagement ring.  The ring that Aaryn wants is just a big yellow diamond that looks kind of raw and uncut that just sits on your finger, not flashy at all.  Amanda gushes that it is perfect and he says he tried.  She gave him some sort of Godzilla for his birthday and now they call it "Goldzilla" so I guess that was a birthday present.

After the break we see GMZ talking to Andy on the couch saying how she was laying in the hammock and her eyes were closed but she wasn't really sleeping.  I think she was trying to give him tips about how to nap in the hammock since he's not supposed to do that as a Have Not.  Andy says "sometimes they are really good about that" and the camera moves to the HoH Room, where Judd is holding a meeting with McCrae.

They are rehashing the PoV competition and their strategy to get points to win.  Judd was close to winning and wasn't sure if he could switch some of his pieces out.  McCrae wanted to switch out his $5,000 prize because he was worried about being a target.  Judd says that McCrae should tell everyone that he put up the prize after he heard Judd announce that people should take the prizes.   McCrae says he's been trying not to talk about it and just hope it blows over.  Judd says GMZ is mad about it, but she'll get over it.

Judd says she's just jealous and McCrae wants to talk to her and calm her down since she can be a vote for their side.  Andy arrives saying "Hey Gents" and takes a seat on the couch.  He wonders if Judd heard anything of interest when he was in isolation.

Judd:  Yeah.  It's so weird that people kinda forgot I was in there...

Andy wonders if any of it was noteworthy.  Judd says people would talk freely and he thinks, sighing and says he's scared to say anything because he doesn't want to go up next week.  Andy encourages him to speak, saying he can trust him.

Judd says he told Amanda, and gave Helen a heads up, but he heard those three girls...he heard Kaitlin tell somebody that she wanted Helen to go next week.  Andy is surprised but Judd didn't hear the surrounding conversation around this, and is worried about misinterpreting the information.  McCrae says she is freaking out right now and I think they might be talking about Amanda now.

Andy:  Our number one thing needs to be to get Amanda off the radar...because she's up here right now (raising hand high).

McCrae:  I was telling her when we were eating that she needs to be fun Amanda now..

Andy wonders why Kaitlin would want Helen out, and who she was talking to.  They think it might have been Candice, and McCrae says Spencer and Howard want to have Kaitlin on their side if she stays, with Candice potentially being a part of that, too.  Andy reports that Spencer and Howard formed an alliance with he and Judd tonight and they all agree they need to keep their enemies close.  Judd asks them to please not say anything.

(He already told how is it going to be a secret anyway?)

Andy indicates that he already heard that Judd overheard something, and McCrae says that he and Amanda also have a deal with Spencer and Howard.  Andy points out that when those two guys list who they want to keep in the game, they never mention McCrae and Amanda.   McCrae says Amanda is trying to figure out which side Kaitlin is actually playing for.  They are trying to find out when Spencer said what to whom, and trying to trace where the problem is.

McCrae:  What Spencer says just confirms it..we have to lay low right now and I told Amanda that.

Judd says that Jessie has to stop walking into his conversations because it makes him look like they are together.  He says she walked into the Cockpit with a bowl of cereal when he was holding a meeting with Kaitlin about going up as a pawn and he had to ask her to leave.  Jessie got really defensive about it and felt left out.  Andy worries about Candice knowing anything because she can't keep her mouth shut.  They agree that Amanda gets caught up in the moment and starts "leading the charge".

Andy worries that if the house has a plan to backdoor Amanda this week they don't have the votes to save her.  McCrae is super worried about it, and Judd says Elissa is freaking him out.  He thought they were really tight but now he's not sure about their game relationship.  McCrae says Howard is gaining numbers slowly, just picking up the pieces and putting them together.

McCrae doesn't trust Aaryn at all, but says Amanda does for some reason and they worry that she may be working with Spencer and Howard if she doesn't go this week.  They compare notes on what Howard has told them, and when he told McCrae who he wants in the game he didn't even mention Candice's name at all.

Now Elissa arrives with an armload of clothes and bags and asks if she can take a shower in the HoH room.  Judd pretends to hesitate, asking the other guys if he should let her do this and then as we go to break they all laugh about it.

When we return we are outside by the pool, where Howard is talking to Candice in the lounge chairs while they eat mangoes.  Amanda comes out and gives them both a kiss and thanks them for what I'm guessing is their participation in the upcoming wedding clusterfuck.  They admire her ring and Howard says McCrae wanted to do it up big and Amanda can't believe Howard has known about it for three days.  As she walks away she says "what a little cute boy".


Back in the HoH  Judd is telling Andy a story about one of the guys wanting to borrow his pants, and then saying he'll wait until his is HoH for that.  Judd says that he was thinking he'll be at home soon, and maybe next season they can bring back people who got voted out early and they laugh.   This was Nick, I think, and Judd says that GMZ didn't act this crazy when Nick was in the house.  Andy thinks it is funny that she is so jealous of McCrae and Amanda.

Judd:  She's pissed!  I want Amanda to keep showin' the ring...let's go down there so we can watch Gina Marie hate...If we laugh let's act like we're laughin' at someone else.

McCrae returns to the room before they have a chance to leave and I have not mentioned that he is super dressed up tonight, wearing khakis, and a button down shirt with a sweater over it.  It's a back to school look, for sure.  Andy wants Judd to tell McCrae about GMZ getting so jealous but Judd says he already knows.

McCrae:  I just hope that she can get over it and doesn't work against us..that would be the worst thing that cold happen.

Judd:  Well, the birthday party was totally out of your control.   You can't help when you were born!

I guess GMZ was very upset about that, too  and now Andy says she is 32 years old!  Judd says if she has a birthday in the house they should just say they're going to take a nap and forget it and Andy cracks up.  Judd says the "money thing" really pissed off GMZ, even though Judd told everyone that he was going to win, so they could take the prizes. 

McCrae reports that Spencer thought he was working with Elissa, and was not going to take the money, in order to win.  McCrae says he had to confess to Spencer that he lied about saying he was MVP and Spencer accused him of working with Elissa.  Andy says Spencer is scary because he is a good liar and can get you twisted around in a conversation.  They think he is really smart and want him out sooner rather than later.  Judd points out that Spencer is a lot smarter than he would seem to be on the surface and wonders if GMZ  may be a scientist or something, since there were a lot of people who try out for the show.

Judd says Spencer laid outside the Cockpit door and had a few long conversations with him while he was isolated.  Judd says it was a nice gesture, but he could have lived without talking for so long.  They laugh about Spencer asking him about concerts he's seen and McCrae says he heard that part, too.  Andy thinks the house needs to unite this week and get out the right person.

Judd says "Helen and them" scare him and that Kaitlin should go since she's so close to them now.  McCrae says Amanda wants that, too.

Judd:  Gina Marie ain't gonna like that one bit...she don't like Aaryn.

Now we move to the backyard where Candice and Howard are talking.  She says she wants to trust what he is saying to her, and that she's got his back in the game.  Candice says that he is working with a group of people who all see her as disposable in this game.  Howard says he doesn't want them to know how close they are in the game, and that he's trying to fool people about it.  He made a comment to someone that got around and now Howard is trying to tell her that he planned that.

Howard says Kaitlin went to Amanda and wanted to know why she threw her under the bus.  And then other people walked up and it turned into a big thing.

Howard:  I don't want you to think that I was going to deny you...don't think that.

Candice:  Well, the side of the house that was protecting me is no longer doing that because of you.  Because I went to bat for you openly and honestly.  The only person who's protecting me on that side is Elissa.

Howard:  OK.  But there's no numbers on that side.  The people on that side are fixin' to go home.  And it was just a facade that I put up with them.

Candice disputes who is going to go home---they really don't know that, and it depends on who wins HoH.  If McCrae and Amanda win HoH then someone on another side will go home.  Candice is getting really sassy with him, and now seems to be blaming him for her place in the game.  She is pointing out things that may happen, and how that will affect her negatively, and how it will be Howard's fault.  As we go to break Howard tries to point out that there are a lot of people who will not vote against her, and that she is making him nervous about telling her the truth.  Howard doesn't give a shit what the girls tell each other, or what they tell the DR, trying to justify what he said to two girls about not playing with Candice. 

When we return we are still with Candice and Howard as they lounge by the pool and talk about the game.  Howard is laying on a lounge chair and Candice is sitting up sidewise on the lounge chair next to him with her hands resting on his stomach.  Candice is not happy as she hears what Howard said about her and how he described his relationship with her. Howard has told other people that they are "just kickin' it' and "she is not a part of his individual game".

Howard:  All of the important people know that we are together.  I just had to see how faithful Kaitlin could be, and now I know she's a liar.

Candice says she is very fake.  She thinks Kaitlin does like Howard, but floated over to Helen and Elissa because they had the power last week.  Howard knows now that Kaitlin can't keep a secret, and doesn't understand why Candice feels so disrespected by everything.  He says she "tore the whole house up" she got so mad.

Candice says if they had never become friends, she would probably still be tight with Helen and Elissa, but she has drawn a line in the sand now, and everybody knows where she stands with Howard.

(I'm not sure what Candice expects him to do about this.  Does she just want to complain?)

Candice has an attitude when she tells him thank you for telling her all of this.  She plans to talk to Kaitlin later and Howard helps they can patch it up and that can be another vote for their side.

The cameras move to Spencer in the hammock with Jessie.  They are looking at someone in the yard and wonder what that is "around her waist".  Spencer says that it is one of the neckties from the competition yesterday.   They are laughing and kind of mocking the person they are looking at.  Oh it is Elissa, and Spencer says she's not even running, so does that even have anything to do with her health?

(I'm guessing this is related to the Saran Wrap Elissa has been wrapping herself in, so she can sweat.  ***whatever***)

Spencer says there will be fireworks tomorrow during the PoV meeting, and as we go to break Spencer says to watch and see if Elissa gets called to the DR, and Jessie says they all get called in there, every day.

When we return we are dealing with Candice and Howard again.  She is saying she doesn't want to look like a fool by checking in with him and him not doing the same for her.  Howard is trying to calmly point out how they can help each other in the game without drawing a lot of drama and attention.  Howard has his hand on her hip and says he wasn't trying to deny Candice.

She says she's okay, it's over and she's fine, but she wants to talk to Kaitlin and smooth it out with her.  Howard says everything he does has to do with the numbers.  If something helps the three of them (Spencer included.) then he's fine with it, and if he leaves, he's straight too. 

Now Candice starts up again, saying that she's not happy with that and Howard wants to know why.  She feels like she might not be able to trust Spencer, but is cryptic about why.

Howard:  You may have watched more seasons than I have, but you gotta trust somebody sometime.

Candice says she saw something in his eyes one time and now she is wary of him.  She admits Howard knows Spencer better than she does, and Howard says if this is a back door situation for him, that that is just what it is.

The cameras move to the HoH where McCranda is sitting and Amanda says she hates fishy fish and spicy food so that Have Not competition was her worst nightmare.  Aaryn and Judd are in there too and they discuss how funny Gina Marie was downing all of that yogurt.  Amanda said her team kept saying to look at what GMZ was doing, but she says no way could she do it like that.

Now the camera goes back to the hammock where Jessie has left and GMZ is climbing in beside Spencer.   They start rocking and Spencer tells her that this is only speculation on his part, but Elissa is trying to spread rumors that Howard is a football player, and that she put herself up so that she wouldn't look like the MVP if she nominates Howard in her place.

In the middle of this GMZ says she smells someone barbecuing and she likes it.  Now Spencer is saying that there is no way a football player would give up a year's salary by missing the practice season.  Spencer also thinks that Helen is involved, since she didn't want to look guilty by nominating Howard, either.  Now they discuss what will happen if Amanda is nominated and they count the potential votes to evict her.  Spencer can't keep up with McCranda and Jessie because they stay up so late and he just can't do it.

Now GMZ tells Spencer to tell Howard to check his girl Candice.  She brings up an incident in the HoH bathroom where Candice brought up some shit and then repeated it all over the house.  She says Howard told her he can't control Candice.  Spencer admits that Candice is a "wild card" and they might just have to evict her and apologize later.  GMZ's speech is staccato with all of the blanked out curse words.  She says Candice and Jessie are both "loose ends" and will vote with different groups every week.  She launches into a story I don't really understand as we go to break.  Thank god.

When we return we are back in the HoH where Jessie and Elissa are laying in bed and Candice is talking about using the air freshener to let the whole house that she is on "Poop Number 75".  She and Andy joke that the slop is really working for them.  Andy leaves and Candice crawls in bed with the girls and starts snuggling with Elissa.

Now we go to the backyard where Howard is talking about the nasty ice cream in the competition.  Spencer said he told Jessie to put some in her hand to eat from but she said she didn't want her hand to get cold.  Amanda demonstrates how the ice cream dripped down into her cleavage and Spencer says if he wasn't such a nice guy, he could have gotten Elissa to throw up by throwing up in front of her, but he didn't.  GMZ says the more she ate, the colder her mouth got so it didn't burn as much.  Her mouth hurts today but she says she's alright.

Spencer said Candice said she was from New Orleans, and she likes spicy stuff, but she tasted the first bite and then said "ooo that's bad".  Aaryn had said she never even swallowed a bite.  Amanda says she had just taken an Adderall and wasn't hungry.  McCrae is glad he had the anchovy ice cream first, because if he ate it second he wouldn't have been able to swallow it.

Spencer:  I love how all of the Haves are talking about how hard it was for them to eat the ice cream.

Amanda:  All I know is that Candice kept watching Howard and said he was eating that like he was eating pussy.

That sends the cameras up to the HoH where Jessie is braiding Candice's hair in a bored type way and they are mostly silent as we go to another break.

When we come back we are still watching Candice in the HoH bed, and she is saying she feels bad for Kaitlin because she "got with douchebag Jeremy" and Jessie says that was her own choice, and she has a whole life in front of her. 

We switch to the backyard group and they tell Amanda they can tell she is mad because she purses her lips.  Then they talk about how Andy's face changes with his expressions and GMZ demonstrates, saying he looks like you just turned his circuit breaker sometimes.   Aaryn says Spencer looks mad sometimes and Howard says it also looks like a high pose.  Amanda can tell when GMZ is worried, and then they all say Andy looks worried now and start laughing. 

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