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Big Brother After Dark - Is the Showmance a Charade? Or is the Charade a Showmance? - 7-1-13 #BB15

This episode aired at midnight, BBT, as Monday drew to a close.  Also coming to an end is McCrae Olson's HoH reign.  And the game is going to come to an end for one of the three nominees on the first live show of the season, Wednesday night.  The nominees are Jessie Kowalski, Elissa Slater, and David Girton.

Things are bound to be tense after the live show, as we are all expecting a blind side.  As a matter of fact, anyone else going home would be the Unexpected, if we are Expected to Expect that.  Right?

OK, let's get this going.

As the show opens we see Amanda Zuckerman standing alone in the backyard, making hand gestures.  She is wearing her bathing suit covered by a loosely knit sweater and no apparent make up.  She waves at us and someone yells out "Bye Bye Birdie".  Amanda nods her head and trudges back over to the sofa, where a crowd is gathered.  Apparently we're in the middle of a game of Charades.

(Is there anybody who doesn't absolutely despise playing Charades?)

Now it's Helen's turn, and she marches over to the spot in the grass where Amanda had been standing.  It's quite far from the couch, actually.  A little too far.  Helen stands in silent contemplation of the task ahead of her, and then indicates this is a 4 word title, and she begins with the 2nd word.  She makes a "horns and tail" motion, and Jeremy yells out "The Devil Wore Prada" and he is correct.  Helen sashays back over to the couch while Andy says "that was a gay answer".

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 Now it is Jeremy's turn, and he marches to the appointed spot wearing a bright blue T-shirt that is tight on his biceps and a blue bandana.  In the background we hear Andy repeating "so gay....so gay" over and over again.  Jeremy thinks, and says this might be hard.  It is two words, and Jeremy pantomimes throwing a bowling ball.  Andy yells out "The Flintstones" and he is correct.  (WTF?)

So now it is Andy's turn, and he trudges over to the proper place to begin, tugging on an earlobe while Jeremy explains that Fred Flintstone "tippy toed" while he bowled. (Again, WTF?)

Andy is ready, and it's a movie.  It is a two or three word totle and he starts with the hand motions and it turns out it is The Little Mermaid.  The hand motions included trying to indicate something small, then swimming and combing his long hair. Apparently Amanda is the one who guessed it, as she struts back out to the stage area for another turn.

This one has three words, and before she can even do much they all guessed like crazy and Elissa was correct by shouting out The Princess Bride.  Elissa has a two word movie, and Jessie ends up guessing The Notebook within about 5 seconds.  So now Jessie has her turn and it is obvious that this is Casual Night in the BB house for the girls tonight.  Jessie has a long moment thinking about what to do, and while she is standing there looking nervous and rather tortured they start shouting out movies just to be funny.

Like The Hills Have Eyes, Fatal Attraction (ha ha) and Django Unchained.  They all laugh and now Jessie has a 4 word movie.  She makes a few gestures and they start guessing and then Candice got When a Stranger Calls.

Candice struts out to the "stage" like she is on a catwalk and is dressed casual as well with neon green sweatpants and a bright pink top.  She already knows what her topic is because she holds her hand up while she is walking to indicate everyone should stop talking and pay attention to her two word movie.  The movie was Drumline but isn't that one word?  And I don't understand how that related to Candice lying down in a face plant, but whatever.  I don't want Candice yelling at me so I won't question it, and no one else does, either.

So now it is Gina Marie's turn,and she seems to have recovered a little from her breakdown earlier today.

(Big Brother took away most of her clothing, underwear, cosmetics and shoes.  No word yet about why this happened.)

She is wearing her Brooklyn pink sweatshirt (did they give her that back?) and some black stretch pants.  I hate to be mean (?) but she doesn't have on a stitch of makeup and her hair looks like bedhead.  You're on TV Gina Marie.   Just sayin'.

Her charade was a movie and before I could even describe what she did, Nick guessed The Fast and the Furious.  Nick sprints up for his turn in front of the crowd  and someone yells American Psycho!  and they all laugh.  Jeremy yells out Ugly Betty! and there is more laughter.  Nick laughs too and contemplates his charade.  He is shirtless and his body is surprisingly buff for someone rather small.  Good upper body and abdominal definition.

Nick's turn is over before I can describe what he did. It was The Amazing Spiderman Returns (or whatever the name is) and what gave it away was Nick's "wrist web" motion.   So now Amanda waltzes up there with the junk in her trunk slowing moving along with her.

(It is actually very brave of her to walk around in a swimsuit in front of them and all of us, since none of the other girls are dressed that way.  Very brave indeed.  But alas I feel I must let you, the reader know that there was indeed Junk in that Trunk.  If she just did some squats and donkey kicks for about two weeks the problem would be solved, by the way.)

Gina Marie is enjoying this game and is laughing like the "old" Gina Marie.  Amanda gets on hands and knees and struts around as part of her charade.   Jeremy guessed that the movie is Boogie Nights and he is correct.

Jeremy has a two word movie and within 5 seconds Andy yells out 8 Mile and he is correct.  Andy walks out and they start yelling things out and cracking up, at Andy's expense.  Gina Marie yells out Honey I Shrunk the Kids! and then someone yells out Easy A and Andy smiles.  Jeremy yells the Little Rascals Movie and then Rugrats in Paris to much laughter.

Then Andy says "OK" to indicate he is ready, but Jeremy yells out Chuckie! and Gina Marie is cackling like a hen, getting up out of her seat to laugh harder.  Andy finally starts and it is a 4 word movie.  Andy pantomimes a choo choo train and then Amanda guesses Strangers on a Train and she is correct.

(How long are they going to do this?  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some drinking games, maybe.)

Amanda's movie is Little Monsters and they get it quickly and she went inside after that.  Maybe all of the girls are going casual tonight in support of Gina Marie and her lost wardrobe?  Jessie is on stage now and her stomach is hanging out of her shirt a little more than it should, I think.  Once she starts Helen guesses her movie immediately and finally we go to a commercial.  I just saw David sitting there like a statue and I don't think he said a word the entire time.  I don't see Aaryn and Kaitlin out there, if you're wondering. Nor McCrae or Howard, either,  but I think everybody else was there.

After the break, the cameras (finally) take us somewhere else, and we are in the HoH Suite where Amanda is laying on the bed with McCrae, and they are talking low and staring at each other.  McCrae has pretty blue eyes and the beginnings of a receding hairline.

McCrae touches her sweater with his index finger and says that he "only has two nights left".  McCrae feels badly about something and is thinking about his problems back home.  He says he is so happy to be in the house and the opportunity is "just nuts" for him.  He mentions Aaryn, saying that if someone doesn't like her that much, they should just leave because he does want to be in the house.

He mentions Candice having "like a 2013 car or something" and so much ______ money.

Amanda:   Well, she's not stayin' very long.

McCrae:  I know.  But still.  It just, like bothers me.

Amanda:  Does it bother you that I drive an Audi?

McCrae, smiling:  Yeah I hate all Audi drivers, they're all assholes!

Amanda: No, those are the BMW drivers.

He is flirting with her and still touching her with his index finger on her arm.  Amanda admits that she does drive like an asshole and they laugh.   McCrae says he drives like an old lady, right on top of the wheel, and he's "very courteous".

I guess Amanda started shooting some sort of movie (the "Alert" movie, maybe?) and McCrae wants to see the footage.  Amanda says her ex-boyfriend has the footage and probably won't send it to her.   She tells him something about the footage that was totally blanked out by TVGN.

McCrae:  I was getting totally turned on.

Amanda:  Were you?

(NOTE:  I don't know if McCrae is just in a bad mood now or what, but this whole showmance debacle feels like it has taken a bad turn.  All of a sudden McCrae is all mooney and low talking to her and she keeps bringing up ex-boyfriends and being just a little bit aloof.  Don't go into the light McCrae!)

Now we go back out to the backyard where the charades are still in process, and Aaryn and Kaitlin have joined the group, as has Howard.  Only Amanda and McCrae appear to be missing.    Everyone seems to be engaged in playing and there is a lot of side chatter among the players, just like a real party.

Now back upstairs McCrae and Amanda have moved a little closer and are watching the Spy Cam.  Amanda feels weird and says that when there are so many people that you don't trust and when you find one person that you do trust, you just feel so close to them.

McCrae:  Yeah.  It is super weird.

Amanda:  And you're my comfort here.....

McCrae, looking away:  Yep.

Amanda, sitting up and moving towards the headboard:  But...he's my comfort...

 McCrae:  ..there?

Amanda:  Yes, he's my comfort there.  And that has been my biggest internal struggle  here.

McCrae:  Yep.......Yep.  I definitely understand.

Amanda, tearing up:  It's hard to be alone here.  Like, I really like you, but...I dunno.

McCrae purses his lips and nods.  He's sad.

Amanda wonders how this will be portrayed.  She seems to think that it wouldn't be portrayed as a showmance because of McCrae.

(A total slap in McCrae's face, if you ask me, like America wouldn't believe it.)

McCrae says he "totally understands" and lays down hugging his pillow.  Amanda wonders if we google "Amanda Big Brother hookup" will this come up?  McCrae tells her yes and then kind of hems and haws about it.  Amanda says that "his mother got the feeds" and McCrae just nods.  (i.e. her boyfriend's mother)

(I think she is dumping him right now.  How great would it be if she hooks up with the next HoH?  And then the HoH after that?   I think that could be a way to reduce the shame, actually, and turn it into some sort of twisted pride.)

After commercial McCrae is still having pillow talk with Amanda and she is questioning him about his goals and his family.  His parents had him when they were around 22.  Amanda wants to know about his plans...for a family or a career.

McCrae:  I dunno.  I think I'm always destined to be alone.

(Not after this summer, McCrae.)

Amanda tries to pep him up and asks him what he would do if he won the money.  He would put it in the bank and "save the shit out of it" and "pay for his sister's shit".  Amanda keeps asking questions and he says he means his sister's schooling.  And he might give some money to his family for "sticking with him, since he's been a shitbag".

Amanda:  You've been a shit bag?

McCrae:  Yeah.  Like, with the pizza delivery...I don't really think they wanted me to go into pizza delivery...

She asked if he would move, or go to Florida.  His eyes light up and he would love to go to Florida, but also Paris.  Amanda interrupts and says the first thing he needs is a financial adviser, with goals like that and he clarifies that the Paris visit would only occur if he had infinite money.

Amanda wants to plan the "Big Brother money"  She points out that after taxes --including California state tax, the prize would end up being about $350-375,000.  He would pay for his sister's shit (school), give a chunk to his parents, put "a bunch" in the bank, and then start "making like little shorts really cheap".  She mentions starting a little production company with the money, or a pizza place.  He laughs and the cameras move.

(NOTE:  I interpreted McCrae's "little shorts" to be film-related, rather than the Daisy Duke variety.)

Jeremy and Spencer are in the kitchen cracking up about something said or done during the charades game.  Spencer is eating what appears to be a chicken nugget and they laugh about when "she fell down".

Now they gossip about McCrae and Amanda banging upstairs.

Spencer:  If she sleeps up there with that shirt on and no bra, you know something's goin' down in there!

Jeremy:  McCrae Cray ain't no Gay Gay!

They are cracking themselves up and I can see these two being friends for life after this, actually.  Spencer announces that he's going to take a dump, and Jeremy goes back to the bedroom where Kaitlin is and tells her he just came to check on her.

He climbed in bed with her and under the covers they are entwined as he jokes about somebody being a bastard.

Now in the backyard Candice is crawling on hands and knees while various words are shouted at her.  I think Candice is very proud of her charade skills.  Just a guess.

It turned out that they made her perform for a long long time and Andy said he knew what the charade was, but he was "trying to be a dick" so he finally shouted out "We Bought a Zoo".  The game broke up with Gina Marie announced "OK.  I'm done.  I'm good with that."

They discuss how filthy the hot tub is and Aaryn thinks they need to add more water and they wonder if they shouldn't put their dirty feet in there.

(I wonder:  Where would the dirt come from?  They have artificial grass and it's not like they're going out and bringing sand from the beach on the bottom of their shoes.  Is it primarily dead skin cells?)

After the break we are watching Jeremy and Kaitlin snuggle in bed and he's pestering her while she pretends to want to sleep.  Judd came in and cracked a few jokes and then left pretty quickly.  Jeremy calls her Shady Katy and she says she doesn't want anyone to call her Katy.

Jeremy:  Nobody's going to ask...they're just going to do it!

He looks up and sees the camera in the corner staring right down at them and points at it, getting Kaitlin to do the same.  We go back upstairs where Amanda is talking about her ex-boyfriend, and how he cheated on every girl he ever went out with.

McCrae mumbles that this is a lofty aspiration for a guy.  Amanda starts to tell a story about what happened when they broke up, and the cameras go back to Jeremy and Kaitlin, still snuggling.

Kaitlin:  What are you doing.

Jeremy:  Oh.  Just laying here, enjoying the moment.  Enjoying your company.  Enjoying your touch.

All hands above the covers for these two.  Like an old married couple.

Now in the backyard Gina Marie is playing pool with Howard and is talking with Helen and Aaryn about food.  Howard went to the famous place that sold chicken and waffles and didn't see the big deal.  They chatter about pedicures and other light topics.

Back in the bedroom Nick is perched on the side table talking to Jeremy and Kaitlin.  They laugh about how Jessie is following Nick around, in hot pursuit.

Nick:  You just want to watch this unfold, don't you?

They mention how shitty Gina Marie's mood was today, and Nick says most of the girls are in a shitty mood because of their "cycles" and he says that made the situation today with Gina Marie even worse.  Kaitlin says she was finished three days ago and "hers are short".

Jessie told Kaitlin that she wants to follow Nick because she thought he was avoiding her.

Nick:  I'm not avoiding her......I'm just AVOIDING her!

And they all laugh.  Kaitlin thinks Nick is coming out of his shell and she likes it.  Nick admires his new tan and says he might start rapping in there soon.

After the break we see the lounge where David, Andy, Spencer and Judd are lying, each in their own corner, and talking about Judd's experience riding a mechanical bull in Knoxville.  Aaryn walked in and Judd started teasing her but she was pretty cold about it and left.  Now Aaryn goes in the bedroom where Gina Marie is talking to Kaitlin and Jeremy.  They are plotting ways to get Jessie to sleep in another room so they can have the whole bedroom for their group.  (Boats and Ho's)

Aaryn starts the chatter about Elissa and what she said during the Charades game.  Apparently she said "I love money" at one point and then poked fun at the Aaryn and David relationship.  Then they start talking about their DR sessions that related to Elissa, and Gina Marie cracks up as she said America, send her a recipe for pot roast!  They made Kaitlin say something like "what is at six letter word for "going home".  Aaryn indicated that they made her say that, too.

Aaryn:  What if they both have us saying that?  It's so stupid!

Now they laugh about Judd falling asleep outside during Charades.  They are bored in there and start making fart noises that make Kaitlin feel "super uncomfortable".

Now Jeremy confesses that during Charades he and Spencer were "totally cheatin' and tellin' each other what to say".  (No wonder they were laughing in the kitchen.)  They were guessing each other's charade within 2 seconds and now Aaryn acts like she knew that the whole time.  They study the Eames blueprints on the walls after Aaryn points out that in BB9 there were entire sentences on the walls that were used in a competition.  The camera reminds Gina Marie of "Pixar" with the sounds it makes.  (Do you mean WallE Gina Marie?)

After the break we are in the HoH room and Nick is visiting with McCrae and Amanda, who hold court in bed.  They are naming the different cameras and Nick plays up to one of them, stroking his biceps and talking to it, and we get thrown back downstairs where Jeremy and Kaitlin drag themselves out of bed and into the kitchen.

Gina Marie and Aaryn go to the Lounge to join the "sausage fest" and there is some nasty joking and many words are being blanked out by TVGN.  Judd is getting blanked out, too, so I guess somebody understands him.  Aaryn starts making the Bam Chicka Bam Bam porno music sound and they all laugh and then the girls leave.  Spencer's head is laying on a black pillow with white airplanes on it and I just realized that we don't see his teeth very often.  You know, with the scowling and all of the hair covering them most of the time.  And maybe that's not such a bad thing.  Just sayin'.

The sun really wiped all of them out today and they are tired.  Jeremy's hair is "down" since he's been swimming every day but he doesn't like it hanging in his face.  He'll "put it up" on the day of the live show and indicates it takes time to make that happen.  Spencer and Jeremy get up to leave and Andy stands up to go, too, leaving David just sitting there.

David:  You're leaving too?

Andy:   Well, I'll stay if you want me to (as he keeps walking out the door).

Now back in the HoH Amanda is putting lotion on Nick's back and he is telling them about his relationship with Gina Marie.  They first started hanging out because Nick "was, like, sleeping cattycorner to her and I told her I didn't want to get into anything crazy and she didn't either, so we just hang out.".  Nick says she's cool and until today she's been really easy to be with and a lot of fun.

David comes in and immediately says to  Nick:  You wanna sleep with me?

Nick stares around the room and at David as he sits down next to Nick:  Seriously?

David:  Yeah.

Nick:  Why?  What's going on?

David:  They say that you want to sleep with me.

Nick stares at McCrae and Amanda and then back at David.

Nick, sarcastically:  Well, yeah obviously......You mean, like bunk up?

David:  Yeah dude!

Nick:  Well, I'm down if you...

David:  No!  I don't want to be down, but I heard you wanted to sleep with me!

Nick, shocked:  What?

David, staring right at him: Yeah!

Nick:  No!

David, getting up to leave:  Okay...

Nick:  Wait a minute....I'm not just saying that.  Seriously?

David:  I wasn't being serious.  But she was being serious.

Nick:  Is she not sleeping in that bed?

David:  I don't know.  She said you wanted to sleep with me.

Amanda, smiling:  I am so confused right now!  Are you joking?

David:  I'm not joking!

Nick:  I thought you were joking.

David:  NO!  I thought you were joking!

Nick:  I never even said anything!

David says okay and asks again before leaving.  After the door closed Nick says that was a sticky situation and Amanda says "that girl has some crazy things".  Now Gina Marie bursts in and says that Aaryn was joking when she told David that and they were surprised that David came up to confront him that way.

After the break we see Judd and Kaitlin in the storage room searching for food.  They walk around looking at things and then Elissa comes in and asks if they've ever taken Claratin.  Kaitlin says it will make her drowsy but then says it depends on the type of Claratin.  Elissa has a little plastic baggie with the pill in it and wants to take it before bed, in case it makes her sleepy.

(The DR always puts their meds in baggies.)

They took fruit off the counter and put it in the refrigerator.  There are a lot of cantaloupe and honey dew melons, and countless huge green peppers.  Amanda came in and started looking for cereal and has the munchies, too.

Now we see McCrae and Nick in the HoH and McCrae is saying that if he has to, "he'll break the tie and send him home, but that will suck".  Now Andy comes in and they discuss American Psycho.  McCrae remembers that Dr. Will quoted Patrick Bateman in BB2 several times, and was always talking about the movie.

Andy has read the book, too, and McCrae is surprised.  As much as Andy liked it, he liked the Rules of Attraction even more.  Nick says that someone told him he is like the character and both Andy and McCrae says Nick is "totally Bateman".

Nick:  Who is that, the boyfriend?

McCrae:  No, he's the main character.  ***giggles***  He like, kills all of these girls.

 Now in the backyard Jeremy is playing catch with David and cutting up, laughing.  Howard is playing pool  with Jessie, who might benefit from a week on slop.  Just sayin'.  Jeremy and David want to play this catch game tomorrow in their "swimming trunks".  So they can tan, I guess.  They are pitching the small object and aiming for an orange pillow that is propped up against the far wall. David is back there catching and throwing it back.  Jeremy played baseball for 8 years so he is upset with his performance.

Helen and Candice go inside and as they go inside David mocks them by saying "Oh, let's go upstairs and strategize...can you be any more obvious?" right after the door closes.

Now Candice is in Amanda's place in McCrae's bed and Helen plops down on the couch next to Andy.  Judd is in there, too, and McCrae says he has been too nice to throw anybody out of the HoH this week.  Nick jokes about calling for breakfast when he's HoH, using nominations as leverage.

Now Aaryn comes in laughing about the David encounter earlier, saying they were all laughing in the kitchen  when David went running up the HoH stairs.

Aaryn:  I was trying to be like Chelsea Handler.....I told him that Gina Marie was going to sleep with me because Nick wanted to sleep with him, and he was like what?  And then I was like, is that cool?  And he was like, no, that's not cool.  And then he said like, where is he?

(Like, that was so like, funny.)

Nick laughs but Helen is stone-faced on the couch, listening.    When we come back from break Aaryn is benchpressing in the backyard with David spotting her.  She started with one weight on each side but is now trying to just lift the bar itself.

Howard and Spencer watch from the hammock, laughing for what are likely all sorts of reasons.  It's dastardly laughter, I can tell.

David:   I kind of like the vibe in here tonight.  It was pretty chill.

Aaryn:  With the guys?

David:  Yeah.

Aaryn:  Oh.  It's horrible.

David:  Well, I'm feeling pretty relaxed.

Aaryn asks about David's surfing habits---how many days does he surf?  It depends on the swell, but he thinks a couple of times a week is about right.  Aaryn asks if it's just for fun, and he says it is now, but he used to just do competitions, mainly, and wanted to turn pro.  Aaryn presses him on this, wanting to know why he stopped trying, and he says that he realized that he just wasn't good enough, and should have started at a younger age.

Aaryn:  But you still do it now.

David:  But it's fun now.  It's like the best hobby in the world.  It makes you feel good.

Aaryn:  So it's just a hobby now?

David:  Yeah.

Aaryn isn't happy with that and urges him to compete again.  David tells her he's 25 and that is too old.  Everyone doing it is usually 17, and in high school.  He's won a few things before but never any of the cash prizes.  She keeps pushing him and he admits that this is the way he is, he starts a sport...

Aaryn:  And you quit?  You're a quitter?

David says he always goes back to surfing, but Aaryn keeps pushing him wanting to know what he's going to be, and what he wants to do.

David:  Well, I thought I wanted to be a beach lifeguard, but then I saw the commercial for Big Brother, and I got lucky.

Aaryn keeps at him, even after that, telling him that he "has to have a dream, and what is it?"  She is exasperated with his answers, and tells him he doesn't believe in himself enough, and he should.  Nick came over and Aaryn told him that he just "ruined a moment" and "could he kindly leave"?  No such luck as Nick came over to tease them about wearing matching colors.

David:  You have this soothing way of getting me to open up, in a way.

Somehow this leads into Aaryn talking about Candice, and how she "gave her a second chance" and it "turns out that first impressions were right".

Aaryn:  I was raised not to judge people.  And if I do judge people, I totally give them a chance to show me why I shouldn't judge them, and so that's maybe why I have a soothing personality.

(Good job, Mr. and Mrs. Gries!  Good job!)

Aaryn:  Like, I'm harsh, but at the same time I have a big heart.  I have a lot of respect for myself and I don't let people walk all over me.

Now she points out that "like 40,000" apply for Big Brother, and if they choose him to be on the show he must be something really special, and she doesn't know why he acts like it's just something to do for the summer.

Aaryn:  I guess I just don't understand why you would just give up on surfing.

(Maybe Aaryn would like him better if he was a professional surfer?)

Aaryn talks about how she doesn't let people get her down, she rises above it, blah blah blah.

After the break there is a snack attack in the kitchen with Nick, Amanda, and Elissa.  Amanda is still wearing her bikini with the short sweater, and I think she took off her bikini top so she is just bouncing around under there.  Elissa came over to whisper about something and now they are talking about going to the Reality Awards together.  I think they must have whispered about that Reality party in Las Vegas the weekend after the BB finale.

They start munching on M &M's and cookie dough.  Amanda asks about Elissa's husband, whom she says is "really cute, but is not really tall".

Elissa:  He's about six foot.

Amanda:  He's tall, then.

Elissa:  Well, he's not that much taller than me.  But yeah he's tall.

He has brown hair and hazel eyes.  Her little boy has hazel eyes and Elissa said she prayed for him and she got him.  She wants a little girl next and they giggle about all of the girly parties she would want to throw for the baby.  Amanda is eating cookie dough and getting ready to bake cookies, too.

Kaitlin comes in and is filing her nails, and Jessie walks through the kitchen after being outside.  Elissa is  wiping down different surfaces in the kitchen and finding all sorts of filth that she shows to the group before disposal.

Elissa: I'm totally happily married, unless my husband is really embarrassed now.

She jokes about how in the BB house she can say "oh, these sponges are dirty", and "they" (i.e. us) will say "you spongy dirty whore"!

Amanda says I know, and they laugh about how you can chop up sentences and make them nasty.  As the show ends Elissa and Amanda are pressing the M & M's in the cookie dough before baking and Amanda hopes they won't be too "M & My".

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