Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Helen Has an Acute Case of HoH-itus, But is it Fatal? - 7-16-13

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday.  Helen is still the HoH and Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy are on the block.  Somebody's going home on Thursday night, and while it might seem like Jeremy's eviction is a slam dunk, he's been working people and just may have something worked out.  A lot can happen in that house in 24 hours.

It certainly makes for another blockbuster live show.

OK.  Let's go.

As the show begins we see Andy in the HoH talking to Kaitlin and Helen, and they are trash talking about someone who has been dishonest with them.  Kaitlin is yelling "I knew it!  I knew it!" and is punching the air as she paces the room.  Helen acts surprised and Andy says he thought he already told them all of this.

Kaitlin is "so angry" and now Andy has told them that Howard has been throwing all of the competitions.  Andy heard him say "a while ago" that he didn't want to win anything in the beginning of the game.  Kaitlin says she is going to the bathroom but will be right back, saying that she knew he was throwing everything, and that he was the second person to fall off the popsicle.

Helen:  What is wrong with him?

Kaitlin:  He also couldn't paddle a boat, and he has such strong arms and played football, and he was paddling around in a circles!

Helen:  Oh my gosh.  I didn't know that Andy.  He has to go.  He is going to really bring it on guys have to win.  He's really going to bring it on Thursday.

Now Katilin is telling them that Howard met with her to get her to use the PoV and "was trying to tell her all of these lies about Jeremy", trying to throw him under the bus.  She says he was the first person to come up after the PoV ceremony and tell her that he was proud of her.

Kaitlin:  He doesn't even know me!  Who is he to come up and talk to me like that?

(I saw that conversation and Howard told her Jeremy would not sacrifice himself in the game for Kaitlin and it was a nice conversation.  And Jeremy used a PoV to save himself only the week before while Kaitlin was at risk for nomination, so what Howard said made sense.)

Now Helen is a broken record saying "oh my god Howard has to go" and "he's going to win on Thursday".

Andy:  I don't think he will.

Helen:  You don't think he's going to try to win?

Andy:  Whatever.  There are people here who are just as smart, and if it is endurance his huge muscles might get in the way and  there are people here who are are teeny and can hang on, like me or McCrae, we could do better then him, depending on who it is.

Helen nods and worries.  This has apparently never occurred to her and she seems so shocked.  Helen will believe anything anyone tells her and then freak out about it so that is why she will not win this game, particularly combined with her running her yap constantly.  The best thing that can happen to her is to go back to being an underdog in the Have Not room, in my opinion.  I have already heard Andy trying to backstab her by pointing out Helen can't go the Final Two because she can win.

Andy says they need to keep Howard close to them, so if he does win they can get him to put up Aaryn.  Helen frets that Howard won't put GMZ up because they are close, and he might put up Kaitlin.  Andy says it doesn't matter, because Aaryn will go home.  Andy doesn't want Spencer or Candice to win HoH because they won't put Howard on the block.  Andy says maybe they could threaten Spencer to nominate him and Helen thinks that will work.    She's worried that Elissa won't nominate him, however.

Kaitlin comes back in the room and asks Andy why he never mentioned this before now, and he says Howard said it in front of several people  so he thought everyone knew.  Helen is so furious about this new news, and Kaitlin just can't believe it, either.

Kaitlin goes downstairs with Andy and the cameras follow them.  Kaitlin stops to give Jeremy a hug and kiss and walks back to the bedroom with him.  She has on skin tight red shorts again and they are not flattering on her, even though she is perfect-looking.  She whispers to Jeremy about Howard throwing competitions and Jeremy listens and tells her he's not sure yet, but he's working on a deal to stay, and is having to make promises.  Kaitlin tells him he has to honor the deals he makes.

Jeremy said one of the promises he has to make is that if he is in the Final Four with Kaitlin and Elissa, he has to vote Kaitlin out.  Kaitlin smooches him and says that is okay, she promised to vote him out in four weeks if he stays.

(There are several reasons why people in the house should keep Jeremy, but if someone is STUPID enough to believe he will follow through on this, they deserve to lose in a humiliating fashion.  We're talking about September, for Crissakes.)

Jeremy just wanted to let her know, and then said if it came down to that, then he wouldn't evict her.  (Of course...)  They are both excited and whisper game while they hug, and then Jeremy hears someone in the hall  and shows her his guns to cover up.  Kaitlin makes time to straddle him right then and there and they kiss before walking back into the kitchen.  Kaitlin has to pull her shorts down after doing that, and I'm sure they are uncomfortable.  They look it.

I also want to be sure that you know there is no door in the Eames Room.  It is at the end of a hallway so the entrance is wide open.  The Small World room does have a door, and is truly dark at night, so that is why people seem to prefer that room.  That room was the Sneaker Room last year, and the Have Not room is accessible through a door  in the room, and is also a dark place to sleep.

Jeremy is sore from working out and Aaryn is washing dishes and the kitchen looks remarkable clean, with the counters bare of dirty dishes.  Aaryn's hair is wet and the back looks like it could be wavy or curly if she doesn't blow dry it.  People on the block do a lot of household chores, don't they?  Just ask Spencer.

In the backyard there is a big hot tub party in progress.  Helen arrives in her green bikini and I see Judd, Elissa, McCrae, Spencer, Amanda submerged in the water.  Jessie and Andy sit alongside the hottub with their feet in.  It's a big crowd and Candice and Jeremy come over too.

Helen announces that she requested booze so they might get that.  Jeremy says that they used to have more booze but then "someone had an episode" and McCrae says that happened in Season 2.

Helen:  But even three bottles of wine for 15 people is not much....

Kaitlin says even one bottle per person would be okay.  Now they discuss medical emergencies and McCrae says someone had to go to the hospital one year and then came back in the house.  Helen thinks there would be so many handlers that no one would say anything about the game in front of you.  Andy jokes about the medical staff saying "don't trust Candice" and Amanda said she would want to hear anything about the outside world.  GMZ is out there wearing her fake ponytail braided in a fish tail fashion.

Helen discusses people not being able to smoke inside office buildings now, and Spencer remembers having to request smoking or non smoking tables in restaurants.

Helen: Yeah...or first available!

Jeremy says his high school used to have a smoking room for the kids and Helen says on her flight to Europe somebody "sparked up in the bathroom" and as we go to break Jeremy wants to know what they were smoking.  Helen says it was a cigarette, but we don't get to hear what happened to the smoker who got caught.

(My first flight to Europe had a smoking section on the plane.  My cousin and I were walking back to the bathrooms and two European guys started flirting with us so we sat with them and smoked the cigarettes they offered us.  I think I was fourteen when this happened, and all international flights also offered FREE alcoholic drinks back then for the entire flight, so we had a few of those, too with the horny European guys.   It was a much simpler time back then.....)

When we return they are all sitting around the hot tub talking about train disasters.  Spencer tells a story about a hobo who was sleeping on the tracks and got run over.  By the time they found him he had been dead for weeks.  Andy remembers the guy who was pushed in the tracks of the subway in NYC and the NY Post published a picture of him on the front page that a tourist took of him by coincidence with a caption that said "This Man is About to Die" and how insensitive that was.  Amanda tells a story about a lady with a baby carriage that rolled into the tracks of the train but the baby survived because the way that it fell shielded him from the train. 

Spencer:  If you are thin and you lay perfectly flat in the center of the tracks, you might be okay.  But there are _______ shaped like a snow plow right up front that would slice off the top half of somebody shaped like me.

Everyone:  Ooooo.

Helen's dad works for the Washington Metro, and she describes how the platform has an overhang on the tracks so if you do fall on the tracks you can roll over under the platform to wait until the train goes by.  She feels like every train platform should be built this way for safety.

(The Washington Metro is very clean and easy-to-maneuver.  Helen's belly button is very shallow and from a distance it looks like she might not even have one. )

Spencer says there are six different Faces of Death that feature train deaths on You Tube.  Candice was wearing the black dress that she has in the house while she was traveling one time.  She was putting her luggage in the overhead bin on the plane and was having trouble getting it to fit inthere..  The top of her dress came untied while her arms were in the air and "all of her titties fell out" but she couldn't cover them because the luggage would fall on someone's head.  There were two guys sitting right there that got a close up, and a woman came over and covered Candice's breasts with her hands until they could fix her dress.

Candice:  So then I had a three-hour flight with a group of people who all saw my titties.

Everyone:  Ooooooo.

(What a great story!)

Candice says everybody laughed and the male flight attendant gave her free drinks for the whole flight.  Jeremy had a flight attendant one time who rapped all of the instructions and said it was cool.  Now Howard comes out and joins the group and I guess he missed Candice's titty story.  GMZ says she flew Virgin Atlantic one time and it was like a huge party the whole time.  She said she had her own choice of music and she could play Tetris on her screen, too.

GMZ:  It was a fuckin' party the whole time!  I was like, I'll stay on this shit all day!

(I don't think I've seen GMZ that animated since before Nick left.)

Amanda jokes that she flew on an airline where everyone had to lift their feet like The Flintstones so the pilot could take off and they all had to flap their arms and arrived a day late.  Now it is like a cocktail party with a ton of cross chatter and competing stories.  Jessie told a bad flight story but Amanda is also talking about how on this cheap airline it cost more to check a bag than to buy the ticket.  Elissa mentions Southwest Airlines and I think this is the one Amanda is talking about.  No, I think it was Spirit Air.

Amanda:  And two of the three flight attendants were fighting and one of them asked me if I saw how bad the other's attitude was as she rolled the beverage cart down the aisle. 

They got to the airport super early so they could get a seat and then the flight was delayed 4 hours, so she ended up spending 8 hours in the shitty airport.  Now they bring up the horrible smell in the backyard and someone says they are glad someone else smells it, too.  I have heard them say maybe the couch smells, or maybe there is something dead on the other side of the wall, and why doesn't Big Brother take care of this?

Kaitlin tells them that when she went to LA for "Finals" she got stuck in an elevator at the hotel for 45 minutes.  The Fire Dept had to come get her out and she says that the fireman called her afterwards and left her messages on her cellphone.  (I'll bet.)    As we go to break Spencer is talking about how long it took him to fly to LA, with all of the connecting flights and layovers coming from Arkansas.

Here are two of the advertisers who buy commercial time for this show:  Vagisil and Ikea.  I don't know about the Vagisil, but I have heard the house guests bash Ikea furniture at least twice so far this season.  A slight girl like Aaryn can't really flip up a normal mattress like you can an Ikea mattress, either.  It really needs to be flimsy to flip it up like that.

When we return the hot tub party is still going, and there are several conversations going as Andy asks where Aaryn is, and Helen says she is doing dishes.  Now they discuss some bald guy who "picked them up" at the airport as their handler, and Amanda had him, too, and remembers that he told her he had one more stop to make after her.  She thought he was really cool and his name was Mike.

Jeremy:  My handler said he had another guy who was really dull---it was probably Nick.

Andy:  My handler said his other guys were really dull.

They all laugh and GMZ cackles.   Judd looks up like he thinks it might be the dull guy.  Amanda said Mike was having problems with his wife and told her about it.  Andy's handler joked that he shouldn't talk about him inside the house.

Kaitlin:  Mine said, I guess I'll never see you again 'cause I don't watch the show.

Jeremy thinks his handler may have been named Kristin but he's not sure.  Finally BB names a long list of house guests and tells them to stop talking about Production.   Judd brings up Kristin from BB12 and says he hopes she comes in to host a competition.

Amanda says Kirstin was lame, and Helen tells Judd she "wasn't that pretty".  Candice mentions that Spencer said he met her somewhere and GMZ says if she sees JoJo back home on Staten Island she'll give her props from Judd.

Andy:  I hate to make this announcement with Aaryn not here, but whoever is HoH next week please don't let Judd host the competition!  He's already done it.

Amanda mentions that moment when you come out of the DR to start the competition and how Gina Marie did something funny when it was her turn.  GMZ says that she was hosting some sort of calender modeling search and they flew her to the Bahamas to host a Super Bowl party and that is where she met Kristin.  She was also hosting the party and GMZ says she "also models and has some website and was not-so-sweet". 

Helen:  She doesn't look so sweet.

GMZ says she's really tall and skinny, with big boobs.  Elissa says she doesn't really consider someone a model unless they work for Vogue or Marie Claire, but GMZ says you can work in print, or runway, or catalog, and that the women who are curvier can work in the catalogs.  GMZ says that Kristin probably stayed busy with some sort of modeling, but she's not sure what.

GMZ:  Like me, I did catalogs and websites...for Halloween costumes.  But I got that stuff because I did make up for them, too.

Gina Marie says if we look for her, we might see her, because she filmed last year.  The guy who hired her liked her so much he flew her to Vegas to sell them for him.  I kind of don't understand the point of this costume, but I found a picture for you.  It's really just an ad for the candy, right?  I actually like this better than most of the clothes she wears...very flattering on her.

She says she was the green Jolly Rancher and also a Stay Puft Marshmallow and Felix the Cat.  We can pretend this is Gina Marie if we want to, I guess.

She names all of the other costumes she wore and she says if you go to Party City you can see her picture on the packages.  She was also a Twizzler, and a  Hershey Bar..  Spencer can't wait to see the Jolly Rancher costume and GMZ described it exactly as you see it. 

GMZ:  It fits's really cute.

I never hear McCrae speak when he's in a group like this, but I do see him on camera laughing frequently.  Jeremy was a bag of jelly beans for Halloween one time.  He wore a clear  trash bag filled with balloons.  Everyone says that is a good idea (except for the popping, right) and Jeremy likes to make his own costume every year.   He does admit to going to Party City to get ideas, though.  He's going to look next time for the green Jolly Rancher.

Oh boy.  Now GMZ mentions the "popular lingerie store in California" called Trashy Lingerie and says she's on that website, too.  I'll let you look for those pictures yourself if you're interested.  She says the Jolly Rancher costume is on that website, as well.  Candice wonders if it is a sexy costume and she says no, it just fits really cute.  She wore it at the trade show in Vegas and that is how the company sold it to stores and websites.

Judd wonders why she wasn't another Jolly Rancher flavor, and she says there were other models, but she likes the Green Apple flavor.  She was happy just to be the green.  Helen would have wanted to be the red or purple Jolly Rancher and GMZ names all of the flavors.

Now Aaryn comes out as they discuss the various flavors and colors of the candy.  Helen likes her hair all curly and she says she just put mousse in it and let it dry like a rocker chick.  Helen always wondered who the girls were in those photos and now she knows.  GMZ also did an event at Comic Con wearing a Spider Woman costume with webs on her arms "or some shit" and then the same guy used her to do the make up and she was on Channel 11 modeling the Halloween costumes.   She ended up getting more work from it so she is really thankful to the guy who hired her for the exposure.

Now there is a furry bug or something jumping around out there and the girls squeal and jump up.

GMZ:  I've seen it before.

Kaitlin brings over the couch cushion with the bug on it and it is an ugly one, for sure.  She puts it in front of the camera so we can see a closeup and says she's not that freaked out by bugs.  After the break we are still at the hot tub while Helen lectures someone that "they might not get money like that again, so they should use it wisely".

They mention the stench out there again and guess that it is from where McCrae threw up out there.  Amanda is laying on the couch now near Kaitlin as she discusses her move to Vegas where she will be a bartender.  Amanda says that is big money and she heard they are all unionized.  Kaitlin says they are, so they get good health insurance, too.  Kaitlin is pumped to move and says she is going to meet all new people and it's exciting.

Amanda:  It's cheap to live there, too.

Kaitlin, laughing:  I'm about to get mad hit on, too, but it's all right.

Amanda says she is lucky.

Kaitlin, about Jeremy:  He's 23 years old---I told him to call me in 8 years.

They discuss how McCrae is 23, too, but is totally different then Jeremy.  McCrae did something  goofy in the distance at the hot tub while they were looking at them and they laugh.   BB tells Kaitlin not to obstruct her microphone and she gets sassy, asking them if they want to look at it right now.

Kaitlin:  He told me that he would wait for me for Finals, but I'm not stupid.  He can do whatever he wants...

(I think she means the Finale, since she's never watched the show before.)

Amanda says she understands, but it is nice to have companionship in the house.  Candice is going to play pool with Howard so people start moving away from the hot tub gradually.  Helen is standing there and her lack of belly button is freaking me out now.

Kaitlin:  I just wish he wouldn't talk sometimes. It's so much more fun to just look at him.

They both laugh and Kaitlin says he's different in front of people then he is when they are just laying around in bed.  Amanda says there are a lot of people like that in the house.  Amanda mentions having to use a band aid for something and they giggle.  McCrae says she looks sexy and she asks him to come sit by her so she can drag off his cigarette.  McCrae has called Amanda a praying mantis before and they wish they had those candles that turn on and off for the Have Not room.  Judd says he takes better naps in there than he sleeps at night.

McCrae:  Two more nights.  It's not too bad.

Judd:  I  just wish we could eat somethin' before the HoH competition, 'cause I never feel like I have any energy. 

McCrae:  I'm going to push it to the limits.

McCrae says "they probably don't care" and most of his sentence is blanked out.  Judd tries to take off his microphone when he goes in to pee in the WC.   They are talking at the hot tub about wearing mics in the bathroom and Judd doesn't believe they turn the sound off.

Over at the pool table Candice is telling Howard about her real mom looking for her.  If she hadn't met Candice by the time she turned 30, she was going to spend as much money as possible to look for her.  Howard sets up her shots for her and she misses.

Candice:  I suck.

Howard:  You don't suck.  Stop saying that.

She has on another pair of HUGE earrings that clank as she leans over to miss another shot.  Howard says their next lesson is going to focus on hitting the cue shot in the proper spot, and working on her hand placement.  As we go into break he shows her how to aim, pointing on the spot on the ball to shoot for.

When we return we are in the HoH Suite with Helen talking (of course) to Elissa and I think she is saying that if they don't get Jeremy out, "so many people will be disappointed in them". 

Helen:  At least we owe him the respect to hear him out...if I was backdoored I would want that, too, one last chance to say my peace.

Elissa:  I just felt the same way, that he was improving and looking at me right in the eye and then he did the hat thing, and went crazy again.

Helen mentions Jeremy "drinking all of the Have Not's chocolate milk" and taking their wine.  Elissa mentions eating all of the bagels and not being respectable.  She is holding her microphone instead of attaching it to her bikini top, saying this is a show about competition, not about fighting and clawing each other's eyes out.

Elissa:  They should go to the Real World or the Bad Girl's Club for that type of entertainment.  This is, like, we should be happy if they win..

Now Helen goes through her whole routine about being supportive of each other because only one of them can win.  You shouldn't have to be miserable along the way.  She thinks they have given Jeremy a second chance, and a third and fourth and fifth chance over the last month.  They plan to tell him "during the meeting" on Thursday.  (Probably the rehearsal.)

(Are Helen and Elissa the only ones making the voting decision?  Helen isn't even voting unless there is a tie.  I really, really hope there is Shock and Awe this Thursday as Helen learns an Important Life Lesson of her own.)

Elissa is going to shower and Helen heads back downstairs wearing workout clothes.  She plans to have ice cream but there is not much left.  She and Kaitlin bitch and moan about how they got no booze tonight.  Helen says they only had one booze night since she's been HoH and now we go out to the hot tub where Aaryn and Jeremy sit together quietly.  She is eating a bowl of ice cream and we hear  Judd across the yard talking about muscadine wine or something like that.  Now I see Kaitlin has come out there, too, and sits opposite them eating her own bowl of ice cream.

Katilin stands up and starts whispering  and tells Aaryn "every single person in this house wants Howard out", pointing at her for emphasis..  At least I think that is what she said.  Kaitlin announces she is going over to the hammock, and that her butt is wet from sitting at the hot tub and she isn't happy about it.

Aaryn gets up too and walks over with her bowl to join Kaitlin.  As she gets there she says "I told you!  I told you!"

Aaryn:  How many times do I have to tell you something before you believe me?

Kaitlin:  You actually never told me that, so I don't know...

Kaitlin says she told Helen that and Helen was shocked.  Kaitlin said she told her that Howard was throwing competitions to try and get her not to backdoor Jerermy, but Andy just told her the same thing tonight and she was shocked.   Aaryn wonders if they are planning to get rid of Spencer now and Kaitlin says Helen didn't mention anything about that to her. 

GMZ comes over and says Helen asked her who she wanted to go and she said "Duh...Spencer!"  GMZ says that someone told her it was a lost cause, but Kaitlin says they all need to be on the same page about getting Spencer and Howard out of the game.

Kaitlin:  I told Helen, something is so off with Howard.

GMZ:  It's always been like that.

Kaitlin:  All she's doing it like, hugging me and thanking me for using the PoV and talking about my redemption.

Aaryn wants to know why Helen pulled her up in the HoH and Kaitlin says she feels bad because Jeremy came up to talk to her so nicely.   She asked Kaitlin if she would vote out Jeremy at the Final Four and she told Helen she would.  GMZ said she went up there and they "axed" her to leave. Now Jeremy comes over to the hammock and Kailtin hands him her ice cream bowl for a few bites and then he walks off in the house.

Kaitlin tells the girls Jeremy is trying to get Spencer out and GMZ says she is pushing for it, too.  We hear Andy laughing across the back yard as we go into another break.

When we return  we see Jeremy in the Have Not room talking to Amanda, and she does not seem happy.  She wants to know why Howard pulled Kaitlin aside to talk and Jeremy says he's scrambling and he wanted to tell her that Jeremy was playing her because he and Spencer are working together.  Amanda says that Spencer threw Howard under the bus, so it doesn't make sense and asks him the state of the situation with Helen.

Jeremy:  They told me they are considering my offer, and I can be a soldier for their side.  And I will play with ya'll and chill out my attitude and the cockiness.

Amanda says that McCrae is more the ringleader of their group and he should speak with him.  (Now who is throwing who under the bus?)  McCrae walks in the room at that moment and Jeremy tells him he is working on Andy, to get him on his side.  He doesn't want them to be shocked so he is telling them that he told  Helen that the group actually wanted other people out before Jeremy, but nobody wants to vote against the house. 

Amanda wants Jeremy to name five of his targets, right now.  He says "Spencer and Howard, obviously" and then pauses and says Jessie, Candice, and Aaryn needs to go too.  Jeremy wants them to know what was said if Helen approaches them----he told her that the group wanted to vote with the house and that he respected that because it's a game.  They told Jeremy that Spencer would be easy to get out of the game anytime, and that Aaryn would go before Spencer.

Jeremy:  They said both of ya'll were their main people, but I didn't know you were that tight with them.

Amanda:  We're not.

Jeremy:  They said they had ya'll, Judd, and I didn't know he was that tight with them either,  and then Andy and Elissa and her (Helen).  They didn't even say Candice.

Amanda:  Who said that?

Jeremy:  Helen.

Amanda:  This is really weird.

Jeremy:  I hope I"m not revealing too much!

They both nod No, and for someone who says that she isn't leading their group Amanda sure is mouthy, cutting off anyone else who tries to speak.  Jeremy is trying to do whatever he can to stay in the house and says he will give his left nut, anything.  McCrae says he is "waiting for Helen's word" and Jeremy wishes they would vote out Spencer, but then he says something that is blanked out that makes it sound like Aaryn is using him as a shield. If that is the case, he says, then vote her out.  He came in without her and will leave without her.

McCrae is pretty sure that Helen will pull him aside to talk about it.  Amanda says she will tell them in her "foghorn voice" who they need to vote out.  (ha ha ha ha)

Jeremy leaves and McCrae is smiling and waving his arms around and they have a conversation about what just happened that must be full of curse words, but had something to do with wondering why Helen would tell Jeremy all of that.  Seconds later they stop because Jeremy comes back in and says it might not need to be said, but please don't tell Helen that he just told them everything, as he leaves the room again.

McCranda waits until the door shuts and McCrae chuckles in a sinister fashion.

Amanda:  What is wrong with her?

McCrae:  That's why it's gonna be awesome when she's not in power, and Andy is not even going to talk to her.

Amanda, again:  What is wrong with her?  I'm baffled.  But it works for us, but she needs to just shut up and not talk, ever. 

McCrae sits on the airline seats near Amanda and starts whispering, saying that Howard came up to him and asked him about Amanda's vote.  He was really campaigning and seems to think that Amanda and McCrae aren't working together, game-wise.  Amanda is quiet and McCrae asks her twice what she is thinking about.  She says she thinks he is sexy and touches his shirt.  He only has one button closed on his shirt---the one right in the middle of his chest.  He tells her this is his "casino style" and when he and his friends go gambling they dress up all swanky.  He leans over and kisses her a few times and we get a close up before he stands up and stares at us in the reflection.

Amanda says she feels good, she liked that.

McCrae:  That was for Him.  (her boyfriend?)

Amanda:  Fuck him.  As long as we don't do anything, people just come to us and tell us stuff.

It sounds like McCrae wants Aaryn out, saying she's super dangerous. He likes Spencer but admits he is shady.  Spencer told him weeks ago that Jeremy would end up being a problem.  Howard has too many screws that he can use in the game.  Many of the words are blanked out, but they both agree "he" needs to go, because he's too good.  They both wish Howard was on the block this week so he would leave.

McCrae:  The sad part is that I almost believe Helen's story.

Amanda:  What story?

McCrae:  The story that she didn't have time to think about her nominations.

Amanda:  That is bullshit.  She was just afraid that he was going to come after her, because he didn't know he was a target of hers.

McCrae:  Everyone is going to throw her under the bus right away.  That's why I don't get why she doesn't realize that.

McCrae says Jeremy knows now, and he will tell Helen about the two of them, and the alliance they have.  Amanda says she played dumb when Jeremy brought it up, though.  Amanda says Helen is so annoying she can barely stand to go up there now.  Amanda says that Helen and Elissa are thanking Kaitlin for saving them this week by using the PoV, but Kaitln will turn on both of them as soon as she can.  As we go to another break Amanda tells McCrae that Kaitlin told her that Andy told her Howard was throwing challenges.

Amanda:  I told her no shit, he is.

Now there is a commercial about how to lose excess abdominal fat, and one about joining a class action lawsuit against some drug company.  So far, the viewers of this show are fat, litigious women with vaginal infections who have cheap furniture, according to the target market research.  

When we return we are still in the Have Not room and now Judd is there.  Amanda brings Judd up to speed, telling him every conversation that included his name, or was relevant to him.  She spoke to GMZ and tried to get her off Judd's back by saying Judd wasn't part of the Moving Company, and isn't working with anybody and shouldn't be a threat to her.  Judd thanks her for that and hopes it works.  (GMZ has been talking trash about Judd and saying he needs to go since Nick left.)

Amanda tells Judd to listen to Jeremy when he approaches him, and that the less he talks, the more other people will say.  They discuss Helen giving Jeremy so much information about the game, and Judd is worried that Jeremy is making him seem like a target to Helen.

Judd:  Helen has lost her mind.

Amanda:  She's so dumb.

Judd:  I'm so mad.  Well, not mad, just irritated.  After that hot tub I just want to go straight to sleep.

Amanda, again:  She's so dumb.

Judd, whispering:   We can get her out...but I don't think Andy will go for it.  Including Jessie maybe we can.

Amanda:  I would much rather see Helen go before Jessie.

Judd:  Is Helen know about the Goof Troop too?

Amanda:  No!  It doesn't include her..why would she know about it?

Judd:  Oh.  I just get confused.  Us four?

Amanda:  Yeah.  And the extra two are fake, since they are so close.

(Goof Troop = McCrae + Amanda + Judd + Andy)

Judd says he is confused, because he thought someone was going to recruit Helen.  Amanda says no, that they were afraid to approach Andy and exclude Helen, but he came to them and suggested a Final Four.  Amanda says not to tell Jessie about the alliance, but to keep her close right now.  Judd is worried that Helen will get to Final Two by winning things and Amanda says she will not be in the Final Two.  If Helen was on the block with Jessie, she would vote to evict Helen and then play it out from there.

Judd thinks Spencer and Howard would vote for Jessie in the end because they are all friends.

Amanda:   Spencer looks at her in a creepy way.

Judd:  Spencer is obsessed with her.  Did you see that hammock session? (rolls eyes)

Amanda:  With her?

Judd:  Yeah, but I don't get jealous.  I just don't know....ya know?

Amanda says Helen is going to drive her crazy and Judd agrees.  Amanda wonders how she is so bad at this game?  She says she wants to get rid of Howard.  Judd is supposed to talk to Howard tonight and will report back after tis over.  As we go to break we see a close up of Jessie standing in front of the open refrigerator, talking something out of the microwave, and a flash shot of a group playing volleyball in the back yard.

When we return we see Judd in a dark bedroom, talking to Kaitlin.  They are whispering about Candice and Howard getting closer and playing the game for each other.  Kaitlin says the first three weeks Howard talked so much shit about Candice, saying all the time that he wanted her out of the game.  (True.)  And they say he is using her now to further himself.

Judd leaves and Aaryn comes in and sits on her bed in the dark, with her head in her hands.  Kaitlin knows she is going to get called in the DR soon but she's not excited about it.  Aaryn goes to the kitchen  where the Have Nots are gathered, stirring their liquids and potions.  Aaryn goes in the backyard where the volleyball game is going strong.  Helen is very mouthy when she plays, and so is Gina Marie.  (Shockers!)

Now we go to the HoH Room where Amanda is talking to Andy about Helen's stupidity.

Amanda:  Guess who she told Jeremy she is offering protection to?

Andy, hiding his face in his hands:  Who?

Amanda:  Me and McCrae, Judd, Elissa and you!  She told that to Jeremy!

Andy laughs and his face is very red.   Amanda said in front of Jeremy she said "me and McCrae? Why?" and told him they weren't working together. 

Amanda:  And Jeremy said Judd?  And Jessie too? And I said no, we're not working with Jessie.

Andy said he needs to work on this.

Andy:  For a woman who is so smart, Helen says the dumbest things sometimes.

Amanda says this is a really big deal, because Jeremy can tell his group that they are all working together and it will cause problems.   Andy tries to make excuses for Helen but can't really explain what she is thinking.  Amanda says that Judd already knows about this conversation.

Amanda:  How many dumb things does she have to do before I kill myself?

 Amanda can't believe Helen named them, and Andy says they can just "deny deny deny" but Amanda doesn't even want their names out there.  Amanda doesn't understand how Helen can be so ______  _______ stupid.  Andy turns on the Spy Cam so they can watch  and Amanda tells him that Kaitlin told her that Andy said he is throwing challenges.

Andy:  I hope she doesn't tell Howard that.

Amanda:  No, Howard is her target.

Andy doesn't want any of this to get back to Howard.  He doesn't want to be on his radar in any way.  Amanda went out to the loft and said "Micky...are you coming up here?" and McCrae says yes, he is.  Amanda told Judd to tell people that they want the three girls out and stick to that story.

Amanda:  Jeremy could go up to everyone that Helen didn't name and tell them that we have an alliance with Helen, and we have the numbers.

Andy:  Candice won't believe it.  Jessie won't believe it.

Amanda:  If Howard believes it, Candice will believe it.

Andy doesn't think so, and Jeremy won't tell Howard that because he wants him out.  Amanda says the whole idea of them being bunched together is something she didn't want.  Andy thinks they need to give Jeremy false hope tomorrow so he will chill out.  Andy says Jeremy needs to go because he's stirring up so much trouble in there, talking to everybody.  Amanda says that if he's leaving, he can expose the whole thing to the whole house, because what does he care?

Andy says that they need to say they care about Candice and Jessie to throw people off.  Amanda says all she every says is she wants to protect McCrae, and only him.  McCrae comes in and says that Elissa tried to take a container of "pink sauce" out of the fridge and it opened and splashed all over her.

After the final break Andy is still in the HoH with McCranda, and Andy says "sorry America, I'd rather keep Jessie than Elissa".  Amanda says that they can't let Jessie in and explains the whole chain of relationship reasons why this wouldn't work.

Andy:  And also, I think that Elissa is very rich.

Amanda:  Her husband drives a Lotus...give me a break.  We only need to use her until the MVP is gone.  Jessie feels safe with us right now.

Andy says Elissa is kind of a wild card with her MVP nominations so McCrae says to always be nice with her.   He doesn't think Jessie needs to feel a part of a formal alliance to be safe, but Elissa does.  Andy agrees and says she's excited about it, and then says maybe they all can have roles in the alliance.

McCrae: Like the Brigade?  She needs that.

Andy:  If this group gets to the Final Four I will die!

McCrae:  I will too!  That would be so fun!

Amanda:  Just the four of us in the house, acting like idiots!

Now we go to the the bathroom, where Aaryn is whispering to Judd about Jeremy making deals to keep himself safe.  Judd says he heard that Helen made a list of people who she wanted to keep safe, and he was on it but he's never really even talked to her about it.  Judd doesn't know why Helen would say that.
Judd:  She might have just been blowin' smoke up his ass.  Why would she randomly say me?  It just don't make any sense..if she means it, that's great, but she's not even HoH next week so why would she say that?

Now Aaryn says she heard Howard has thrown three competitions and Judd says he heard that too, and mentions his terrible performance in the rowboat, going in circles.

Judd:  I think he's a pro football player, but I don't recognize him.  I don't know if he'd have the time to come here.

Aaryn:  It's off season.

Judd:  Yeah.  But he wouldn't have time to do this for three months.  He would have to practice, and condition and shit.  And I don't recognize him at all, do you?

Aaryn shakes her head and as the episode ends and the whispering continued.

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