Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Everyone Obsesses About Elissa, as Elissa Obsesses Over the MVP - 7-19-13 #BB15

This episode of BBAD aired at the special new Friday time of 8:00 pm BBT.  This week they aired a BB Marathon of all 10 CBS episodes back to back starting Friday at noon, and then aired a special three hour BBAD right after that..  Every Friday they now plan to air a BB Catch Up at 8:00 pm EST and show the week's three CBS episodes and then roll into the expanded BBAD show.

This TVGN schedule change fucked up my DVR so last night's BBAD didn't record.  Sorry about that.  I was going to stress about it because I am a Virgo but it turned out to be a good day to skip the update.  My dog had a vet appointment, and then I got my hair cut and yadda yadda yadda the day blew by.  Sorry about that.

(I got a chin length bob yesterday and it freaks me out when I see myself in the mirror.  It's swingy, but I need a few days to adjust.  A few inches came off, and my head certainly feels a little lighter.)

OK.  Judd is the HoH and he nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.  They held the Have Not competition earlier in the day and it sounded like a doozy.  They had to eat a lot of gross food in order to gain weight quickly and we are going to see a lot of vomiting on Sunday night's CBS show.

The Have Nots this week are Andy, Howard, Jessie and Spencer.  The Have Not additional foods are Mango and Macaroni.  They are happy about that now, but of course they will bitch and moan about those two great foods within a day or so.

OK.  Let's get busy with this special three hour episode.

As the show opens, we are in the Eames Room where McCranda is snuggled up in their "old" bed.  They are whispering and I hear Amanda say something about "chilling out" and "compromise".  Amanda put on what I think are Howard's Clark Kent glasses and the glass reflects so you can't see her eyes through them.

They look up at the camera above them, not realizing we are viewing them from the right of the bed.  Then Amanda starts touching McCrae's growing beard and saying she "wants to make babies" and sings a little song about having "McCraby's Babies" and they joke around a little.  I'm not sure if they know the TVGN show is starting an hour earlier tonight.  Amanda still has on full eye makeup so I'm sure they are just napping and plan to join the group for the evening.

Now we go to the Cockpit, where Candice and Howard have apparently embraced the Showmance concept in full, as they are laying flat covered by a blanket and talking to Andy and Spencer who are both relaxing, too.

(Will their showmance be "Handice"?  or "Coward"?  Should we vote on that?)

They are discussing Gina Marie, and Andy jokes about how he thinks GMZ will be cool if she gets put up on the block and they all chuckle.  Candice is snuggling up to Howard with her face in his neck and he tells her she is "messing up his social game".  Andy says he's never been full as a Have Not until today....eating the macaroni as a Have Not is a totally different experience.  Spencer is still full from the Have Not competition.

Spencer:  Dude..chocolate and vanilla and frickin anchovy and habanero...

Howard:  Saurkraute..

Howard says doing something like that can taint ice cream for a long time for him.  Spencer agrees and compares it to the first time he got drunk on Captain Morgans, and now he will never touch it again.  When Howard was 10 he mixed lime sherbet with "red Kool Aid" and he got really sick.  Both Andy and Spencer think that sounds kind of good but Howard just shakes his head as he remembers it.  Andy got food poisoning from dinner one New Year's Eve and says he drank a lot of sparkling grape juice on top of it and threw up for days.

Andy: Oh, I meant that I shit and threw up for days....sorry.

Spencer starts to tell a story about the only time in his life that he ever ate cole slaw and the cameras move back to the bedroom, where Judd is standing and talking to McCranda as they lounge in bed.

(I kind of wanted to hear Spencer's story, for once, about the cole slaw, although I'm sure we can all guess the ending.  You know, shitting and throwing up.)

Amanda is whispering now about what Kaitlin and Aaryn are doing now, trying to make alliances with anybody and trying to turn everybody against each other.  I hear Andy's name a lot and Judd just listens and then says he's going upstairs. All three of them are wearing round nicotine patches and Judd says his is on his waist area, and he likes it right there.  It makes him "feel funny".

(You are funny, Judd.)

We hear Helen bellow in the kitchen that the "taco bar" is now open, and I see Aaryn and Kaitlin are both helping out in the kitchen.  Aaryn is baking again and the cameras quickly showed us an unwrapped stick of butter, and I can see the bag of flour and box of baking soda, both good clues that some sort of baking is underway.  She baked twice last week when she was on the block, so maybe she's going to give that strategy another try this week.

Then things get good...Judd's dresser is in the hallway just across from where the doorways to the DR and the Storage room are.  He was standing there fiddling with a loud cellophane package of the nicotine patches and Elissa came up, and is whispering like nobody's business.  She is dressed for yoga with black tights and a black sports bra.

Here's the thing: every other week she has known by now that she is the MVP.  So she is FREAKING OUT now wondering why this hasn't happened.  Judd has been in and out of the DR and she is kind of accusing him of being the MVP, but he swears he is not.   Judd is sipping on his bottle of Aloe Juice and Helen walks by and interrupts twice to publicize her open taco bar.

Elissa wants to know if the DR said anything to Judd about the MVP, and is obviously worried that Aaryn might be the MVP.  Judd says she's going home anyway, but Elissa is giggling nervously and this may be the best part of this week's MVP situation.  She asks him if the DR mentioned anything about the twist, and Judd says no, but he is nervous about it.

Right behind them, I can see the red button on the door.  I thought this was the "panic button" that I've heard so much about over the years, but I think that is the way you get into Storage because Aaryn comes up and goes through the door and comes out a few seconds later with a plastic bag of something for her baking project.  I know there is a button or door they go through if they plan to leave the game, but I think it may be upstairs in more of an out-of-the-way place.  Otherwise I can think of a whole list of BB nutjobs who might have DOR'ed, if the emergency exit was handy.

Elissa wonders if BB will make a big surprise announcement about what is going on.  They both decide they are going to eat and apparently the tacos are made with ground turkey.  Elissa looks very worried but her abs look great as she walks back to visit McCranda and to ask them about their dining plans.  She really wants to whisper about the MVP situation but she is handling her microphone in a way that must drive the crew crazy.  They have to turn the sound way, way up so we can try to hear the whispering and the mechanical hum sounds like s dentist's drill.  My dog just woke up and is staring at me like I am crazy for enjoying this.  Maybe she's right.

As we go to break BB tells Amanda to stop obstructing her mic, so she sits up to adjust it wearing a black bra and a nicotine patch on her arm, sassing Production about how they want to see something.

When we return we are in the HoH where Jessie is laying in bed and has been listening to the Chili Peppers and GMZ is in there talking a blue streak about today's events.  Jessie asks one simple question about which of the nominees, Kaitlin or Aaryn, GMZ is closer with.  This goes into a nonstop monologue about how GMZ might get MVP or win the PoV and how she wants to do the best job for GMZ and she tries harder and sets goals for herself and how she's a strong person and she's not shy.  Everything is an experience in life and she's going on and on.

Then Jessie goes there, and brings up Nick's name, saying that she has GMZ's back on that, and that all of the joking and teasing about GMZ and Nick is enough.

Jessie: Maybe people don't love as deeply as you and me...I get can't really decide when it's going to happen, and it's become a joke in the house.

Jessie stood up for GMZ the other day, and says she doesn't think they should make fun of her behind her back.  Jessie is over it.  Now GMZ starts going on and on about seeing things in the house that remind her of him, and how she's gotta win for herself, and on and on and on.

GMZ:  I mean, I like to see his things....I'm not obsessive!

She doesn't want Nick to be forgotten and she goes on and on and on, even mentioning seeing raisins and thinking of him. (ha ha ha)  She thinks Nick was a sweet kid and not a dick, and even Jeremy wasn't really a dick.  She thinks Jeremy treated Kaitlin like a "frickin' bag of gold" and goes on and on and on about this.  She has one foot up on a chair and is leaning on the table with her hands, like a football coach would do as she goes on and on.

Jessie points out that GMZ isn't trying to push Kaitlin to go home, or something like that.  GMZ says she "doesn't give up names" and when she was talking to Judd she didn't start dragging other people into it.  She still blames Judd for Nick leaving, saying if she were "revengeful" she would put his ass up for changing his vote to get rid of Nick.  She gives an example of how people can break up your sentences and misinterpret what you mean to other people.  And it's a ridiculous example about GMZ being a cop and killing someone, as if any cop killing someone is A-OK.  And on and on and they need to think positively and blah blah blah.  I wonder how Julie will handle GMZ in her eviction interview.  Many of GMZ's words are blanked out  and it seems like Jessie is really listening to her and doesn't seem annoyed at all.  So maybe she is half-crazy now, too.  We go to break and TVGN cuts GMZ off mid-sentence.  Ha ha. They would NEVER do that to Amanda.

After the break we see Amanda on the patio, smoking.  Did she take her patch off?  Because that will fuck you up, wearing a nicotine patch and smoking at the same time.  (I had to call an ambulance for an employee who did that at work one day.)  Judd and Jessie are out there too, having a lively talk with Andy and Spencer, and Candice and Howard.  They are talking about the Have Not competition and how gross everything was.

Candice:  The high point of my day was seeing Howie eat it like a vagina  and I really enjoyed that...


Apparently this was one of those competitions where each person was weighed beforehand, and then they had to eat a bunch of gross stuff and the objective was to gain the most weight in a short period of time.  Some of them were vomiting but this group on the patio did not, according to Andy.

(They had a similar competition in BB6 with a big wedding cake.  They all had to shove cake in their mouths and I remember Janelle saying she just smeared frosting on her face to fake it.  She had a "Slop Pass" and was on a team with the Nerd Herd and wanted them to lose.  I remember Maggie was lactose intolerant and stayed in bed for a day or so afterwards to recover.  There wasn't a Have Not room back then...just the slop.)

Now we go to the dining table where Aaryn and Howard are eating and trying to make small talk.  The table is still huge and they are sitting directly opposite each other.  No one else is at he table.  Aaryn talked about how good ground turkey is and now she's going to buy it at home, too.  Howard avoids eye contact---he's a Have Not so maybe he doesn't want to hear about how great the fucking tacos are, right?  He's drinking something that I could swear was Coke on ice, but it must be something else.

Aaryn goes back over to her baking project and asks Kaitlin to taste the frosting  to see what she thinks.    Elissa is doing dishes and Kaitlin is chopping up something.  Kaitlin offers to help Helen with what she's doing, but Helen says she's got "nothing else going on right now".  Aaryn really doesn't like Ikea, but the one thing they do have is "really huge Tupperware".  The kitchen is full of kitchen noises, without much talking.

Kaitlin has made a big salad and is loading up a huge bowl with  greens and has already poured dressing in the bowl.  Amanda is in there too, cleaning her dish as we see Aaryn furiously stirring her icing with what looks like a fork.

Back outside Andy says he is full again and Judd says he got a sunburn today, from being outside.  Candice puts her butt up in the air and talks about "farting yogurt" or something ladylike like that.  She pops her booty for the cameras and they all laugh.  Andy starts talkng about the Casey Anthony trial and how the prosecutor was talking about Casey "going out and dancing" and Andy wanted him to elaborate, saying "going out and dancing, and popping her booty" and it is really funny.  Andy is funny, if you don't know.

Now we go up in the HoH with McCranda, as they lay down in the bed.   Of course.  McCrae fiddles with a bag of candy and it is loud.  Then we go back outside and the cameras give us a closeup of Candice and Howard draped over each other on the couch.  This is full on, people, it's a thing.  As we go to commercial Candice puts her hand on the back of Howard's head.  Uh huh.  It's on.

They have a new commercial now for the new "Big Brother Catch Up Fridays" I mentioned at the top of the post.  McCrae is featured prominently in the commercial, telling us in the DR that "I've gotta play this game for ME!".   I guess the move to TVGN was kind of brilliant, in hindsight, when you see what they are doing to pull it all together.  Lots of cross-promotion and chances to grab consumers' eyes and ears.

(McCrae is a HUGE internet search topic, particularly after the McCranda family segment on last week's show.  America loves McCrae, ya'll.)

When we return we are watching McCranda make out in the HOH bed.  They are facing each other and kissing and at one point they both look up at the Spy cam and go right back to what they were doing.  They are above the covers and keeping it pretty clean, but we see a closeup of Amanda's hands running down McCrae's hairy leg.  Oh now she gets up and covers them with Judd's new Tennessee blanket and crawls on top of him.  The cameras stay on this as long as they can, and then move to the backyard.

(Amanda is a predator, ya'll.)

(And Judd's mom bought him that damn blanket.  That ain't right Amanda.)

In the backyard a group is sitting at the hot tub and they talk about dropping their mics in the water.  Spencer is sitting on the couch with Elissa and Andy saying that he ate 3,000 calories of gross stuff today.  Howard and Candice are still entwined on the couch and Howard says Elissa ate a lot.

Elissa:  The first one I ate a whole lot, but on the second one I just couldn't... And when they said to be careful, you might run out I was like Oh My Gosh...can you imagine running out of ice cream?

Candice's strategy was to fill up on water and not frozen yogurt.  She and Howard were on different teams, apparently since she won and he lost.  Elissa says the water will fill you up quickly,  though.  Andy says he was too cold to eat much ice cream.  Candice says that before this game started she said she would eat crickets if she had to, but then she couldn't even eat ice cream and they all laugh.

Howard wonders about the frozen yogurt compared to ice cream, but Elissa says that was there in case someone is lactose intolerant.  (Like Maggie in BB6...)  Howard talks about McCrae dry heaving while he tried to eat "bit by bit" but Elissa says she couldn't eat it like that.  Aaryn wasn't eating the habanero ice cream.  Howard was trying to study people's eating habits in the house so I guess they got to create the foods that the competitors would eat.

Judd comes out and is pulling on a cigarette like the world is going to end, as Spencer says he refuses to call it "Fro Yo", and calls it "Soft Serve" instead.    Candice says there is Fro Yo on every corner in LA, and Howard decides he's not going to say "Fro Yo" either.

(ha ha ha)

Now in the HoH I guess Amanda is finished, because they are  laying a few feet apart still covered with Judd's now dirty blanket.  Amanda reaches over to hold his hand and they are talking about what Judd will do if someone wins the PoV.  Without getting too technical here, Amanda has been grinding on McCrae while he tries not to participate.  He KNOWS we are watching, and what we are saying.

They discuss Howard, and how he needs to go.  McCrae even has a little song about Howard having to go "Hey Hey Ho Ho Howard Has to Go".  Amanda points out it is still early, with only three people evicted, and as we go to break McCrae says this is when Jeff got the Coup d'Etat.

During the break I forward through commercials for Garnier hair color, Domino's pizza,  Geico car rental, Crystal Light, Loreal mascara, and help with mortgage foreclosure.  I point this out because these are mostly Blue Chip advertisers.  The show is doing well, I think, on TVGN.  If you are going to sit and watch the TV listings scroll by, you might as well watch BBAD, right?  Particularly on a Friday night when many viewers are drunk or high. or drunk AND high.....maybe even ordering pizza.  Just sayin'.

When we return we are with Kaitlin and Aaryn in the kitchen, kind of laughing about the bad things they have said in the DR.  Aaryn is still baking and trying to make frosting.  She is also going to drizzle chocolate.  Kaitlin is chopping an unopened bag of nuts by pounding on it over and over with a wooden spoon.  This is very loud, as you might guess, so we go back to the HoH in time to hear Amanda ask McCrae if "Judd is taking a dump".

McCrae:  Yeah.

They are watching the spy cam like a TV set, mostly silent.  McCrae makes noises with his mouth, and Amanda might have a slight shadow of  a mustache.  It looks like it from this angle, anyway.

Now we go back to the kitchen where Aaryn is shaping round balls of cookie dough.  Katilin is now pounding the bag of nuts with a can of something, and reads a recipe for Rocky Road Brownie Bars on the back of the bag.

Back upstairs Judd came out of the bathroom and tells McCranda that GMZ has been getting really loud about Kaitlin needing to go.  They all agree she is crazy, and think Helen was cool with Judd's speech during nominations.  Amanda asks why Judd seems "really out of it right now" and Judd says he's just really tired right now, because he didn't get a nap.  Amanda makes no move to get out of his bed though, and continues munching on his red bag of Skittles.

Amanda:  Why are you being really weird right now?  Did you take your medication?

They discuss someone crying and McCrae says she can turn it off and on and from now on everyone is going to think everything she says is a lie.  They mention hearing "the crowd" doing or saying something and McCrae says that was awesome.  Amanda said they had to "sit outside forever" and everybody thought it might be related to the twist.  They laugh nervously and Judd said his mouth was really dry.

Amanda says that Judd specifically told her that he wouldn't backdoor Howard or Andy and I think she was asking, not telling.  They discuss how Elissa is "a creeper" waiting around by doors and that she is obsessive about figuring out what is going on.  Amanda says this is because she is used to being MVP.  Judd talks about how warm it is in the HoH bathroom in the morning, when the bedroom is cold, and then Amanda interrupts him.

Amanda:  Why did you tell Andy that you wouldn't backdoor Howard?  Don't be annoying Judd!

Judd smiles and she keeps saying she hates him and he is annoying, and she is going to "hurt him really bad".  Judd says he wants to backdoor Gina Marie and Amanda scolds him with a mouthful of Skittles.  She's at that point where you just shovel the candies without really savoring them anymore.

Now Elissa arrives without knocking and sits on the couch with a nervous smile.

Judd:  Why are you walkin' around all  nervous as shit?

Amanda:  What's with the face?  You are acting really weird right now!

Judd:  You've got a bad poker face.

Elissa says she doesn't know anything, but Amanda gets up and locks the door so they can hear more.  She imitates how Elissa walked in and sat down and Elissa laughs.

Judd:  You're scarin' me.

Elissa denies that she is MVP now and Amanda points out she hasn't been called to the DR.  Elissa wonders if she is going to get it, and Amanda says the twist should have something to do with it, since it has been so consistent.  Elissa says that GMZ was just in the DR for 30 minutes, and Amanda says they were probably talking to her about all of the vomiting she did after the competition.  You can hear loud voices from downstairs and Amanda points out that GMZ can't "keep a secret for shit".

Now Elissa frets that if someone else gets MVP then they will put her up.  She thinks that those girls will be really happy if they win it and Amanda says there is no way America would vote for Gina Marie.  As we go to break McCrae says GMZ is "a fucking joke" and Judd deadpans that "I'll bet she's America's Sweetheart".

When we return we are still in the HoH, and Elissa is like, so embarrassed she threw up during the competition.

Elissa:  I'm like, so embarrassed I threw up during the competition.

Judd asks her what she would do if Brenchal came in the game.  They would be her first targets, she says.  Judd wonders if Rachel would ever do the show again, and Elissa says that Rachel is "obsessed with the show, and CBS".  Judd brings up The Amazing Race and Elissa says Brenchel came in third, and go to go around the world.

Amanda says that would be awesome, and slaps McCrae on the side and asks if he wants to be on TAR.  McCrae does and Amanda is very excited now.  Elissa wants to do it, like so bad.

Amanda:  McCranda on Amazing Race!

(She said it!  McCranda.)

Now she sings "McCranda, making McCrabies".  Elissa thinks that sounds like a disease and Amanda agrees.  Judd says it is hot as hell in there.  He's yawning and even says he's sleepy, but no one even thinks about asking him if he'd like to get in his bed.  Elissa says that they usually announce important things at around 9:00 in the morning, and then says they are probably disgusted at all of the vomiting.  Judd says he wasn't even in the competition, but he almost threw up when he saw Elissa gagging, and stuff coming out of her nose.

Elissa:  That's not true.  People were burping and it was grossing me out.

Amanda says that GMZ kept burping and it was gross, and that GMZ didn't throw up until long afterwards.  Amanda said there was a moment of silence, and then she threw up, and someone else did, too.  It is very hard not to vomit when you are around someone vomiting, actually.  Judd puts on his crown and asks if he should wear it downstairs with his robe.

Now in the hammock Spencer is laying with Candice and says he knows Elissa doesn't like him.  She is always short with him but he is going to continue being kind to her, and not judge her based on her sister.  Spencer's dad was a judge, and everyone had that in their mind about Spencer, so he understands what it is like to be judged for your family.  Candice says she and Elissa just talk about Aaryn, really, and can't remember her saying anything about Spencer.  They both think McCrae was covering for Elissa when he claimed to be MVP last week.  Spencer thinks the whole thing was so he could go up on the block without Helen and Elissa being blamed and Candice agrees.  (It was Howard McCrae wanted nominated, not Spencer.)

Candice talks about Jeremy being a douchebag.  She saw glimpses of him being a nice guy, but just thinks women have stroked his ego so much that he thinks he is the cat's meow.  She can't wait to find out what is really the deal with Jeremy's boat.  Spencer says he acts like he's some big drug dealer and bought a boat with the money---a 25 foot boat is a big one.  Candice says her ex-boyfriends boat was small, but had two bedrooms and was very expensive.  She thinks Jeremy may have been lying about it, and that something just wasn't right about him.  He seemed older than 23.  Spencer disagrees and says he listened to what Jeremy talked about.

Candice says Jeremy's numbers don't add up.  He said he worked at "Pump it Up" and that he worked up to Regional Manager, and how could that be?  Spencer explained that Jeremy didn't graduate high school, so when he talks about graduation he is referring to high school and Candice thinks about that as we head into another break.

When we return we are still in the hammock with Spencer and Candice and she calls out across the yard at Howard, who is apparently folding towels piled up on the pool table.  Spencer says he thinks Howard is about to play pool and he confirms that.  Candice says she thought he was going to come over there and snuggle, and Howard says he's gonna do that, too.

Candice:  You've got your hands in too many pots.

She repeats this three times and he says "oh, OK".  Spencer likes that he is close to Howard and they have talked about visiting each other when the summer is over.  Spencer says it's about 2 hours away, where Howard lives.  Candice visited Arkansas about 3 years ago to see her ex-boyfriend.  Spencer was describing where he works and I think Candice said she was visiting her boyfriend in prison, and the cameras change to the kitchen.

Kaitlin is fooling with her hair, saying Jeremy told her he's never met anyone like her in Texas.

Kaitlin:  So I told him you need to travel the world a little bit more.

She is eating a bowl of Froot Loops and GMZ is there muttering about something, most likely Nick.  Kaitlin says she would NEVER approach Jeremy in a bar.  Aaryn is dipping cookies in chocolate and says she is "balls deep in chocolate".    Kaitlin says Jeremy told her that the first time he walked in the house, he thought she was "so far out of his league" and laughs around a mouthful of cereal.

Aaryn needs help spooning nuts on the cookies and Kaitlin looks annoyed by the request.

Kaitlin:  You want me to nut all of them?

Now we switch to the HoH room, where Judd is enjoying a big bag of Doritos and a container of dip from his fridge.  The crunch sounds just like a Dorito, and I can slmost taste it myself as he dips and double dips his snack.  He is talking to McCrae and says he kind of wants to mix it up in the house, so it's okay if the MVP changes.

Judd thinks Spencer is running an alliance now, and is pulling people together.  McCrae agrees and Judd says that is why Spencer wasn't sweating much today over the nominations.  Judd is grabbing two huge orange Dorito triangles at one time now, and I might need to run to the store to buy my own Big Grab Bag of chips.  Amanda and McCrae are both laying across the HoH bed, so if Judd even wanted to get in with them, he couldn't.

McCrae thinks Howard is in on it too, and is trying to flip the house. He heard him talking about how the power flips every week in a very cocky way.  McCrae claims it "scared the shit out of him" when he heard this and is really trying to put ideas in Judd's head.

Elissa comes in and does a headstand with her legs falling over on the bed and BB tells her to put her microphone on.  It was a beautiful move and she says she used to be able to put her feet on the floor like that.  Judd asks if anyone wants ice cream bars or Godiva chocolate but Elissa says she may not eat ice cream for a year or longer.  Judd is really rooting aorund in the fridge and Elissa does another yoga move to stretch out her back.  Her form is perfect, of course.  She's a pro.

Elissa is obsessed with GMZ now, saying that America probably heard her call everybody cock-a-roaches, and then asks them if they think that was shown on TV.   Judd thinks it was, and Elissa says GMZ takes her tongue ring out for the DR, and on TV she looks like ...

BB interrupts to tell them to stop talking about Production and Elissa apologizes.  Judd jokes that GMZ is "definitely old-fashioned" and Elissa laughs.    Judd says when he told her that he was considering putting her up on the block she almost went ballistic.

Judd, imitating GMZ:  I did good in that challenge today!  I'm here to win challenges!  I've been doin' good for the team!

They laugh about how GMZ thinks this is a team competition.  Judd says she is confused as we go to yet another break, crunching on pistachio nuts.

When we return Elissa is in Downward Dog and Judd is still delicately eating pistachios.  He tells Elissa she better  make MVP, and McCrae says he is gone for sure, that she wants to talk him out.  Judd wonders if it is for the person who gets the least amount of votes.

Judd:  I think people like Aaryn...

McCrae:  Yeah, she has a certain fan base, for sure.

Judd:  I kinda like the villain sometimes.

McCrae:  Exactly.

Elissa points out that Aaryn makes a lot of racial comments and McCrae says she makes a lot of dumb comments, but having someone like that in the house is good because they stir shit up, and get fights going.  A lot of viewers are just hear for the fights, too.

Judd:  She made finals for The Real World, too, and she picked this instead.

(Is that show still on?)

Elissa needs him to repeat that, and then says she would have been much better on that show, and could have been the star of The Bad Girls Club.

McCrae:  I don't even know what that is, but I believe it.

Judd:  It's like The Real World, but with a bunch of crazy girls.

Elissa wishes Aaryn had made a different choice this summer, and then goes back to another impossible-looking yoga pose.  Judd wonders if Aaryn will flip Elissa's mattress tonight and Elissa laughs while she is upside down, her feet touching the back of her head saying it wouldn't surprise her.  (Yes, it was that impossible looking.)  Judd asks McCrae about the HoH laundry process and wants to get a load cleaned at least once this week.  He leaves the room drinking a 20 oz. bottle of Coke Classic and goes outside.

The signs of baking are still on the kitchen counter, but no one was there.  Back in the hammock Spencer and Candice are laying on one side of the hammock, and Howard is laying on the other side, and all three of them are covered by a white sheet or blanket.  That hammock must have a very large weight capacity, huh?  Because you are looking at at least 600 pounds here, and maybe 650 or even more.  Speaking of weight, Spencer is glad he ate beef jerkey and Skittles last night since he can't eat them today.

Now we hear Helen's mouth across the yard, and we see Judd is sitting on the couch talking to Kaitlin and Gina Marie who are both lying down on opposite sides.  Kaitlin is asking Judd about the PoV, and who he would pick if it were house guest's choice.   Now Kaitlin grabs Judd's arm and frantically whispers a question about Elissa being MVP.

Judd:  She told me she didn't have it.   And she said she usually knew by now...but she could be blowin' smock up my ass, but that's what she told me.

There is a bottle of Judd's Aloe Juice on the table in the backyard and he unscrews the cap and takes a few swigs before closing it and putting it back.  Katilin is whispering, but I can hear fucking Helen at the hot tub talking about her graduation and her graduating class.    Kaitlin is stressed and looks like a different person with no make up.  Still a beautiful person, but different.  The three of them are still worried about the MVP and wonder why the timing must be different.

Kaitlin thinks if Elissa is part of the twist it is too early for America to choose someone else.   GMZ says that if everyone else gets a 5% vote, Elissa can always win MVP in a landslide.

(True.  Which is why I'm surprised Team Judd or the slackers at LoungeLand Podcast couldn't pull together a campaign for MVP.  You know Frank's friends would have done that last year.)

GMZ tells Andy that Elissa's stuff is in the washer, and Andy wants to cut in the wash line because he is "running low".  GMZ goes into detail about the wash cycle she has planned, and suggests Andy try to cut in front of Amanda, and most of her sentence is blanked out as she describes that she just needs her _____  _______   _______ and ______.  Kaitlin feels pregnant right now after the competition and we hear Helen droning on about being on slop two weeks in a row.

Kaitlin has heard of coconut water before, but not Aloe Water.  GMZ agrees and says she doesn't like the pulp, but the Aloe Water. isn't bad.   Now Spencer and Candice sound like they may be plotting, talking about Amanda and GMZ and the half million.  I think he said as long as it isn't those two with the half millon and the next commercial break cuts Candice off, mid-sentence.

When we return we are still watching the hammock, but now it is just Howard and Candice laying facing each other.   Howard reached down to hold her hand but Candice pulled her hand back after a few seconds, putting it behind her head.  Howard is rocking the hammock with is other hand, and asks her why she "didn't stop it".

Candice:  You were the instigator...the nasty instigator..

Howard says whatever and we now hear Helen bellowing out "thank you Spencer" from across the yard.    Back on the couch Kaitlin tells Judd "game on" and tells Judd she thinks he knows exactly who he plans to back door this week.    Judd says the plan is to get Aaryn out and Kaitlin seems to relax for a moment.  Then GMZ wants Judd to "burn something off her hair, but not to burn the hair off". She hold up a hunk of hair in the back, just above her ears and Kaitlin says please don't do that, because the smell is going to be horrid.

Judd holds up a red Bic lighter  and almost does it, but Kaitlin comes over to do it instead.  Judd says he doesn't want to burn her hair off but she says she trusts him.    Now Kaitlin takes the lighter and bends over GMZ's head to get a closer look.  Kaitlin says "Oh my god" as she flicks the flame and it is over in a second, with Kaitlin holding a small lock of hair in one hand and the lighter in the other.  GMZ thanks her and seems satisfied.

(I have a neighbor who is a semi-famous artist who has a big track of weave sewn right into the back of her head, braided in with whatever real hair is still growing back there. She kind of reminds me of Betsey Johnson, but with red hair.   She let me feel the seam one time and it is surreal.  I can't imagine getting used to having that sewn on my head.  She said men don't mind it though, because they all love the long hair.  Apparently, huh?  Because it felt really weird to me.  I guess no one wants to earn things now.....they don't want to grow their hair or nails out, they just want to slap some on so they can have them immediately.  I'm guessing GMZ has damaged her real hair so much that starting over would be devastating.)

Kaitlin says "that was so ghetto" and she's right.  Andy has called GMZ over to the laundry area to get her clothes and after she gets up Kaitlin asks Judd what if Aaryn wins and pulls herself off?   Judd considers that and says "she won't".  Kaitlin says they need to have a back up plan and Judd repeats "she won't".  Kaitlin says he's making her nervous and Judd laughs, saying not to be nervous.  Kaitlin worries that she's going home, but Judd says the people in the house don't want that, not to worry.

Now GMZ returns to the couch and is picking at the back of her head with her hands.  If you watched the BB14 live feeds, you might recall Wil Heuser doing the same thing compulsively.  Picking and picking at it will not help matters, nor will it help the illusion that the hair is real.  For example, my neighbor would NEVER do that, but she is very glamorous and knows her look is part of the reason people pay so much for her art.

Now we go back to Candice and Howard in the hammock.  Howard is telling Candice that no matter what "she" says, she still feels the same way.  And changing her behavior for a week isn't going to change that.  (re:  Elissa)

Howard:  So her not not liking Spencer, and maybe the propensity to not like me, but she likes thing I'll say about Jeremy, his social game was a little too harsh, too abrupt, a typical young guy getting his ego stroked by three girls, he's a tallest guy in the house, you know, stuff like that...but where I commend him is that it's not fair to have one person in here who has the power given to them that we're not privy to, and what I do notice about her...she's beautiful and all, but you can be a bully and be nice too, you can use your power to get people to do what you want....they could be threatened by your power.....and I see that happening here.

Howard doesn't think that this type of bullying is any different than Jeremy's type of bullying, and he mentions her pride and being so powerful every week.

Howard:  Like, before, I burped a few times and it was no problem, but now she's like, 'was that you'? and  its like okay...

Howard summarizes by saying he likes how Candice has mended fences more in the game than she has, just by "being real" and says that Elissa respects Candice and all of her accomplishments.

Howard:  And you're gorgeous.  Gorgeous respects gorgeous.  I just want you to pay attention to it.  You've been able to tell her something that other people can't, because she likes you.

He points out that Candice is well-liked now, and he has seen that other people see Elissa's fakeness too, and want her out of there.  He's not saying she isn't nice, but he knows she doesn't really like him.  When she was down and out she wanted to pray all of the time, but now that things have changed she "dumped him".

Howard:  Like, I'm not retarded, I just don't say nothin'...

Candice says Elissa and Andy tried to bully her, and lowers her voice to say that Helen is on her side when Elissa has the power, but she doesn't think she will when Elissa's power is gone. Howard agrees that Helen will go where ever the power goes.  Candice describes when Elissa and Amanda "ganged up on her" in the HoH room about wanting Howard out of the game.  Candice told Elissa that whoever she is going to nominate as MVP is up to her, and it is her business, and that is when McCrae said he had MVP this week.  Candice told them she wouldn't be threatened by anyone, but she felt like Elissa was bullying her.

Howard:  See, that's the kind of thing I don't like.

Candice:  I remember before this, when they were asking me which BB players I didn't like?  Well, I said her sister because I thought she bullied people and felt entitled to things.  But I know that like her sister, you have to stroke Elissa's ego.  If I was HoH right now, I don't even know if I would put up Aaryn and Kaitlin, to be honest, because someone who lied to you, and then apologized, I think they might be more loyal to you than someone who pretended to be on my side from the beginning....but maybe that's just my personality.

We can hear Helen across the yard, doing something loudly with somebody.   We head into another break as Candice says she probably would put up Amanda.  (Does anybody ever blame the pizza boy, or just everyone around him?)

When we return we are still at the hammock, and Candice is saying that "she" is trying to get Kaitlin in her back pocket, like how Candice wants Aaryn in her back pocket.  (I think "she" is Helen.)  Candice points out that Kaitlin is a better competitor than Aaryn.  Howard brings up Amanda again and Candice says she's not so close to Kaitlin, but she is close to Elissa.

Howard:  Helen will do whatever Elissa does, and you can't count Andy, because he will do whatever Helen has to be me, you, Spence, Jessie and Judd.

Candice says Judd can't vote, and it sounds like they think their group will vote out Kaitlin if they can.  They wonder who Judd will put up if the PoV is used, and Howard isn't sure if he will want to "rock the boat this early".  Candice wishes he will "put Amanda's ass up" but she doubts it.  Howard thinks he might be tempted to put Elissa up, and  GMZ as a pawn, but thinks Judd won't want to make a big move like that yet.

Candice thinks Kaitlin would put both of them up before Aaryn does, because Aaryn feels badly about what she did.  Candice shifts in the hammock to get on her stomach almost on top of Howard, and he immediately says he "feels like he needs to poop".

(Sounds like an old married couple right? ha ha ha  Men LOVE to talk about pooping.)

Now we see Elissa laying on the HoH couch, saying she is so embarrassed about that competition, and then she must know the cameras are on them because she puts on her fake voice saying she's so "excited for this new twist" and how Julie Chen told them to Expect the Unexpected, House guests!

(They know when the cameras are interested in them, because I heard Jessie say that she feels their group was "bottom tier" as far as the show goes.  She knew that the cameras were always on the cool kids so it must be obvious when you are in there who is getting screen time and who isn't.  I read a Survivor camera guy's  AMA on Reddit and he said that sometimes they don't even film the Survivors, but pretend to until something interesting starts happening.  After 20 some odd seasons they get used to them sitting around for hours talking about food and don't even waste their film or digital space or whatever unless the conversation turns to something decent.)

Elissa continues with her little show, saying "it's so fun when they switch it up" and does a little yoga move for her abs that I am going to try later.  Basically holding her hands up in a prayer position and rotating from side to side.  Elissa calls Amanda "Ms.  Olson" and then we hear BB call Judd to the DR so we know Elissa is going to be all over that.  I can see the picture of Judd dressed as Mario standing next to his hot blonde friend Jordan who may be wearing a Cat Woman costume on the side table.

The room is silent and McCrae breaths heavily.

McCrae:  I don't know....

Elissa:  Maybe Judd did get it...

McCrae:  I don't know...

(ha ha ha McCrae's friends say he says this all of the time.)

Elissa, obviously obsessed:  Do you think Judd would say something if he got it?  Like 100%

McCrae:  Yeah, he's pretty loyal.... To the group.....I don't know why he wouldn't say anything.

Elissa sighs.  She knows why he wouldn't say anything, but doesn't say it out loud.  She's worried, yo.

McCrae points out that Aaryn is in the DR all of the time and Elissa pounces on that, saying that the cameras didn't change to "go back down there".  She wants McCrae to keep the Spy Cam on the DR door so they can see how long he's in there.  Elissa says it's so crazy how good the fireplace looks on camera, and McCrae agrees, saying "it's so dumb".

Elissa wonders who did the set design this year and McCrae says it is weird, but good.   Amanda appears to be napping, since we haven't heard from her in a while.  We go to break watching McCrae watch the "dumb" living room on the Spy Cam.

Now the commercials change to products for unwanted hair, and Progressive Insurance, and acne, proving that the late night audience is a little different after midnight.

When we return we are still watching the HoH room, and maybe next week they won't stuff the house guests with gross food before a special three hour episode of BBAD.  No one wants to get naked and run around tonight, after all of that.  Even Amanda appeared to take a shortcut earlier and seems reluctant to even stand up at this point.

Elissa:  Maybe they're going to have Judd host something tonight.

McCrae thinks that would be cool.  He is going to go out to smoke and Amanda must really be sleeping to let him leave the room without her.  Elissa wants to stay there, saying she likes the peace and quiet in the HoH Room and it is so hard to find in that house.  McCrae puts on his mounties hat and leaves.

Outside Candice says she doesn't want to go in the HoH room because she would just eat the Doritos (me too) and now Helen says the same thing.  She's had enough to eat right now, and if she eats anything at all it should be healthy, after all of that frozen yogurt.

(This is indeed a lecture, Helen-style, but I'd like to thank the BBAD crew for focusing on other people tonight.  Preesh camera guys.  I needed a break.)

Helen complains that she ate all of that frozen yogurt, and couldn't even enjoy it.

Candice:  At first when I tasted it, all I got was the habenero, but when I swallowed it I tasted the fish...the anchovies.

Helen says it is in her skin now, and Candice says her hair smells like it too.  GMZ says it burned her mouth, so she just kept eating it.  McCrae is eating one of the chocolate covered treats that Aaryn made and saying "it's fine" and then one of the girls starts criticizing the recipe when the cameras switch to the kitchen.

Jessie is standing alone in there, in a long gown and is pacing around, looking in the fridge.  Now back outside Candice is standing up doing a booty dance and they say the Have Not happy hour is always the best.  Kaitlin says they didn't get much chocolate this week, and Andy says he only needs a few small pieces to be happy.

Over at the pool table Howard and Spencer are setting up a game, and Howard is telling him that he asked McCrae if they were still cool and he said yeah.  Then Howard talked to Amanda and what ever he was going to say next was cut off when Aaryn came outside and Howard greeted her.

Spencer said he was going to go inside and use the bathroom and "get a mango", and when he bent over to put down his pool cue we got the "We'll Be Right Back" screen for a second so we wouldn't see his butt crack when he bent over in his shorts.  Now, I certainly don't want to see Spencer's butt crack, but how is that any different from all of the T & A we see every night?  After all, there are commercials running for unwanted hair all seems connected to me.

Candice is at the backyard saying what she would eat if she was a Have Not, and she goes through each meal and uses Mango and Macaroni throughout the day.  Andy is very excited about these delicious additions to his diet this week.  McCrae tells Aaryn that her "balls were delicious" and Candice starts singing about 'Chocolate Salty Balls' and is allowed to do so.   They did not get booze yet, and think they won't since there is a competition tomorrow.  Aaryn thinks they will get some tomorrow, because the pattern has been to get booze the day of a competition like that.

Candice is playing a game where she tickles GMZ's arm with GMZ's eyes closed to see if she can tell when her fingers are in a certain place and it is not exciting.  They want to make Mac and Cheese with the noodles and I guess the Have Nots can't actually Have that.  Now Candice tries to play the arm game with Aaryn.  McCrae is melting his body into the side of the couch like he can't get far enough away while he smokes.  He does hold his lit cigarette up in the air like he is trying to be considerate and blow the smoke away from these non-smoking girls.

The cameras go to the HoH where Kaitlin is visiting and saying she "can't handle being near her anymore" but "doesn't know how to go about it without her knowing".  They are talking about Aaryn, of course, and Elissa wants to know what Aaryn has been saying.  Kaitlin says she keeps coming up with strange ideas for scenarios that may never happen.  She keeps saying they were going to be nominated and going home for sure.

Kaitlin:  She's very negative.  And GMZ is starting to get like that, too.   Like, I would have voted her out for sure last week...I told you that.

I hear pistachio nuts cracking and McCrae comes back in the room and asks if he can stay.  Kaitlin says yes and says she is worried what will happen if Aaryn wins the PoV.  She would rather they be honest to her face if they are going to vote her out and Elissa says she has never heard Kaitlin's name brought up as a target.

Kaitlin:  Well, I'm sure it's in the cards somewhere...

Kaitlin brings up that Amanda told Aaryn that she wasn't the target and wonders if they were lying to her, too.  Kaitlin brings up the Nick situation and says she had no idea about the Moving Company until Jeremy told her the same day McCrae told Amanda about it.  McCrae is laying on the couch and says that alliance is why the first two weeks were blindsides, and says this week will be different.  Kaitlin says Judd is making her paranoid because he won't tell her anything.  McCrae says he's probably waiting to find out who the MVP nomination is.    As we go to a break Kaitlin says she is so scared Aaryn will get some kind of power this week while she's on the block.

When we return Andy is in the HoH room and says he hates that Judd has Skittles.   Even saying that word drives the girls over to the snack table, where they dig through the bag and grab handfuls of Skittles.  Gina Marie is there, too, and I think I just saw Elissa eat a Skittle.  (Shocker.)

Elissa, still obsessing:  Maybe the twist is that Judd is never coming back...

They laugh and she says Judd would be so pissed if that happened.   Elissa is stress snacking on the Doritos now and damn they look and sound  delicious.    Elissa wonders if anything is new and exciting in GMZ's life so GMZ reports that she dropped a makeup pallette on her bed today and had to wash her sheets for the "third frickin time".  Kaitlin apologizes to Andy for eating Doritos and Andy says it's okay, he's fine.

Andy:  I have had the Sweet Chili Doritos before and they are awesome.

Kaitlin wishes they were baked, though.  Amanda is up now and goes over to the Doritos bag, too and the crunching fills the room.  Even Elissa is eating one after the other.  So let's all note that for our shopping lists.

We go back out to the pool table now,  and hear either Howard or Spencer burp loudly.   Spencer is sighing frequently and just missed an easy shot to the side pocket.  Howard misses two shots in a row and nearly trips on his flip flop walking around the table.  Spencer misses another one and says "are you kidding me?".

(I wonder if Spencer would have been cast if he did not have a beard.  Adam too, from BB13.  Just wondering.)

Back in the HoH a full snack attack is in session, as Andy inspects packages of things he can't eat while the sounds of open cellophane fill the room.   Now Snack Guilt has set in for Elissa as she says she hates eating any sort of snack item that is cheese-flavored because of the mess they make and I hear her washing her hands.

In the kitchen Amanda is looking at the tray of Chocolate Balls and McCrae says they are pretty good.  Amanda eats one and asks if they are Have Not foods and who made them.  The answers of course are "no" and "Aaryn".  McCrae goes to the bed and wraps himself in the comforter.  We see the pool game and hear the sighing and the balls clacking together and TVGN probably just says "fuck it" because we take another break.

When we return McCranda is laying in the Cockpit covered with the comforter and McCrae tells her that Elissa asked him if he thinks Jessie is cute.

Amanda:   What is a married woman doing asking questions like that?  She gets on these tirades...

Someone gets called to the DR and she wonders why he keeps going in there.  Obviously her microphone is in her bra because I can barely hear her since she is laying on her stomach.  She says you can feel the tension with a fucking butter knife up there and "she" still wouldn't leave the room, adding it was super awkward.

Amanda talks about the way Elissa walked into the HoH like she had some sort of "intense secret" and McCrae mentions how she was "so excited" for the Big Twist.   They discuss how back and forth she is about things and Amanda says maybe MVP turned into America's Player or something.

Now McCrae mentions how she keeps saying how embarrassed she is about the Competition and BB asks him to center his microphone.  (Finally.)  Amanda points out that they ALL threw up out there, not just Elissa.  McCrae says he threw up after the last competition, too, so what's the big deal?  (He upchucked in the backyard after the Spoiled Milk competition.)

They think something is up with her, for sure.  There are constant microphone problems now as McCrae fumbles with his and now breathes right into it.  I said last year they should fire the sound guy, and I'll say it again this year.    Last year we had NO SOUND AT ALL during most of Willie Hantz's big meeting in the HoH room on the live feeds.  Yep, his lips were moving but we didn't hear a damn thing on the live feeds.

Amanda says they need to keep their mouths shut, and McCrae says that Kaitlin told him that Helen told her that Judd was going to nominate her, but Helen denied this.  But then he learned that Spencer told Kaitlin she was going up, but told Kaitlin to say that Helen said it, rather than him.  Kaitlin also said that Aaryn told her that McCrae wasn't the MVP last week, but only said that so he could protect Elissa.    He says Spencer asked him that directly, too, if he only said that to protect Elissa.

Amanda:  Let's just forget about that and pretend it never happened.  Whenever anybody mentions that I just brush it off.

McCrae:  Yeah, of course.  But at the same time she is using the exact words that Spencer used, so they must be working together.

Now Amanda sits up to argue that this is wrong, and she doesn't even sound like she's mic'ed up at all, with her voice only being picked up faintly by McCrae's mic.  She says Kaitlin would have told Andy if she was in an alliance like that, and she brings up Elissa asking McCrae if Jessie was cute again.

Amanda:  That was like, so inappropriate, don't you think?

McCrae:  I was like, what?

Amanda:  What did you say?

McCrae:  No... I was like, she's crazy in the head, but that Amanda, she's smart and is a full package. But then she was like, who else do you think is cute here..besides Amanda?

Amanda:  What is her problem?  Why would she say that?   We're together and she knows why would she say that?

She tells him to keep sitting back, and not to analyze everything.  Something is coming, and they don't know what it is yet.   Amanda is now speaking with her hand covering her mouth, and Production must be out back burning a doob or something because they just let this important conversation continue with horrible audio.

Basically she is saying that they need to keep acting nice to the people around them, like everything is fine and dandy.

The cameras quickly change to Jessie sitting on the couch in the backyard, cigarette in hand, and she's not a happy camper, obviously.  Aaryn is there hanging on her every word.

Jessie:  Personally, I told Judd that she's almost won two HoH's and the PoV, and if she doesn't win the PoV then she needs to go.

In the final moments of the show Jessie is saying that now that Jeremy is gone, Kaitlin is totally focused on the game now, and is dangerous.  Aaryn plays with her hair and Jessie points out that Kaitlin was walking around today counting things from the competition, preparing for another tiebreaker question.

Jessie:  I was like, holy shit why aren't we trying to get her out now?  And I'm afraid she's going to sneak know?

Aaryn:  Oh for sure, she is strong as shit...

Jessie:  Don't you tell her she's my target...

Aaryn:  No...why would I do that?  She's already suspicious of that, but I haven't said a word.  I don't talk game anymore with her, because what's the point? 

***UPDATE***    It turns out Candice is a Have Not, too, but I am too lazy to go back and edit all of the misinformation in this post.  Sorry about that.

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