Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Elissa Blows a Fuse and Flips the Script - 7-23-13 #BB15

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday night, and the whole house is churning because of Elissa, who has apparently lost her mind and went rogue on her alliance just before taping started.  I am going to flashback to that little scene and write a recap and will link it here when available.

(UPDATE:  I watched it, and was rather disappointed.  It was actually a long drawn out clusterfuck in the Small World room with people crammed in there, summoned by Her Highness Elissa.  I thought it might be a good old-fashioned BB fight, with screaming and name-calling, but instead it was just a lot of posing and posturing and talking in circles.  Basically Aaryn got the best of Elissa by sticking to her guns and pointing out Elissa's constant contradictions and everyone saw it.  The "Religion Freakout" that is linked below would give you a good idea of Elissa's style of combat.)

Judd is in his last day or so of his HoH Reign and is looking a little worse for wear.  Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block thanks to him, and Gina Marie is now on the block, too, courtesy of the good people of America and their diligent voting.

OK.  Let's get it started.

As the show opens we see Judd in the HoH listening to Amanda speak.  She and McCrae are in Judd's HoH bed and Andy and Jessie are there, too, as is Helen who is stress-eating a box of Captain Crunch.

Helen doesn't understand what is wrong with Elissa---she was down with the plan to evict Kaitlin earlier in the day and someone says she just really hates Aaryn.  McCrae says "here we go" and they all watch the Spy Cam.  Amanda has her mouth covered with both hands and McCrae says "dude this is so ______".

Amanda:  Whoever is close to Gina Marie....she is easily influenced so somebody needs to get on that.

Helen:  I'm close to Gina Marie.

Andy:  Well, according to GMZ Jessie and I are floaters and a half, so....

Amanda points out they still want there to be confusion over the votes, so they don't have to say who is voting for what.

Andy:  We have our five votes right here...the people in this room are the only people I trust, plus Judd.

Helen:  I can't believe she almost threw Judd under the bus....

Andy:  Howard and Spencer have to know why Judd is so upset.

Amanda is wearing the HoH robe and says Elissa is getting her period, too and it is making her crazy.  Andy calls Elissa a malfunctioning robot and says he feels bad for Aaryn because Elissa said she never even thinks about Aaryn.

McCrae:  Oh, I can't stand how she says she never thinks about Aaryn, but then will go off on a diatribe for 30 minutes about how she hates her so much.  Every day.

Amanda goes downstairs to get food and McCrae says he'll eat anything, he doesn't care. After she leaves Andy tells McCrae that he knows Elissa knows BB12 backwards and forwards, but when he mentioned Britney she said she didn't know who Britney was, because Britney and Rachel don't get along.

Jessie:  I think it's her way of being coy when she doesn't like someone.  Anyone would be stupid to play with her at all.  She is the shittiest Big Brother player ever.

McCrae:  Dude...

Andy:  We needed her for the first couple of weeks, now Bye.

Jessie:  She's so batshit crazy...why did she get MVP?  She's really the least valuable player.

Andy:  I didn't want to say this in front of Helen, but it's been weeks now that I'm totally over talking to Elissa.

Jessie: I think Helen is finally on board with that.

McCrae:  Dude, I'm so scared of her.....if she wins HoH next week...

Andy:  I know.  It's me and you up there because we made fun of her religion.

(You can get a load of that situation here.)

Andy says it is absolute insanity and McCrae says that if he gets put on the block because of that, he'll self-evict.  Andy tops that by saying he will kill himself.    Jessie points out that if Aaryn is in the house Elissa will be gunning for her, and McCrae says this is why Elissa "did that just now", because she hates Aaryn so much.

(Kaitlin is the name that I hate typing most, in case you're wondering.  I wish I could let myself abbreviate names but I just don't like the way it looks.  Also, when they run this season in other countries people will visit here to read these recaps, even years from now, and I'm not sure how it all translates.  I like typing the word Elissa and the word Aaryn but the word McCrae also sucks due to the additional capitalization.  Sorry for this rant.  Lots of coffee today.)

Now we see Amanda on the backyard couch, smoking, and Judd is fiddling with the window awnings. (BB asked someone to open or close them or something along those lines.)   Judd says that just because he hangs out with someone, that doesn't mean that he's in an alliance with them...he likes guys better usually to hang out with.

Judd is not speaking to Amanda, really, it sounds like more of a speech to someone who has accused him of something.

Amanda, getting loud:  Did you say my name Spencer? Someone said my name about me saying Aaryn was safe, and that is bullshit.

Spencer:  I haven't even said your name in two days.  I don't remember who brought it up now.

Andy cranks the windows as Amanda defends herself.  Spencer is working on the windows, too.

Amanda:  Is all of this coming from Elissa?


Judd:  She's stirrin' the pot.

Now back in the HoH Jessie tells McCrae this is exactly why BB waits three days after a competition to have the vote.  Andy says they need to just decide what to do, then go out and pretend everyone is your best friend and get the plan's that simple.  McCrae thinks Aaryn will go with Howard and Spencer and Elissa now.

Jessie: Aaryn?  Yeah.  She was just in the hammock with Spencer, like commiserating about this whole experience.

Andy says that would be the dumbest alliance in the history of the world.  McCrae says he hopes Elissa wins HoH and goes after Aaryn even though they would be aligned.  They laugh nervously as the cameras go to the backyard.

Helen is now on the couch and Kaitlin is sitting on an ottoman eating a large green salad.   She is agitated, and is stabbing at her food and literally shoveling it in as she talks.  Helen wants to know when all of this started.  Kaitlin said she was sitting in the bathroom with Aaryn and Elissa came in and asked if she was in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer---a final four deal but Elissa didn't say who the fourth person was.

Kaitlin's salad looks fresh and healthy and she is shoving huge pieces of mixed greens in her mouth and now GMZ comes over to get in on this.  She is wearing Nick's blue hat (actually McCrae's hat) and there is confusion with all of the voices.

Spencer:  This is a bunch of bullshit, and my name is getting dragged through the mud.

Judd:  I was really nice to her when everybody was bein' mean and she's treatin' me like shit now.  She asked me a bunch of questions and then cut me off when I was tryin' to answer.

Helen has a huge plate of spaghetti that looks like mostly noodles and she is taking HUGE bites and sucking the noodles off the fork.   She actually has a HUGE load of spaghetti on the fork and eats bites of that until it is gone and then she loads up the fork again.

I have to say that I can't EVER remember seeing women on Big Brother eating a meal so voraciously on the live feeds.  I've seen some world class snackers and ice cream eaters (i.e. Jun Song, Janelle Pierzina, Danielle Murphree, etc.) but to just chow down on an actual meal is very unusual.  I have witnessed the consumption of lots of cereal and ice cream, but this stands out for me.  Both of them keep talking while they shovel the food.  And let me point out that both Helen and Kaitlin are slim and beautiful---there is nothing wrong with eating a lot if you are eating the right foods.  OK, end of sermon.

(Joke:  How do you know if someone is a vegan?  Just wait, because they will tell you.  Ha ha ha.)

Kaitlin says that there are rumors that she is in an alliance with Spencer and Howard, and that doesn't make sense and that "no one can get in Judd's head".  Kaitlin says Elissa made her feel threatened, saying that people were telling her to vote Kaitlin out but she wouldn't say who.  Kaitlin suddenly puts her half-full plate on the ottoman behind her, and Helen got up and ran in the house as we went into a break.

When we return we see Andy in the HoH and he is saying he will no longer believe anybody who isn't McCrae, Amanda, Judd or Jessie.  Andy has been loyal to the same people since day one.  McCrae says Howard is scary because he's going to work Elissa now, and it is important for Helen to stay close to her.  Jessie doesn't think they can "control her crazy" and says Judd is in big trouble now.  McCrae says there was no target on Judd at the beginning of the week and now he is at the top of the list, just like that, for no reason.

Andy plans to play dumb, like a floater and act like he doesn't know anything when the subject comes up.  McCrae is going to say that he just talks to Amanda and no one else about the game.

McCrae:  I told Spencer Elissa was mad at me about her religion.

Judd comes in and looks dazed, wanting to know where Elissa is. He says she is no where to be found.

McCrae:  Hopefully she self-evicted.

Andy:  It really was fascinating to sit there and watch people lie.  I mean, Howard, Gina Marie and Spencer were all lying through their teeth.

Elissa said to Judd, "how dare he not have her back" and he wanted to say he never dreamed she would do that to him in front of a group of people.

Andy:  Elissa is a selfish, crazy robot who sees no other agenda besides her own.

McCrae:  Really an animatron, like at Disney.  Beep beep beep.

Judd is rearranging things in his little fridge and may or not be about to eat a container of Haagen Daaz.

Now in the backyard Kaitlin says she has a much easier time talking to Helen than to Elissa, and feels the same about Andy.

Kaitlin:  Like, I can cry in front of Andy, and I can't do that in front of many people.

Aaryn comes out and is coughing.  She has gained weight, I think, on her lower half and I don't ever remember hearing someone cough like that on BB.  (Except for disease-ridden Evel Dick, but that is a different kind of cough.)  Kaitlin says the salad was really good and Helen says she can't believe she almost ate that whole huge plate of pasta.

(I can believe it....she was shoveling it in like a machine.)

Back up in the HoH McCrae is cursing and trying to guess what Elissa will do next.  Judd says she will probably win HoH now and there is a lot of cursing about her, with Amanda's name thrown in.  Elissa told him she "wouldn't know who to vote for this week" and Jessie laughs at that.

Judd  jams both fists into the box of Captain Crunch and crunches loudly.  McCrae says "I don't know" punctuated by cursing.

Andy:  If Elissa is responsible for one of us being evicted I will kill myself.

Judd chews his cereal and says they should all put butter knives in their pockets and if she wins HoH they can all just stab themselves.  They all laugh.  It's funny.

Now in the backyard Kaitlin says Aaryn got accused, too, and then it was the domino effect from person to person.  Elissa came up and made Kaitlin feel threatened and then Aaryn came out of the bathroom and she got questioned, and Aaryn asked a large group if they had ever heard her say what Elissa said she said, and no one said anything.  (got it?)

Candice is out there wearing a pink fuzzy one piece jumpsuit, sort of like a teletubby costume, and she has obviously given up on her personal appearance this week since she's a Have Not.  She just doesn't care and we go to another break.

When we return Helen is in the hammock with Spencer, both of their heads on the same side.  It sounds like Helen is trying to smooth things over, mentioning that she's been trying to protect Kaitlin. Spencer brings up that people are saying Kaitlin said she was coming after Helen and Helen says she has heard that, too.   Helen confronted Kaitlin about it in front of everybody and Kaitlin denied it.

Helen:  So if she was against me, she's not anymore.  I can only protect her if she's willing to reciprocate.

(Judd heard Kaitlin say that while he was in isolation.)

Aaryn now says that she was heartbroken when she heard that Kaitlin had a final four deal with Spencer and Kaitlin says it is not true.  Candice stands up and says that sometimes when people have stuff going on, they deflect and then you get dragged into it.  And she can talk to Kaitlin about that later.  Candice wave her arms around in the pink onesie and at first I thought she might be crying, her voice was so shaky.

Aaryn:  I don't blame you Candice if you don't want to talk to me this week.

Candice says no, that's not a problem for her and she gets over things quickly.   She says she's over it and Aaryn understands.  The hot tub has a number of blow up balls floating around, as well as a rubber duck or two.

In the hammock Helen says that from day one people have tried to drive a wedge between her and Elissa, and she could have easily left Elissa two weeks ago when she was on the block.  But Elissa is a good person and it can be a lonely house.  She knows people want to drive a wedge, so she's just listening and reflecting.

Helen:  I'm not about the drama.  I bet at least 50% of what I hear is not true, or twisted.

(I wonder what Helen would have to say about the Anthony Weiner / Elliot Spitzer circus going on in New York right now.)

Spencer agrees with Helen, and Helen says that Elissa won't even talk to Aaryn, and Helen wanted to stay out of that whole drama and keep her name out of it. Spencer says he was trying to stay out of the fray right now and this kind of shit just fucked it up.

Now on the couch we know Kaitlin is stressed, because she is smoking and repeating her story over again to Judd, who is smoking too of course.  She told Judd that Aaryn just told her that her heart was broken because she already knew she was going home, but she was sad that Kaitlin may have been lying to her.

Judd:  Elissa needs to be our first target...because she's tryin' to turn everybody against each other.

Kaitlin whispers that Helen would never put Elissa up.  Judd says they only need four votes and Kaitlin says she might be gone by then.  GMZ is out there eating a bowl of cereal and calmly discusses the situation, which seems surreal.  It may be ice cream and not cereal, though, for your information.

Judd saw Elissa with her ear against a door and said they were all trying not to laugh.  Kaitlin said that when Candice was out there she acted like she's never heard any of this, and that seemed so sketchy.  Gina Marie ran across the yard to get a towel to wrap around her and then told them all that one of the windows was "a skinny mirror" and Kaitlin agrees.  I think it is by the washing machine.

Now we see Elissa wearing a towel in the Eames room talking to Howard and she is going over the racial comments that Aaryn made, saying she has poor character.  Howard says that he tries not to worry about it.

Elissa:  They tried to talk to me about keeping her in the house, and I thought about it for a second, but I just can't do that.  Like, I don't hate her, but I just don't think about her.

Howard says not to let it get to her, and if the house wants her to go, she'll go.  He doesn't like to say anything about it, particularly since he's been ostracized.

Howard:  I'm not even the MVP!  If I was I would never nominate you, and you and Helen and Candice would be the first people I'd tell.

As we go to break Elissa wipes "tears" away.  She knows the cameras are covering this action and as usual wants to present herself a certain way.

When we return we are still in the hammock with Helen and Spencer as they say this week was supposed to be so easy, so cut and dried.  Spencer says they should just do whatever they can to be sure they all get to Jury, and support each other along the way.  Helen says that the game will start over at that point, and she doesn't like the drama.

Helen:  I love Elissa, and I love Candice, but unfortunately my two best friends are the biggest drama queens in the house.  The most sane person is Jessie at this point, as far as the girls.

Spencer agrees that Jessie is very calm.  Helen mentions her curfew and is glad that she missed the whole McCrae birthday party incident, because she doesn't need the drama.  She says there are a handful of people who like to cause all of the drama.

In the HoH McCrae is going over conversations with Andy, saying that Candice came up there and made comments that must have come straight from Spencer.  McCrae is pacing and using hand motions to express himself, and cursing a lot.

Amanda:  Elissa is an idiot.

Andy:  Brain dead.

McCrae takes an empty plate downstairs and Andy wants to listen to the Chili Peppers again and will come down later.  In the backyard we see GMZ and Kaitlin close together on the couch, whispering.  I think they blame Candice for something and Kaitlin jumps up when the back door slides open.

Now we see Candice waddle over to Judd in the kitchen and hug him.  McCrae says the sink is gross with all of the slop ball crap.  Judd is making a peanut butter and turkey sandwich.  Yes, that is one of his favorites.  McCrae goes to storage to get another pack of turkey.

At the pool table Candice tells Howard she only has two more nights as a Have Not.  Candice, dude, you are on TV looking like that.  Snap out of it, Miss Louisiana.

Howard is playing Spencer in pool and they are quiet, the air tense.  I'm sure they would like to talk about what just happened but Candice and McCranda are within earshot as we head into another break.

When we come back we are at the kitchen counter watching GMZ chew dried mango with her mouth wide open.  Nice.  Kaitlin is in there, too as we watch Gina Marie gnaw the hell out of that snack and then get another.  Helen reads a recipe on the back of the sugar bag and it looks like some baking may be underway.

Candice came out in a swimsuit and it is a vast improvement over her pink onesie.  Damn her butt is HUGE and she struts over to Howard at the pool table.  McCrae wonders if the will ever get booze tonight, so the "house will spark up again".

Judd:  Don't say that, or they won't....

Judd thinks Elissa may have gone to bed, and says Helen is going to speak to her.  Judd says he stays up late and has from the very first day.

Now we see Elissa in the bathroom putting lotion on her face, listening to Amanda talk about something.  In the kitchen Aaryn is getting in the the baking action now, as Helen says they need a teaspoon of this and that.  Sugar  cookies, I think.

Amanda is getting ready to blow dry her hair, and Elissa is going on and on as she rubs in her face cream that the whole thing had nothing to do with Aaryn.  Amanda is talking calmly, trying to fish for more information and Elissa stares at herself in the mirror and says "I'm not really worried about it".

GMZ and Kaitlin sit at the counter and watch Helen and Aaryn make the cookies.  McCrae joins them and the girls are giggling as GMZ goes over to the photo wall and is getting loud, looking at the pattern of gray pictures on the wall, pointing out that they were all in showmances.

Andy:  I'm just glad I'm keeping mine quiet.

(Ha ha ha.)

Out at the hot tub Judd is doing damage control with Howard and Candice, saying that he's not in an alliance with the people as accused.

Judd:  I don't want to talk about nails and dress up parties..there's not too many guys left to talk to.

As usual the sound quality is HORRIBLE and we hear the noises from the hot tub pump and pool better than we can hear the words.  And Candice took off her mic to get in the hot tub so that doesn't help.  Judd thinks that maybe Elissa was only supposed to be in the house for a certain number of weeks and she would get money or something.  He was worried about what would happen if she left, and if her fans rooting for her would be angry.

Now they talk about Annie from BB12.  Judd thought she was hot and Howard says she is bi-sexual and has a girlfriend.

(And a baby, too, I think.) 

In the bathroom Amanda is using the flat iron on her hair, while Elissa blow dries, so of course I can't hear this conversation, either.  Amanda just said that somebody was a liar and wants to know who said that Amanda said Aaryn was safe.

Elissa says she doesn't know, and didn't even hear Amanda's name get brought into it.  Elissa's hair is very long and she is running the blow dryer right over the mic as we go to break.

(Someone fire the sound crew.  They suck and should have done a better job wiring the areas where these conversations ALWAYS take place.  Every damn year.)

When we return Elissa has stopped blowdrying even though her hair is still wet, and is telling Amanda how supportive she's tried to be with Aaryn.

Elissa:  I like, genuinely tried to like, talk to her and be like, supportive and then like ten minutes later she turned it into something else.

Now she goes back to blowdrying and Amanda is still brushing and straightening.    As soon as Elissa turned off the dryer Amanda asks her about Candice telling everyone that Amanda told Aaryn she is safe.

Elissa puts her hair up in a bun and says like, this is all ridiculous.

Elissa:  This is all, like, ridiculous.

There is more said but since Elissa is fiddling with her microphone I can't hear a damn word.    Amanda should not wear such large horizontal stripes because they make her look like a Wide Load.  Andy comes in and asks Amanda why she is straightening her hair, why is she getting so prettied up.  She explains that she is doing it so it will look good tomorrow.

Andy puts on a really chipper clueless tone and asks Elissa why she is going to bed so early and she just says she's tired.  Now Andy turns on the water and I guess that means he needs to use the WC and we go out to the hot tub.

Candice stands in the middle of the hot tub with no microphone on, and of course she is talking and I can't hear a damn thing.  She is talking  to Jessie and then calls out to the group that she "has been having really bad dreams about her mom".  She wants to ask the group a question, and I think it was regarding whether Production would tell her if her mom was having medical issues.  The cameras can't move away from that topic fast enough and we go back to the bathroom mirror.

Andy is washing his hands  and starts whispering with Amanda while the water is running.  I don't even see a microphone on Amanda but I did hear her say "she just doesn't get it".

Back in the kitchen someone has washed a lot of cups and glasses and has laid them out on a green bath towel on the kitchen counter to dry.   Aaryn and Helen are still working on their cookie project and GMZ is still sitting there chewing dried mangoes with her mouth wide open.  Judd asks about the wine and Helen says "McCrae is doing it" and then McCrae appears with only one bottle of red wine.

Helen opened the back door to yell that they have alcohol if anyone wants it.  Elissa appears because she heard the word "wine" and is the one who opens the bottle.  Kaitlin popped a beer and I think Judd said he wanted to shotgun one.  (I'll bet.)   Elissa is pouring wine and stands there silently as Helen kneads the cookie dough.

They crowd jokes about secret alliances and there is a lot of cross-talking.  Elissa goes back to the bedroom where Amanda is and says she "thinks it is all hilarious, actually, and that is why she asked about it".  We got a quick "We'll Be Right Back" screen for some reason and now we are back looking at the kitchen group.

Kaitlin is making banana bread and said she wanted to make peanut butter cookies but "these bitches" are already making cookies.  I guess Kaitlin is on to Aaryn's "baking on the block" strategy.  McCrae is drinking a Coors Khaki can and Judd is almost finished with a Bud Lite can.  He asked if anybody wants more beer and I'm sure he's ready for round two.

Andy jokes about all of the time he's had to sit and watch everybody else drink while he's a Have Not.  Kaitlin's words are blanked out as she curses and they all laugh about their secret alliance and are getting loud about it.

Now in the backyard Spencer is playing pool with Howard and Judd comes over and makes a joke about Elissa saying Spencer is an asshole.  Judd says he wishes that Spencer could have heard what Elissa stood up and said about everybody lying.

Judd:  It was so funny.

As we go to break Judd tells Amanda that her wine "sure looks good" and she replies "it sure does".

When we return Helen is sitting on one of the low backyard chairs talking about how you have to ask for promotions at work, pointing to your accomplishments and Jessie agrees that you have to promote yourself.

Helen:  Always take the projects no one else wants, and they will be indebted to you for that.

Jessie wonders if there will be a competition about the ducks.  Helen says that 20 ducks came in on Day 33.  Jessie is squeezing one of the rubber ducks right near her microphone and my dog just jumped up to take inventory of her own stuffed babies before laying back down and glaring at me.

On the couch area McCranda is lounging with Andy and Judd as they speculate about what Thursday night will hold.  Andy says Julie will say that two people will be evicted and then the MVP will get to send somebody home, too.

We go back to the kitchen and clearly hear Kaitlin say "fucker" before going back out to the backyard where Candice and Helen are walking over to get in the hammock.  Candice has named some of the ducks and two of the names are Quack Quack and Quaker.

Now back to the kitchen again where Judd is leaning over on the counter and we hear Kaitlin stir her batter in a large cooking pot.  Judd tells them that Elissa is mad at him and Kaitlin says that just doesn't make sense, he didn't do anything to her.  Judd goes outside and now Amanda comes in and one of them burped.  Probably Judd due to the beer.

We visit Helen, Candice and Jessie in the hammock and Judd gets in with them, asking Candice if Elissa is going to go against him now.  Candice says that "to be honest she hasn't had a game conversation with Elissa in a really long time".

(As a political consultant Helen must know that anytime someone starts a statement with "to be honest" they are probably lying.  True story, to be honest. )

Judd says he can guarantee that he'll get put up with Elissa's MVP vote but he has to repeat it twice so they can understand.  The minute that Judd starts drinking his speech just goes downhill.    Judd doesn't want Candice to speak to her to find out though, but Candice says she's never heard Elissa say anything bad about Judd.  She thinks Elissa really likes Judd, but he says she really snapped at him earlier and wouldn't talk to him inside the house.  Helen says Elissa didn't speak with her, either.  Candice says Elissa mentioned a secret alliance to her, but Candice just joked about it.  She thinks Elissa has had a long day and is really tired.  They should wait and talk to her tomorrow about it.

Judd:  I tried to talk to her out here but she cut me off every time.

Judd mentions how Elissa always acts victimized and how pissy she always is.  Judd walks off and Helen repeats the story for Candice, since she was sleeping and missed it.  Elissa told everyone that there was a secret alliance that includes Spencer, Howard, Judd and Kaitlin.  Candice interrupts to say this isn't true, and if it is she "would stab Howie".

Helen went in to speak with Elissa and she was told "she didn't have time right now".  Helen went back in a few minutes and Elissa said she could talk to her right there, without moving.  Helen told her about the plan to save Kaitlin this week, and that Aaryn would be going home and if Elissa thinks there is a secret alliance she should bring it up in front of the whole group to get it out in the open.

Helen:  And then Elissa said it was none of my business, and why is Aaryn talking about her to me, and I said that Aaryn had to talk to me about her because she refuses to speak to Aaryn.  Elissa said that her vote is her vote and she doesn't want anybody to tell her what to do.  And the next thing you know Aaryn comes in and they start bickering, and then Kaitlin comes in, and then Howard and Spencer come in.

Helen says she's not even sure what went on, but Elissa and Kaitlin and Aaryn started yelling at each other, wanting to know who started the rumor and no one admitted it.  Helen said Elissa was looking at her, but she just wanted to stay out of it because she was so confused she could barely follow it as we go to another break.

When we return we are still focused on the hammock, where Candice is now defending herself, saying she's "with Howie all of the time" so why would she make up a rumor like that?  She says that "Gina Marie doesn't even know she's on Big Brother" so she couldn't do it.  Obviously Candice is implicating Amanda, and says she hopes everybody can "see that now and start evicting".

Now Candice talks about how Amanda was laughing last night about the funny stuff in the house, like GMZ saying "cock a roachs" and when the topic of Nick leaving came up Amanda said "that was all me" and then took a picture with the HoH camera next to Nick's picture kissing him goodbye in a cocky manner.  Candice thinks Amanda is trying to place all of the blame on Elissa and says "kudos to her" in a sarcastic manner.

Now we go back to the HoH where Judd is talking to Amanda and Andy.    Andy felt like Elissa was attacking Aaryn and Andy felt like he had to stick up for her.  Amanda says don't do that or you will blow up from her "death stare".  Now McCrae comes up with a Coors Light can and Andy says the whole house meeting was "just dumb".

Amanda says that all of a sudden Spencer is overly nice to her and being "touchy feely" and McCrae says that whenever Spencer starts "body checking" him in a jokey way it feels like he is really angry.  Amanda starts to tell McCrae something that Candice came up and said to her, but the cameras move before I hear the end of the sentence.

We go to the Storage room where Aaryn and Jessie are whispering about Elissa, of course.  Aaryn is fiddling with her microphone and of course I can't hear much.  Jessie whispers that "she just threw herself under the bus way more" and Aaryn says "now you can trust me more".  They end their short meeting by agreeing that "this is a good thing"  and kind of doing a little happy clapping dance before leaving the room.

Back in the hammock Helen is telling Candice that the meeting with Elissa made Aaryn look like an angel in the end.

Candice:  And Amanda is behind all of it...she just likes to throw the grenade and run.

Helen:  Aaryn looks like the angel tonight and Elissa looks like the bad person.  And poor Kaitlin looks like the victim.  And so do Howie and Spencer.  It all makes Elissa look bad.

Candice:  And if I had to guess who was MVP I'd have to say Amanda and McCrae.

Back in the HoH Judd is sitting back on the couch with his legs as far apart on the couch as the will go, obviously exhausted.

Judd:  Well, she just threw me under the bus.

Andy:  Elissa needs to go.

Judd:  She's my main target.

Amanda points out that she can't play for PoV next week and Judd says they should get rid of her while they have the chance.    Andy worries that she has some sort of power, and Amanda says that if Howard or Spencer have a power, then she thinks Elissa will go up and go home.

Andy:  It would be nice if there were a unifying house vote.  Why did she have to win PoV this week?

Judd:  Well, there's a popular consensus about that, but I'm not going to comment on it.

Andy:  Yep.

(When you watch the PoV comp on the CBS show,  look for ways that Elissa's "lane" could be set up for her to win.  I heard Aaryn point out ways that it could have been rigged in her favor, even down to the way banners for Elissa were placed in the backyard.)

Amanda imitates how Elissa said "I can ask Katilin whatever I want to ask Kaitlin" like she flipped a switch or something.

Judd:  How is she on American Big Brother anyway?

Amanda:  She's not a legal resident of Canada.

Now we go back to the hammock where Helen tells Candice that Elissa is her best friend in the house, but she didn't do herself any good tonight.

Candice:  And it was totally Amanda behind that.  I would bet my left leg, just chop it off, I'm so sure.

Candice mentions when Amanda got drunk the other day she kept saying that she had done so much to keep Elissa here.  Helen points out that Amanda hasn't even been on the block or done anything else of note in the game.

Candice:  I just want her on the block.  Even if she doesn't go home.  That's when she's going to show her cards.  She doesn't have to show it now.  She's like a Jeremy  but in a different regard. She was in that bathroom with Elissa, talking her shit, and Elissa got mad.

We hear the pool game clack in the background as we go into the last break.  When we come back  we see Jessie getting under the covers in the HoH bed and saying she was trying so hard not to laugh at how stupid Elissa sounded.

Jessie:  I mean, Helen knew, and Judd knew so everybody just thinks she is ignorant.

She is talking to McCranda and jumps out of bed as Amanda says she is _____ and ______ and on Elissa's radar right now.

Jessie:  But that's nothing to be afraid of.

Amanda:  You are right, my young one.

Now Andy comes in and says that Candice is the one who is saying that Amanda is telling everyone there is a secret alliance.  Amanda jumps up and McCrae says Amanda can't go out there and say anything about it or it will come back on Andy.  Amanda just wants to go out and have a cigarette.

Aaryn comes in and Amanda tells her that Candice is the one pointing at Amanda as the person who is making up all of the lies.

Aaryn:  I didn't hear that, but I told Kaitlin that Elissa hates me so much that she will make up lies to get me out of here and Kaitlin went and told Helen and Candice that.

McCrae says Aaryn doesn't have to be in scramble mode anymore, because everyone is blaming Amanda and he might admit to it since he has no blood on his hands right now.

Aaryn is calm as she says that was the most difficult argument that she's ever been in in her entire life.  Amanda says it is obvious that Elissa has some sort of vendetta against  her and everyone wants her out now more than Aaryn.

Aaryn:   I'm just glad that happened because I think you both can see where I've been coming from this whole times.

Apparently Aaryn has been getting blamed for telling people that Kaitlin is targeting Helen, because Elissa has been telling everybody that.  (Judd is the one who heard Kaitlin say that while he was in the isolation room.)  Amanda assures her that she has the votes to stay this week.

Aaryn:  I know that, and now everybody knows that I didn't say that, so I'm glad. 

McCrae:  You have got to win HoH this week.  We all have to try as hard as possible because we are all in trouble.

In the final moments of the show Aaryn says that she wishes Candice had been there, too, because several people came up to her to show support afterwards. 

Andy says that Elissa just kept repeating the same thing over and over like a robot, and nothing could get through to her.  Amanda wants to go outside and smoke and must have made a sassy comment that I didn't hear due to all of the cursing.


Amanda sits back down on the HoH bed with her glass of red wine, laughing.

McCrae, getting heated:   Just __________  _______ panic scramble _______ ________ just sit here nicely.

Amanda:  Kaitlin can say that because she was in that room when we made that alliance, so she knows the truth.  She knows she's lying.

McCrae:  So she's going to say whatever she can...

Amanda:  She's going to jump on the Candice bus!

McCrae:  But you already knew she was on that bus.  Kaitlin has to kiss our ass because we have the numbers.

Amanda:  You know, you really shouldn't be talking shit when you are on the block.

McCrae:  Exactly.

Amanda:  I want to fucking say that to her.

The open box of Triscuits makes a rare BB15 appearance on the table next to McCrae's head as he flips his hair around in anger. 

In the final seconds of the show we see Kaitlin perched on the hammock with Helen and Candice.

Helen: force you into telling the truth..

Kaitlin:  I don't know how much more I can tell you!

Helen:  That's the thing!  When people say you are in an alliance and start naming names, you can't defend it.

Kaitlin:  To be honest, I know that I'm you guys' target again next week.

Helen:  Oh yeah?

Katilin:  You're gonna back door me.

Helen:  I have not said that.

As the show ends Helen turns to Candice for support, asking her if she has ever heard Helen say that.

(Kaitlin should not be drinking on top of a green salad, while she is on the block, if she is going to behave like this.)

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