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Big Brother After Dark - Baking, Faking, and a Little Quaking - 7-2-13

This episode aired on the eve of the season's first live show, Tuesday at 9:00 BBT.  McCrae Olson is in his last 24 hours of his HoH reign, and one of the three house guests on the block is getting chopped tonight.

Someone will lose their dream of winning BB15, and someone will win the coveted HoH role for week #2.

As this episode begins, the house guests are locked in the house while Production prepares the backyard for the live show.  They are already getting on each other's nerves and being stuck inside makes things even worse, particularly for the smokers.

OK.  Enough chatter.  Let's go.

As the show opens we see a group in the Cockpit and lhey are passing around the green bandana ball again.  It looks like they might be naming TV shows alphabetically.  Nick looks bored out of his skull as he hands the ball to Amanda.

The cameras abruptly change to Howard, who is in the HoH talking to Gina Marie, who is all cranked up about the bed situation in the house.  Jessie is her target now, and she says that Jessie has slept in her bed every single night alone, and it is one of the bigger beds in the house.  She tries to turn on the spy cam but can't.

Howard leans in as if this is the most important conversation in the world.  Gina Marie is trying to prove that Jessie's bed is bigger than the one that she and Nick share.   Howard says it's cool, he doesn't mind sleeping in the Have Not room, but the guys have been working on a plan where they can trade off nights sleeping with Jessie.

Howard: It's fine.  It's petty.

(It really is, Howard.)

Howard would rather have a girl in the middle of the bed if he's sleeping with a guy, but he's cool with it.  They both moved to the chess board to start a game, as Spencer lumbers up the spiral staircase with a snack for Howard.

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Howard is sporting a red bandana and it looks like the snack is a large cookie.   You can hear Nick making jokes downstairs as they all discuss the popsicle competition.  Amanda knew they would be hanging as soon as she saw them, but Helen thought they would have to climb up and stand on the top.   Andy thought it would be exactly as it was, and McCrae accuses him of being a Smarty Pants. 

Jessie made the cookies and everyone liked them, although I'm pretty sure they were just the slice and bake variety.  Amanda and McCrae walked past the chess game and went into the HoH together.  Howard wants more cookies and Gina Marie is going to make them for him.

In the HoH Amanda is laying on her back on the bed, with her legs stretched out over her head, while McCrae lays on his stomach near her.  He is wearing a white knitted rasta cap and I think it looks cool.  Now they both lay on their stomachs, a few feet apart, and make small talk.

Jessie knocks and says Helen wants to come in and listen to McCrae's Regina Spector music.  Amanda got up and started making the bed and comments on how "disgusting" the bed is.  Jessie has a cup of coffee or tea and a big cookie in her mouth.

After the first break we see Elissa has curled her hair in an elaborate fashion.  She is sitting in the Cockpit with Nick and chatting about the status of the votes and what the house is saying.  Nick claims that he has spoken to everybody in the house today, collectively, and he plans to go with the majority.  Nick is short with her, saying that he "doesn't talk about the game" and Elissa persists, trying to figure out what is going on.

Elissa:  You're voting with Anthony?....or I mean Jeremy?

Nick:  I was like, who's Anthony.  I'm voting with the entire house. The entire house, because at some point I've talked to everybody about it.

Elissa: I just wanted to check in with you...

Nick:  100%.  100%.  Majority rules.

They both get up and leave and it feels like Nick wanted to get the hell out of there.

(Not sure if Elissa left that meeting with a good feeling or a bad feeling.)

In the HoH Room Spencer has appeared and is engaging Jessie in conversation about her first aid issues and is teasing her about what she said.  McCrae is moving around organizing his things and may be doing some pre-packing.  Jessie is jonesing on a cigarette and wants to go outside.

Spencer:  Me too.  I could really go for some hammock time.

Jessie:  Yeah, I know.

McCrae walks in with his toothbrush in his mouth and mumbles that he wishes the Spy Cam worked.  Now we go downstairs to the kitchen where Nick, Gina Marie, Judd, Andy and Elissa are hanging around, chatting about their dreams.  Nick wishes that Big Brother would invest in a bigger hot water heater for them, and complains that his wrist really hurts right now.

Andy:  Is that from all of the masturbating you've been doing?

Gina Marie guffaws as Nick says "Obviously!"

Amanda walks through and wanted to know what time it was.  Andy tried to fool her and say that it was 12:30 but she wasn't taken in by it.  She and Gina Marie discuss various hair dryers and which ones pack better than others.  I think Andy is going to wear a bowtie for the live show and GM likes that idea.  She chatters about a cotton dress she may wear and then tells someone that "all she has are dresses right now".

After the break Andy is up in the HoH and confessed to McCrae that he was trying to use the Spy Cam when he was in the HoH earlier, alone.  He thought he was a dumbass because he couldn't get it to work but didn't want anybody to know that he was trying to be sneaky and spy on people.

Helen had never heard of Regina Spector before and says she's really great.  McCrae brought in a bunch of toothbrushes that he bought at the dollar store but worries they might be "covered in lead paint or something".

Number six is Andy's favorite song on the CD.  Helen likes that too, but also loves song #3.  Now we go to the Small World bedroom where Nick is talking to David.  David says he will feel more at ease once the live show is over, and Nick says he needs to smooth a few things over with someone that I think might be Elissa, but I'm not sure.

Now Candice comes up to the HoH with a cookie from the fresh batch, and this sends Spencer to the door to go get some.  Now we are in the Cockpit where McCrae just dropped a hot cookie on the seating area, and ran to get napkins to clean it up since melted chocolate is on the seat.

Jeremy and Judd sit there like statues while McCrae runs back and forth from the kitchen to the Cockpit with napkins and then more napkins, cleaning up his mess.

McCrae:  This is going to be my place, right here, now that I'm not in the HoH anymore.

Jeremy:  I don't know why you stayed up in the HoH so said the last thing you wanted to do was to isolate yourself, but that is what you did!

Judd:  You came down to the pool and stuff during the day.

Jeremy:  But not at night.......nope...I wonder why....oh well.


Jeremy:  But it's not like you were the only one in there, though....

McCrae:  Yep. There were constantly people in there.  Constantly.  Whatever.

I think Jeremy wanted to discuss McCrae's relationship with Amanda, but since McCrae didn't bring it up so neither did he.  McCrae just ate a cookie in three seconds the way young guys can do, and they all got up and left the room.

Because they are all trapped inside on a Lockdown, there is a lot of whispering going on, as people struggle to have private conversations with so many people around.

In the HoH Helen is reporting that the Boats and Ho's stopped talking when she came into a room and then they immediately walked out.  This leads them to believe that Nick is a part of that group.  Andy feels that he can never figure out what Nick is thinking, because he is so diplomatic.  Helen wants to use code words so they can talk about people more freely.  Andy jokes to call Nick Jeremy, and Jeremy David, and so forth so people will be confused.

Andy wants to call Nick Oscar because Nick is from Ohio and O is for Oscar, but they confess they will never remember it.

After the break we see Nick in the Small World room, talking to Aaryn and Gina Marie about his little meeting with Elissa.

Nick:  She pulled me in that room.

Aaryn:  She's a doo little, do late.  There's no way.....

Nick:  She asked me who Anthony was going to vote for and I was like who?  Anthony?

They all giggle wickedly.


There was more to this update, but I don't know what happened to it.  Sorry about that.  I don't think there was anything too juicy, though, that we're missing here.

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