Monday, July 8, 2013

Are You Watching With Dan This Season? #BB15

You may already know about this, but I just learned that Dan Gheesling has embarked on an ambitious project this summer to film himself watching the CBS Big Brother shows.

He has a sponsor who is setting it all up for him, and there will be some sort of prizes awarded to people who watch  and participate in the project.

The show itself does not screen on Dan's set, but the little time clock in the top left corner shows you where Dan's view is as far as minutes in the show.  

As a Super Fan himself, Dan is super-pumped about the new season and is sure to spill some inside info about the series as he watches.  For example, I just watched the first few minutes of Episode #1 and he says that he got to tour the BB15 house before the season started, and mentions some of the changes in the backyard and says the new live set looks exactly like the Big Brother Canada set.

You can keep up with Watch With Dan at his website, linked here.  The episodes are also on You Tube.  I always thought that Dan would be a great sportscaster one day, and this proves it.

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