Monday, July 8, 2013

Are There Cracks in the MC Alliance? #BB15

McCrae and Spencer are chatting quietly at the pool, hiding their chatter with the sound of water splashing and the frequent jets overhead.  (The BB house is close to the airport.)

Spencer keeps saying that Amanda makes everybody in the MC nervous, because she is too quick to react instead of just listening to things.

Spencer tells him that he can't trust him completely because of Amanda.

Spencer:  I'm just talking to you now, as a dude.

McCrae:  I understand completely.

Spencer:  I'm just being honest...the entire MC is nervous about her and I know you said you'd be willing to cut her off, but.....

Spencer points out that Helen really likes McCrae, and it is clear that Helen is keeping Spencer on his toes.  Spencer is also making all kinds of assumptions regarding who will be the new recurring MVP when Elissa leaves.   He tells McCrae that he has his back, and he's going to follow the MC "to a fault".

Spencer:  It's not a bad idea to have a parachute packed, but not if it's full of sand.

McCrae:  Yeah.  Totally.

It's hard to hear with all of the background noise, but McCrae said it is hard for him to operate in the house with Amanda around---he needs to provide explanations to her for his actions and it complicates matters.

Spencer seems willing to bet that Jeremy will be the new MVP when Elissa leaves. 

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