Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Promise Broken by Helen Kim #BB15

This is a Flashback from last night, near midnight.

In the first few days on the live feeds, I heard Helen say that the only promise she made her husband is that she wouldn't smoke in the Big Brother house.

She's totally trying to hold the lit cigarette way down, so we won't see it.

 Sorry Helen.  You're busted.

Helen:  It's great that these are Parliaments.  I used to smoke Parliaments.

(You're smoking one now, Helen, and inhaling the hell out of it.)

In unrelated news, Elissa is STILL whining about how she's on her period and it's like, so gross.

Elissa:  It's like, so gross.

Her poor husband must be kicking up his heels in Saskatchewan, or where ever he is.  Enjoy it now, buddy, because she and her PMS will be coming home soon.

Helen pours more booze.  Once you have that first forbidden puff, it's off to the races. Jessie might want to get rid of Helen if she wants to have enough smokes to last through August.

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