Saturday, July 13, 2013

And We're Finally Back #BB15

and I think they just finished the PoV.   They had to jump over something on a trampoline and then memorize something while they jumped in order to recreate it.  They said it was fun.

Spencer enjoyed it and liked the artwork.  "They" told Spencer that they could get the artwork when the show is over.

Helen's time was 8:55.  One of the girls had a 7:00 time.  Helen said Judd did a great job as host.

McCrae walks through with tampons for Amanda, joking that they were his and Candice says that is so sweet.

I think Kaitlin won with a time of 7:09.  Yes, Kaitlin won.

Candice thinks she will use it because Jeremy told her to start playing for herself.  But we all know Jeremy has until Monday to make Kaitlin do whatever he wants her to do.

What in God's name is Elissa wearing?  Good lord.

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