Thursday, July 11, 2013

And We're Back #BB15

and in the Have Not Room Helen is pacing and is so excited.  She said that McCrae had turned to her before it started and said they all needed her to win, and were depending on her this week.

She can't wait to see her kids.

In the storage room Spencer is consoling Andy, who is upset over something Aaryn or Kaitlin did or said to him.  Spencer says to give it a few days, let it calm down....  Andy is pacing.

Amanda presents all sorts of choices for dinner and it was just blah blah blah.

Jeremy is pacing in the kitchen and had a terse conversation with Judd where he said something about not being warned beforehand and it would have been nice.  Judd said that he wasn't gunning for Jeremy, or Gina Maire.

Amanda walked by and asked Jeremy if pasta was okay with him and he said yes, thank you.

In the Have Not Room they went over the questions in the competition and Helen said after Jeremy went out first a lot of the pressure was off.  Then she saw that he was cheering for Kaitlin and she wasn't about to let Kaitlin beat her in a competition like this.  That is McCrae in there with Candice, Elissa, Helen and Jessie.

Now Andy comes in, and Judd comes in and gives Helen a hug and she is thanking all of them for helping her study for the competition.  She repeats several times that this is a shared win.

McCrae:  But you deserved it.

Judd:  And you're going from this room to way up there!

Helen:  You guys!  This is Big Brother!  This is my favorite show!  This is everything

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