Thursday, July 4, 2013

And Now, a Few Words About Last Night #BB15

This post is just me talking, so I won't be offended if you haul ass now.  I'm going to vent a little, but not too much.

I have a few comments and statements regarding the first live show of the season, and it's aftermath.

1.  I was not prepared for what happened during the show, with regard to the internet.  I have a high-speed connection, but my laptop slowed down to a craaawwwwlllll as the live show started, and continued it's snail-like pace until after the HoH contest was over.  I tried to post more pictures and words as the events unfolded live, but it was clear that was an impossible task, so I just gave up.

2.  I even lost part of yesterday's BBAD post that went up as the live show started and will not be able to recover it.  I had trouble posting to my own website, traffic was so congested.   (Thanks, Super Fans!)

3.  The live feeds are always a mess during an HoH endurance contest, because a high proportion of live feeders tune in to watch.  I'm used to that, but there were some severe sound problems on the live feeds that made listening to them virtually impossible.  And I tried to change camera views so I could see teams other than Andy and Elissa, and Judd and Nick competing, but the CBS website was overloaded and crashing on my so I just had to stay put.  I did see Amanda and Kaitlin, as well, but that's about it. 

4.  I trust the Powers that Be will try to fix this before the next live HoH competition.  Real Network always did, but the crowds will only grow from here so CBS needs to get their arms around the situation as soon as they can.  The large crowds are just part of the excitement and the fun, so I don't get too crazy about it.  I don't make my living from doing this, thank god, so a little internet traffic won't ruin my life.

5.  What they won't be able to fix, however, is all of the cursing that required blanking out nearly the entire segment when Julie Chen was trying to explain the HoH contest, and how it worked.  Cursing is second-nature for people, and very impulsive so I don't think they can control it at a stressful time like that, even if they want to. 

6.  One of the things I liked about BB Canada is that they could just broadcast the words "shit" and "fuck" so we did get to experience what the house guests said and did on the live show.  But that won't happen in America anytime soon, and that is hardly CBS' fault.  America has taught their children to say those words, but the television standards and practices require that we pretend the words don't exist.

7.  So The Chenbot can tell them not to curse, but we would all probably curse too, walking out to the backyard and learning that we would be playing for HoH as part of a team, too.

8.  Many people are grousing about that part of the twist, but to me that made it brilliant.  The team that won both wanted each other to win HoH, but you certainly can't say that about every team.  I heard Andy say on BBAD last night that he thought Elissa could be slowing down on purpose, so they wouldn't win, but more about that later when I recap the show.

9.  I wish McCrae had gotten his private time to speak with Julie, but there was really just too much content to allow time for that on the CBS show.  I could have lived without the David interview, since he said virtually nothing of note, but I know CBS has to let him have a moment with Julie.

10.   The biggest problem regarding the live show, in my opinion, was letting the house guests hear the crowd during the first part of the live voting.  They clearly heard the cheers and boos, and I've heard both Aaryn and Helen say on BBAD that the crowd response worried and encouraged them, respectively.  CBS realized their mistake and corrected it during the break for the second half of the votes, but the cat is already out of the bag for the house guests on some things.

11.  McCrae and Elissa both heard the cheering.  I'm sure McCrae realizes that he is on the right side of things as far as the fans are concerned, too.  That is why Elissa made sure to tell America that she loved them.  She knows.  And I don't like that or think that part is fair.  The house guests should only know what Julie tells them, and just leave them guessing about the rest.

12.  So having said that, I encourage each of you to start voting for this week's MVP, and choose carefully.  You can vote up to 10 times each day on the CBS website.  Vote for who you think is playing the game, and playing it well.  Let's do the right thing here, people, and leave the popularity contests behind us, in the rear view mirror.

13.  And speaking of that, I have seen the tsunami of hate from fans and bloggers who think the show is rigged.  Why keep watching, then?  Why would you waste your summer if you hate the whole thing so much?  I really don't want to hear the whining all summer from you, and won't be listening much longer to it.

14.  I like to form my own opinions and don't like to follow the crowd with regard to Big Brother.  Sometimes the crowd and I agree, and sometimes we don't, but I try to be fair and report the facts either way.

15.  I'm not denying that I need to Get a Life, but at least I love Big Brother.  If you really hate it so much, then who really needs to Get a Life now?  Please go forth this summer and be productive in a positive manner, and leave us to our guilty pleasures.

That is all.  Thank you and let's buckle in for a long bumpy ride this summer.  It's already been quite a show, both inside and outside the house, hasn't it?

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  1. True in that a house without repeat house guests makes it more of a fun show. The MVP allows the drama to start on episode two rather than week three


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