Friday, July 26, 2013

America's Favorite Love Birds #BB15

McCrae says he is not excited about today's competition at all.  He hopes it is a Food Competition for the house, and not a Have Not competition.  He would love to win a grill.  Amanda noshed on her bagel with schmear.

Amanda "performed" the dialogue spoken by the HoH during the nomination ceremony, except she called it the "Masturbation Ceremony".  In typical Amanda fashion, she was very, very loud while she did this so it was impossible to ignore for any of us.

When she got to the part where the HoH says to take your key and pull another one "and so on " she stopped to ask Helen and Helen confirmed the wording, saying that is how Production wants you to say it.

 Amanda also imitated the way McCrae answered Julie Chen's questions last night on the live show.

Amanda:  So McCrae, how was your 24th birthday in the Big Brother House?  Fine.

They laughed about how his response was no fun.

 Last night Jessie, Amanda, GMZ and Aaryn were hanging around in the Small World and blowing off steam.  Amanda and Jessie had some sort of contest where each one of them would approach Aaryn privately in another room to tell her their biggest Big Brother secret.

Amanda went first, and said it really was a secret so she had to whisper it.  When she started whispering Aaryn immediately started cracking up and I think Amanda was giving explicit details about her sexual experiences with McCrae.  Previously I heard her tell the girls that McCrae has "a big one" so I know Aaryn already knew this non-secret.

Then, when it was Jessie's turn, she told Aaryn that she thinks McCrae is "gorgeous and stares at him all of the time".

Interesting, huh?  Aaryn said that Amanda won, hands down, and that Jessie's secret sucked.  I think the winner gets to host the PoV, or something.  I found Jessie's "secret" kind of interesting, actually. 

BB came on the intercom and reminded the house guests that sleeping in the living room is prohibited.   Amanda asks him why he doesn't just go get in bed.

Judd:  I didn't want to go to sleep, go to sleep.

Judd:  Maybe I just need my coffee.

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