Monday, July 22, 2013

America Has Spoken. Again. #BB15

Gina Marie Zimmerman was America's Choice for nomination today.  The house has an air of relief now that this is over.

GMZ tells everyone that she's not fucking fake, and she doesn't have to talk to "fucking bitches and liars".
She's going to take it as a compliment, like Jeremy did.  If she goes home she'll go back home to her family, her job, and she'll get to see Nick.  (I predict that she will only do one of those things.)

Aaryn:  Oh "Gims", I don't know what to say.

GMZ:  You don't need to say a fuckin' thing.  I'm cool.

Here is a picture of their messy room. Aaryn says this is the first week that a girl is going home.
A few minutes ago McCrae  and Judd met in the HoH to make plans.  Judd said McCrae or Andy need to win the HoH this week.  They both think it will be endurance and will go on for hours.

Judd:  Don't look at it and think it's a girls thing.  Matt and Ian won it, so you can do it too.

Judd thinks Andy might be a little too tall.  McCrae says he thought the first HoH was a girls' challenge, but he knew he had to win so he did.  They discussed how both McCrae and Amanda are at a big risk next week and Judd says Amanda's behavior has improved in the last 24 hours.  They both plan to be very nice to Gina Marie now.

Elissa stood in the hallway and scolded America on the MVP's "stupid nominations", saying they made no sense and we should never pick this same MVP again.

 Before the ceremony, Elissa was standing in this same place with Candice, who was trying to have a good conversation about her single life.  Elissa interrupted her to ask which look she liked better, wearing the blue skirt as a dress or low down on her hips.  Candice said she liked it as a pencil skirt, at Elissa's waist with a pair of high heels.

Elissa then asked her three times if she really liked that better, and to her credit Candice answered each time without sounding annoyed.  Then Elissa totally ignored her advice and wore the skirt down below her naval.  Of course.

Judd went and crawled in bed with GMZ and tried to encourage her.  She started off being really argumentative with him, saying how she is a great competitor and campaigning to help Nick didn't help her. She just wants to lay there and think about Nick.

Judd kept being sweet, telling her that he needs her in the house, and she shouldn't make herself the target now with a bad attitude.  She says if she wins HoH she is nominating Amanda and McCrae (join the party, GMZ) but Judd says his HoH will be a waste if Aaryn doesn't leave, and everyone wants her gone.

 Kaitlin came in and said she thinks Elissa was listening in at the door and GMZ says she "don't give a shit", and if the DR wants to talk to her she's "fucking sleepin' through it."

Kaitlin says GMZ will be the one with the zero votes this week, and tries to explain that GMZ is on the block in order to seal Aaryn's fate.

Kaitlin encourages her to get out and talk to people.  After Judd leaves Kaitlin said that Elissa has to be the MVP, because otherwise it doesn't make sense.  GMZ keeps talking about how strong and competitive she is, and if that makes her a threat than so be it.  Kaitlin says she can't wait to go home to get away from all of these people.

***ALSO***  I almost forget that GMZ referred to Howard as "Oreo Cookie", after Kaitlin told her that she needed to be nice to him.

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