Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amanda's Playing for PoV Today #BB15

and she visits the Queen Bees up in the HoH as they prepare to go downstairs.

They took a few minutes to bash Elissa, and how creepy she looks when she smiles at them.  Aaryn says that she's always smiling when she's doing something evil and it's just creepy.

Amanda:  And if McCrae wasn't up my ass all of the time, she'd be the type of girl that he'd just want to bang because it doesn't matter....

(Somehow I doubt that.)

Gina Marie comes in and they turn the topic of conversation to Nick.  Amanda knows that they're missing something, because Nick is in the DR every couple of minutes.    She wonders if he is a genius, because she asked him if he graduated cum laude and he said "what does that mean"?  She can't believe that he didn't know what "cum laude" meant and Aaryn agrees.

Gina Marie says if you really want to know why he's in there all of the time, it's just because he talks so good....he always knows what to say, and they like that in there....

(It's true love is blind, and deaf, and dumb..............)

Amanda:  I think we all articulate pretty well, but there's something that we're going to be surprised about later with Nick...something is up with him...

Aaryn:  I told you that he's gay.  He's a closeted gay.

Amanda:  Well, that's not why he's in the diary room all of the time....

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