Friday, July 12, 2013

Amanda's Dad Speaks #BB15

Amanda's father Robert Zuckerman was interviewed by a South Florida TV station live on the air the day after the BB15 premiere aired.  I know her dad is very active on twitter right now, chatting up the BB community, so I'm not surprised he was supporting her on local TV.

He mentions that McCrae had made HoH and she "seemed to be very friendly with him".

He seems like a cool dad to say the least.  You can enjoy this short video at this link.

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  1. How can he defend Amanda after this video shows her clearly saying worse things than Aaryn! She states she should slit Elissa's throat so she couldn't scream while the guys had sex with her anally!! The video is on youtube & is called "BB15 Bigotry Supercuts" here is the Link:


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