Monday, July 8, 2013

Amanda Has No Personal Secrets, Nor Boundries #BB15

Amanda is in the pool with McCrae and Jeremy and talks openly about her saline breast implants.  She tells them that if she leans over a certain way, you can "even see them".

She demonstrates this for them, while Jeremy keeps saying he's nervous.  Jeremy is very skittish about surgery.

Amanda:  I must have a high pain tolerance, because with even with the tattoos, it didn't bother me.  The breast surgery was a piece of cake.

She goes on to share her laser hair removal procedures, elaborating that she's had "all of her asshole hair removed".

Aaryn is on the scene now.  Do you think she will hook up with Jeremy in the house?  If Kaitlin leaves soon, I think she will at least attempt it.  Just a guess.

Someone found some nails outside in the backyard recently, and Amanda is so glad that someone did something about it.

Amanda:  Can you imagine if one of those nails got stuck in my boob?

McCrae:  Would you  leave if that happened?

Amanda:  If my boob got popped?  I'd fuckin' sue!

Jeremy:  I'll bet they are all worried about you.

McCrae:  That's why they must love me.  They're like, this kid loves the show...he'd never sue us.



  1. There is a picture on twitter that shows Jer grabbing Aa's leg while he is snuggling K on the other side of him in the HOH bed. BigBrotherTVFishBowl has it.

    1. Nice! I wish Aaryn would've taken up the "dirty dancing" offer with Jeremy. That seems like something she'd do, but no luck. I would've liked to see that drama.


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