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Aaryn: Who Wants to Pretend to Want to See My HoH Room? #BB15

I am flashing back to the HoH Room reveal from last night, when the unimaginable happened, leaving Aaryn as the HoH.  She and Jeremy were teamed up for the HoH challenge and after they won Aaryn asked Jeremy if she could be the HoH and he said yes.  As easy as that.

There are all sorts of sour grapes out there about how the two of them cheated by misusing the little barbecue sauce cups, but I didn't see that myself, and highly doubt that CBS would proclaim a do-over at this point.  This turn of events, Aaryn being disgraced, losing her showmance partner, and then becoming HoH is a great story for the show.  A real ratings-getter.

OK.  When I tune in McCrae and Amanda are sitting at the chess board with Nick, but I'm not sure they are really playing.  They are doing a lot of BS'ing, and then Judd and Jeremy join them.

Jeremy studies the chess board and announces there is no move left for Nick.  Jessie joins their group at some point, sitting with her arm around Amanda's shoulder.  Amanda is tired and says that competition was the most exercise she's had in years.  Jeremy is getting tired now, too and they are all anxious for Aaryn to get out of the DR so they can get on with it.

I think Aaryn had to nominate the Have Nots, so it is no surprise that Helen, Candice, Elissa and Andy were her choices.  In other words, the Have Nots could be subtitled "Aaryn's Shit List" this week.

On the live feeds, when you see this, you know she's about to emerge.  Oooo there is a DR leak and I can hear the guy telling Aaryn what to say, and how to say it.  Aaryn giggles "thanks".

Aaryn: Who wants to see my HoH Room?

There are cheers and whistles as she goes up the stairs and I see Helen drag herself up from the couch to go to the staircase.  I think Aaryn should have paused at the door for a second while she said that famous line, but I guess she's the model, not me.

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Everyone downstairs starts moving slowly to the stairs for the big reveal.  I'm sure the muscle fatigue is setting in about now, since they were all sliding and falling on the slippery surface for well over an hour.  As they move toward the room we see this shot of her HoH basket.  I've always hated clowns.

Aaryn:  They told me to wait until we're all up here.  Well, not all of us, but just the group who's gonna be here.  (?)

The energy level is lacking, I have to say, as they gather outside of the door.   Jeremy "hopes there's pictures" and Andy agrees.  As they walk in the room, note that Gina Marie moves right past Aaryn, going for the table, and Kaitlin goes right for the bed.

Helen and Elissa aren't looking too happy, I have to say.  Jamming 15 people into that room is a challenge, too.  I'm not even sure the California fire codes would allow this many people jammed in there.  McCrae already has a cigarette out and has been holding it, waiting for the moment when he can go outside and torch up, speaking of fire codes.

One of Aaryn's pictures is her as a redhead, and she later said that she was forced to dye her hair red because there were already too many blondes on the AHL cheerleading squad.  Or something like that.  Andy loved the red hair but Aaryn "hates it".  Of course.

Aaryn:  This is Clownie...he was my first stuffed animal...I know he's creepy, though.

For someone whom Aaryn has described as "fake" countless times last week, Elissa doesn't seem to be faking it right now, does she?

Her CD is Spice World by the Spice Girls and Andy squeals and claps when he hears this.  I heard Aaryn mention some other singer last week as the CD that she really wanted if she won HoH.  She had to write a list of "like 10" CDs she would want to hear, so she put stars and hearts next to the one she really wanted.

NOTE:  I learned during BB14 that the HoH music comes from one of the crew's iPods, as does the morning music that is played.  Since previous house guests also got Spice World in their HoH room, I'm guessing this was the easiest choice for them.  Apparently Danielle and Shane talked to the crew member who provides the tunes during their trip to see the Olympic gymnasts.

There is a picture of Aaryn's cat in the room, and I can hear Gina Marie laughing in her customary manner.  Aaryn opens the letter, and it is from her step-sister.

As usual, Big Brother has transcribed the letter themselves, probably from an email.  This allows them to edit out information that might be unfair in the game, as well as any pictures or symbols that might lend an advantage, as well.  (I think BB Canada fucked up royally last season by allowing Alec to get a letter from his mom that mentioned her love for another house guest, Gary.  This was deplorable in my opinion and horribly unfair to the other players.)

One exception to this would be letters from children.  If Elissa or Helen win HoH, they are likely to allow crayoned drawings or notes from the kids.  Some house guests have even received notes from nieces or nephews in their HoH room (i.e. Big Jeff got a letter from his niece Marley).

The letter is addressed to Princess Aaryn and mentions "Chumkin" her cat, and mentions Aaryn "making a name for herself".  Her sister says to "do you" and to make herself proud and not to worry about making anybody else proud, and to "be nice and be friends", because we don't want anything that results in "your extensions on the floor".  The letter continues with her sister saying that Aaryn needs to win so she can buy her sister a new purse, because the strap on her purse just broke.

Elissa's face says it all here.

Jessie escaped slop this week, so she has reason to smile.

Gina Marie hurt her finger during the competition, but the bandage already looks ratty, doesn't it?  When the end comes for Gina Marie, trust me it isn't going to be pretty.  CBS better get that 7 second delay cranked up and ready.

Aaryn got Miller Lite cans. I'm sure Kaitlin is happy about that, but probably more happy about being in the HoH room with Jeremy.  (Hi Daddy!)

The camera guys love Kaitlin.  She has been giving them a lot to work with and this week should be no different.

Gina Marie and Nick get busy loading all of the beer cans into the little HoH fridge.

Aaryn got Frooty Pebbles and string cheese.  She says that anyone can come up anytime and "eat her stuff".  Jeremy says then why not throw him some of those Sour Patch Kids candies?  Aaryn got several packages of those so she throws him the Watermelon variety.  Aaryn also announces that she got the spray tanner she wanted.

Gina Marie:  SHIT!

They all laugh.  But the Have Nots start gathering together as they realize they won't be enjoying any Sour Patch Kids this week.  (But they will have America's Choice foods, so that's something.)

Aaryn says she didn't bring any of those pictures with her.  Maybe her step sister Tanya gave them to Production, or maybe they came from Facebook.  We get a quick FISH when she says that.  Her mother must have given Production, Aaryn's first dance recital costume.  It looks like a fairy costume and the wings light up.  Jeremy wanted her to try it on and she did.  She turned off the lights in the room and there were a few claps as they saw the wings light up.  Her mom made that costume.

Jessie is holding Clownie and I realize I haven't heard Howard say one thing.  Now is that awkward time when someone wants to get up and leave, but doesn't want to be the first one.  Aaryn thanks the group several times, and I think that is code for "now get the hell out of here".   She also thanks Jeremy and calls him "the perfect teammate".  I'm predicting a mass exodus from the HoH Room in 3.......2......1......

Who will be the first to leave the HoH room?  Will it be Candice?

Amanda?  Judd?

Spencer?  (Who I believe is still employed at this point.)

Jeremy sings a Spice Girl song and we get FISH.  No one moves yet.  Aaryn was a redhead when she started the BB15 interview process, but just went back to being blonde about two weeks before coming in the house.

Jeremy starts getting down to the music.  He knows he'll be getting down in the HoH room this week, all right.

Howard will take a Sour Patch Kid, thank you.  He can probably burn off the calories of eating a handful of those by just walking down the stairs.

Gina Marie wishes they could get a slide show in there that shows all of the pictures so they can just sit and watch it.

Jeremy:  Why don't you produce this shit, then?

Aaryn thanks everyone for coming up, and says not to feel like you have to stay up there if you don't want to.

Helen:  No, this is a big deal.  Winning an HoH is a big deal and we all love this show.

McCrae reports that he already fed the fish today, and that there are dated bags containing the fish food.  He recommends saving the dated bags so "they could study it".  Aaryn admits that she's already thought about that.

They continue with the group chitter chatter, but you can feel the tension as the excitement wears down.  They open a new pack of sour candies and McCrae selects a green one to try, a green apple flavor.  You can see him still holding his cigarette in the picture below.  He's ready to spark that baby up.

Someone, I think Amanda, went to go see if the back door was open, and she returns shortly to report that the awning is still down.  Aaryn has Oreos and Gina Marie wants to make deep-fried Oreos.

Aaryn:  Look Candice....I got White Girl Oreos!

Candice says something in falsetto that indicates this is a call back to an earlier conversation and may be funny.  Gina Marie stares longingly at the tanning spray.  Check out those boots.  Whey didn't Production confiscate those?  Good lord.

They discuss how delicious Velveeta Shells and Cheese are, and Aaryn's cat Chumkin, who gets a "lion cut" at the groomer.  They pass the picture of the cat and Elissa does give a slight smile as she looks at it.  The cat's actual name is Pumpkin but Aaryn's friends call it Chumkin.  Everyone would love to bring their pets into the BB house and they discuss seasons that had a dog (BB1) and guinea pigs (BB9). 

In between topics there is silence.  Someone talks about wanting to eat, and Aaryn asks if anyone else had a bad headache today.  Several people chime in and Aaryn hopes they replenish the bottle of Advil.  Andy reports they've already gone through a few bottles already, particularly after the first HoH competition.

McCrae can vouch for how comfortable the bed is, but points out he hasn't slept in any other beds in the house yet.    It turns out Elissa is the one to make the first move, which is probably appropriate since she has the MVP aura surrounding her.

Elissa:  That was fun.  Thanks for sharing.

Aaryn:  Ya'll can grab anything you want....unless I fucked you over with slop.

Nick asks McCrae if he wants to finish the chess game and then Nick admits he farted, and is sorry about it.

Gina Marie, a trooper:  It's okay!  I've smelt that every night!

McCrae gets up to leave and covers his face due to the stench.  Amanda takes this as her cue to leave too and they both make their exit.

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