Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aaryn: I Know This is So Gay.... #BB15

but I can't even stand to go into that bedroom... the smell reminds me of him.....of David...I've gone in there a few times by myself and just laid down, but it makes me sad...I'm getting better though..

(Didn't David reek?  Of B.O. and dirty hair?  Didn't Aaryn rip him a new one about his poor bathing habits?)

Kaitlin says she's going to be a huge bitch "if Jeremy is taken away from her".

Aaryn:  I will, too.  You just can't even imagine what it's like to spend so much time with someone, like 24 hours a day, and then have them taken from you.

Kaitlin is furious just thinking about it, but combs out some fresh weave so that she can be ready for the PoV herself. 

I think Kaitlin thinks she might be hosting it, but I read somewhere that a guy from Under the Dome is going to guest host for some cheap cross-promotion.  If that is the case, I hope he is really good looking so that one or two of those girls makes a fool out of themselves.  Jessie, of course, but maybe someone like Candice or Aaryn.  Or maybe if he's an actor Amanda has already slept with him when she lived in LA?

(She's constantly throwing out her conquests, as proud as any frat brother.)

A few minutes ago the girls did a faux Chilltown phone call, bragging that they picked the PoV players they wanted, and it is 5-1 right now for this competition.  I'm pretty sure you'll see this little scene on the CBS show, because they seem just like cackling witches, and Aaryn has the perfect pageant hair, as well.

The camera crew enjoys the many sides of Aaryn.  You know she is one of the big Stars of the show now, right?  CBS got a new female villain this year, but not the one they planned for.  These two bitches are ratings gold and you know I'm right.  You will love them or hate them, but you won't change the channel.

Gina Marie had a quick meeting with Nick about strategy.  Everyone wants to know if Elissa gets to nominate a replacement if Jeremy takes himself off the block with the PoV.  GM says she looked in the manual but doesn't see it addressed.  Nick asks her to "go in there and find out" and GM says she will, after she curls her ponytail...but just the end of it.

Nick escaped into the WC for a few blessed moments of peace and quiet.

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