Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aaryn Has Pageant Hair Today #BB15

and you've got to admire that she's no floater.  She's taking a stand in that house, and doesn't care who knows it.  Now that David is gone Aaryn is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore.

The PoV player pick was held just now, and Amanda and Nick were the random picks to play.  As expected, the MVP nominated Jeremy, and everyone knows that it was Elissa.

Aaryn, addressing the camera:  I hope you saw that shit, David!

Gina Marie swears that Nick will do the right thing if he wins the PoV.  Aaryn sneers that she doesn't care doesn't matter....if he takes Jeremy off he knows she'll just come after him next week!

She bit angrily on what appears to be a toasted English muffin with a slick of butter on it.

Kaitlin has counted the votes, and she hates to say it, but she's not even scared to go on the block if Jeremy is taken off.

Kaitlin:  Everybody knows that Jeremy will kill them if they get rid of me!

It's almost as if Kaitlin were doing a commercial for Dove lotion, right?

 The lighting in the HoH Suite is spectacular, no?

Gina Marie announces that she will just wear her hair in a pony tail tonight.  No one argues with her about it, or responds in any way.

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