Monday, July 15, 2013

Aaryn Brings up Betsey Johnson #BB15

Do you think that is strange, considering that Nick just spent last weekend at Betsey Johnson's home in the Hamptons?  (You can learn about that here.)  Out of the blue she said that Betsy Johonson's company went bankrupt.

Aaryn said there was a reality show about it, and says she bought a Betsey Johnson purse at Ross and Amanda chimes in that her prices were "the lowest of the low".  They have been sitting on the backyard couch shooting the breeze and watching Helen, Howard and Jessie run around the backyard.

They think Howard makes running look like walking, and decide he is "definitely" a professional athlete.  Amanda thinks McCrae looks like he would work at a Blockbuster, and Andy looks like he could man the counter at Jamba Juice.   I guess Kaitlin has put on lipstick today to prepare for her big moment during the PoV Ceremony.

Kaitlin says that Andy is so cute, and he tells the story of a friend of his throwing his head back in a bar to laugh and accidentally knocking Andy's two front teeth out.  The two teeth he has are fake and McCrae says "Holy shit".  Andy doesn't know what happened to the teeth but says he went straight to the hospital and can't believe he hadn't told them about that yet.

Amanda also shared that her bathing suit that she is wearing makes her tits look huge and she had to take out the padding.

Kaitlin:  The are huge.

Jeremy advises everyone not to pop their pimples because it can cause scarring.  One of his friends had bad Bacne and now his back is horribly scarred.

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