Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aaryn Bakes, Again. #BB15

She is making cookies for the Have Nots from a recipe on the side of a Sun Maid Raisins bag.  I think the recipe is for Oatmeal Raisin Clusters, with the oatmeal replaced with Slop, of course.  She's not sure if the cookies will be good because they contain a lot of oil.

She said her grandmother used to teach cooking classes and she regrets not having the chance to learn all of her recipes and cooking techniques.

Helen:  Oh, so she was like Julia Child?

Aaryn:  Who?

 They do look rather greasy, don't they?

They got props to use in the photo booth and are rushing around to take them within the time limit allowed.  Jessie has to get a cup of coffee first and "do something to her face".

Then she went into the Have Not room and was trying to put a bathing suit top on while Howard was apologizing for Candice threatening her.   Poor Howard...this is the last thing he needs right now.

It's funny how she can complete this rather-intimate gesture right in front of him.  And us, too, I guess.

Amanda was yelling at McCrae, accusing him of not wanting to take a picture in the photo booth with her.  Right in front of Candice she shouted "I might be fucking leaving this week!"


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  1. "You don't want to take a picture with me!!!"

    "You didn't bring me food!!! I always bring you food!!!"

    "You didn't bring me food again!!!"

    Run away, McCrae. Run away.


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