Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aaaryn: Boo Hoo. Kaitlin: Boo Hoo, Too #BB15

The girls are in the Cockpit and Kaitlin is sobbing.  Aaryn is saying that she knew what this game was about, but didn't know it would feel like this when it happens to you.

Aaryn heard Helen saying that their side had the numbers to go all of the way to jury.  Kaitlin just wants to go out then, and not even go to the jury.

Aaryn:  My bridges are already burned.  They're gone.  I've gone from HoH to Candice...

She thinks Kaitlin can do a deal with Elissa, but she knows she can't.  They both think he will go to the other side.

Kaitlin:  That's why he's not sitting here with us...

Kaitlin:  I want to come see you in Texas.

Aaryn:  I want you to...I can go to Houston and meet you and Jeremy.

Kaitlin:  I'd rather stay with you than Jeremy, probably....

Aaryn tries to rally Kaitlin by saying they could come back, they could turn it around.  They can make some deals with people if they have to.

Jeremy comes in and tells them that its over, and they need to move on because they can't keep moping.  Aaryn pushes back and he says she can play her own game if she wants.  Aaryn says she is really shocked right now and Jeremy agrees.  He thought he could trust people in this house but he can't trust anybody.

Jeremy:  We are definitely at the bottom.

Aaryn:  She's gonna put all of us up.

Jeremy:  We don't know that.....

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