Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Banner Plane Causes Big Excitement #BB15

The backyard was quiet, with Elissa and Helen talking low about their latest plan to cast suspicion on other house guests.  They plan to spread a rumor that Nick is Dan Gheesling's cousin, and Elissa shares gossip from Rachel about how Will Kirby's brother was "interviewed".

Helen:  What do you mean, "interviewed"?

Elissa doesn't know, but since they are making it up it really doesn't matter.

Elissa is showing A LOT of side boob as she lounges in the backyard.

Then a plane flew overhead and they all gathered around to read the message.  They can't figure out how the plane is doing whatever it is doing.  In the past the feeds were cut when this type of activity occurred, but not today.  The message that trailed the plane was "Who Has Tickets to the Hollywood Bowl?"

McCrae dragged ass out of bed and came out to watch.  He said "it's like magic" and like "a real printer".

As they resumed their normal activities Elissa announced that if you had someone send you a message from the outside like a banner plane, you are at risk of losing your stipend.

Kaitlin comes out and says she thinks she got her urinary tract infection from that nasty pool, or the horrid tampons that were provided for the girls to use.

Kaitlin:  I should have known better about using "green" tampons.

She plans to ask for alternatives from the DR when the time comes.

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