Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whispers and Schemes....Already #BB15

The Good News:  This group is here to play.

The Bad News:  Some of them are playing a different game.

I've been watching BBAD and finally got my live feeds to work, just now. I can't figure out how to change channels, though.  The picture is crisp and clear.    You can see there is a quad cam, and four single cams, just like Real Player.  Flashback is available, too.

There is A LOT of whispering in the house tonight.  Some scheming, and sexual tension.  Not between these two, though.  Candice put mousse in McCrae's hair and started messing with it, and BB told them to stop.  McCrae thinks it is a continuity issue for the DR.

 McCrae is part of an alliance called The Moving Company, involving Nick, Howard, Jeremy and possibly Spencer.  Nick and Howard have been doing the vote math and seem to have worked out all of the possibilities, including the MVP ramifications.

They're getting all dressed up.  I don't think they know that BBAD is already half over.  They were expecting to get some sort of announcement when the live feeds and BBAD started.  Just like every year.  And of course there was no announcement.  Just like every year.

Judd seems to be fitting right in and everyone seems fond of him.

Nick needs to calm down as he is doing too much frantic whispering to his alliance mates.  Perhaps he is trying to lobby for our MVP votes.  Gina Marie is organizing some sort of fashion show.

He didn't just brush, he flossed, too, and took a quick break to whisper with Gina Marie and give her a hug.  He complimented her on her dress (a HORRIBLY AWFUL dress) and gave her a hug.  I think they were whispering about the nominations.  Jessie was one of the nominations, and I have a guess who the other was, but I don't want to say because the internet will flip out.

That is Gina Marie in the orange dress, and Aaryn in the blue dress and cowboy hat.  Aaryn may be one of the most beautiful BB house guests ever.  Seriously.  David is already putty in her hands and they look for each other, sit by each other, flirting.  It's awwwnn, I think.

I think Candice already spilled her Pageant Patty Beans because I hear them talking about Miss USA.  Well, THAT didn't take long.

Jessie is moping around and whining a little about nominations.

Elissa is very quiet in there, and many of the other girls are dominating the conversations and proceedings.  Amanda shows a mean streak already, giving the stink eye generously and often.  Elissa's been whispering with Jessie, so I wonder what that means?

Judd took a shower and seems like a good scrubber.

Look at all the bikini tops.  I heard one of the girls drunkenly whisper that "wearing a bra was in the manual, but she hasn't been wearing one".

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