Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wakey Wakey...Rise and Whine #BB15

The house guests have been awakened by Big Brother and are stirring about, replacing the batteries in their microphones and complaining.  The PoV ceremony is today, and apparently Production wants them not only to get ready for that, but to start campaigning, worrying, and trash talking.  I mean, allegedly.

Howard is quite a thorough tooth-brusher, in case you were wondering.  He also has pleasant manners in the morning, too, but stops short from being too chatty.

David and McCrae both replaced their batteries without any chit chat.  It looks like the Morning After, and it probably feels like that, too.  All you David fans might want to cancel your weekend plans so you can watch him now.  ***hint hint***  He may be burning a bowl with Jeff Schroeder next weekend, if Jeff is lucky.

When the camera lingers on a shot like this, you have to wonder what is going on.  But this was just McCrae going in the DR for some quick direction, I think, about the sequence of today's events.

The Have Not Cabin is open for business, too.  Helen wishes that the wake up music started softly before getting louder.  But no,  they just start blasting it and Helen is not a fan of that.  She chats with Elissa while they prepare for landing.

(At some point, I will tire of what I think are my very cute airline references.  But it may be a while before that happens, just so you know.)

Looks like a rough landing for Elissa this morning.

Judd makes a trip up to the HoH and it is not too early for Amanda to Boss him a little from under the covers.  He tried to tell her something and she basically shut him down and shut him up.  Poor Judd must feel so alone, if even McCrae did a little snuggling in there last night.  I'm sure he never thought he would be the empty-handed house guest as far as the ladies are concerned.

This is the HoH room after Judd left.  McCrae and Amanda are both under those covers, so you know as much as I do at this point.  You can see McCrae's bandanas tossed aside there on the modular couch.  Maybe Amanda pulled them off and threw them.

Ha ha.  Just kidding.  Don't change the channel.

The skyline is stunning in there .  I love it.

Howard gets something out of the overhead bins.  I may just redecorate one of my bedrooms like this Have Not Room.  I'm amazed they didn't think of this before.  I'm not sure if the luggage can be opened, but you can bet I'd be trying to pry those suitcases open, or look for the keys.  Yep.  No seat cushion unturned for me in there.

Judd made the coffee.  I heard him say that he always makes the coffee in his office, so this is part of his skill set.

I think Judd is really lonely in there.  A house full of people can be the loneliest place in the world, can't it?

Jessie perched herself on the bathroom sink to get comfortable for hair and make up.  The nominees must stand and present their case to the PoV holder, so this is smart of her.  But I guess I should wait and hear the speech before I start bestowing "smart" on her.  She certainly has recovered from her initial shock and sadness from being nominated.  Helen told Elissa that she thinks both Jessie and Candice have handled being nominated well this week.  I'm sure Helen was giving Elissa a Big Hint but I'm not sure if that is how it was received.

Aaryn ate a bowl of cereal, and then went back to bed with David.  As she got back in the bed, she said it was "getting time to change the sheets".  Ugh.  I wonder what the Stink Factor is at this point, since David claimed he would not bathe or wash his hair.

(I had to counsel an employee one time about not washing his hair---no one wanted to sit by him in meetings due to the odor and I earned my paycheck that day with that conversation.)

There was some movement as they moved under the blanket.  I think they were getting into a comfortable position to snooze, so David must not smell too badly, right?

And look at what a pigsty that room is. Who just throws their clothes on the floor like that?

Howard enjoyed a glass of ice water with his bowl of slop.  He can't wait until he can eat, but hasn't been bitching too loudly about it.  He played in the PoV comp and ate three cupcakes during it, I think.  They had to crawl through honey with those cupcakes, I think.  Maybe even in their mouths.  That is why the other Have Nots like Judd were wishing they could play and nibble a few cupcakes, maybe lick up a little honey.

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