Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on the Rumor Mill....the Suspense Builds #BB15

I've just taken a quick spin around the internet and can report that it is still the case that nobody knows anything, really.  I mean, a lot of people know something, but that information appears to be in The Vault.  To me, that is further evidence that there will not be any returning Big Brother players on BB15.

The cast is already sequestered and will likely be entering the house next week, so if someone was going to blab, I think it would have been hard to control based on history.  A group of secret-keeping former Big Brother contestants would be unprecedented at this point.  I haven't even seen any red herrings on Twitter regarding former house guests trying to pretend like they have been cast for the season, either.

How tense that must have been in the BB13 and BB14 pre-seasons for the former Big Brother players...knowing that other former players have been contacted and praying for the phone to ring.  Even if your schedule doesn't allow, it is still nice to be asked...

Last year, the pre-season rumors were at an all-time high, and I believe that that was in large part due to the Hantz family.  I really don't want to get into the whole dirty story here, but a rather notorious Survivor enthusiast has an inside line on the Hantz family and as a result has spoiled a few Survivor seasons and also knew A LOT about last year's Big Brother cast.

His name on Twitter is "missyae" (Why?  I have no idea.) and his Twitter is @TheGameSurvivor.  I did some due diligence on him last year and you can read that here, if you'd like.


Do not look at his Twitter timeline if you don't want to read spoilers about the current season of Survivor, which is currently filming and is post-merge, mid-jury.  There is a HUGE argument out there as to who is responsible for getting  the scoop, but no matter who got the info first, it is all over the place right now.

Last year I was foraging for Big Brother casting rumors and ended up learning who the final three contestants for both Survivor Phillipines and Caramoan.  I didn't want to believe it at the time, but the information ended up being true.

So don't go there if you don't want to go there, if that makes sense.  I have already learned too much about Survivor Blood vs. Water but find myself compelled to read every last word on Survivor Sucks about it....there are pictures, too of Survivors who were released from captivity and were allowed to mill around amongst the local civilians.  You know, like normal people.

Also, Missyae still feels the absurd need to RETWEET almost every Tweet he receives, which is certainly very annoying.  But I will try to stick it out in order to glean Big Brother information that we all need and want to know.  I will not be posting any Survivor spoilers here beyond what I have already posted about the cast, which you can read here.



Missyae's Twitter time line is clogged with chatter, but I have sifted through to find any type of New News.  And there isn't much, which certainly adds to the BB15 suspense.  I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we will be Hantz-Free this summer.


Not that I didn't enjoy Willie's contributions to BB14, but I would like to get back to focusing on the game of Big Brother proper, without all of the Hantz Hoopla.  Let's just let the Hantz' eat their fucking Froot Loops like grown ass men at home in Louisiana.  Or wherever.

Missyae mentions his "Big Brother Whispers" Facebook group which I'm assuming is quite popular.  I am not a Facebook Enthusiast but I welcome hearing any juicy BB tidbits any of you would like to share from that group.  


That last Tweet mentions Production digging into the house guest's family situation...I'm pretty sure they do that every year.  I know they usually call a few people to ask about them, but I'm not sure about the bios and photos.  To me, a "bio" could be just asking about someone's background, which should certainly be considered when selecting the cast.

For example, if I told Robyn Kass that Charlie Manson was my father and I was born on Spahn Ranch, I think my application would be set aside from the others.  I might not become part of the Big Brother cast, but I'm sure Robyn would have a reality show in mind for me.

(This is not true, of course, but I would probably say it if I was applying and and thought it would help me.)

But as usual, I digress.

Julie Chen tweeted that it would be "impossible to float" this year due to a Twist, so that is what Missyae was referring to in his Tweet above.   Of course there will be floaters in the game, just as there are plenty of floaters in our everyday lives.

Not everyone can be a catalyst.  But maybe Julie is saying that BB15 will force everyone to pick a side.  That would be an interesting angle.  I hope.

And as far as his next Tweet, what else is an ex-house guest going to say?  If you've been waiting by the phone to Get That Call and it never came, what else are you going to say?  I guess my belief in this information would depend on the identity of the "ex house guest".  

For example, is it Brendon Villegas?  Or is it Willie Hantz?

Just another reason why the preseason is so fun.  And why people care.  And A LOT of people care about this....

FYI No updates from The Corner Office beyond what I reported yesterday.  But I will be sure to keep you posted.

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