Thursday, June 27, 2013

The MVP - POV Ceremony is Complete #BB15

David is now nominated.  I'm not sure that Elissa formally identified herself or not, but the word in the house is that she is claiming to be MVP this week.  His nomination is the doing of the MVP, no matter who that person is. ('s gotta be.)  Right after the third nomination, the PoV players were picked, and the actual PoV competition will take place later this afternoon. As long as they can finish before BBAD, they can do it.

Aaryn is pep-talking David, telling him to win the PoV to save himself, and then they can "try it again" to get Elissa out next week.

Oh yeah, Elissa drew a PoV slot, so they are all afraid of her winning the necklace.  Aaryn's pep talk is really good, telling him that he can change his whole life if he wins.  They've only known each other for a week---he shouldn't make any decisions that sacrifice himself for her safety in the game.  She says if doesn't take her to Final Two, though, she will hunt him down and kill him.

I'm impressed with Aaryn.  You can tell a lot about a BB player when their side takes a hit and gets nominated.  She's got the goods, I think.

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