Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Moving Company Revs Their Engines #BB15

Spencer, McCrae and Jeremy are meeting in the HoH, talking smack about Elissa.  They say they wish they had just put her up in the first place. Elissa told McCrae that she won MVP and was planning her nomination.  They are expecting Elissa to nominate Jeremy before the POV player pick and Jeremy is getting hyped about playing and winning, although he appears calm.

(Note that the alliance of McCrae, Spencer, Jeremy, Nick and Howard have named themselves "MC", for the Moving Company.)

Now they joke that the next competition would be designed for a girl to win.  McCrae said the only reason why he won the first HoH is because he is built like a girl but he can stand the cold that a girl can't---it's his Minnesota blood.

They think Elissa looks fragile and might lose it under the pressure.  Then they somehow relate that to "all of the botox". 

Now Amanda barges in and starts telling them that Helen was crying about being set up by Elissa.  Supposedly Elissa told Helen that she was Rachel's sister but she wants to go home.  And that statement was used somehow to get Helen to trust her, but Elissa is really throwing Helen under the bus.

Note how when Amanda is part of a conversation, she is often standing up as if behind a podium.  Spencer and Jeremie make their exit, while they still can.

Now Candice comes ins, and they discuss how screwed McCrae is if Elissa comes after him.  McCrae says he is shaking, dude.  Candice says that whoever is nominated, they will have an adrenaline rush that will help them compete.  When she was first nominated, she says that if she had to play right after that she would have "fucked somebody up", complete with a little head roll.

McCrae hopes that Elissa is not picked to play for POV.  Then "they are solid" because they will all agree to use the POV on someone so that Elissa can go up and out this week.  (Sorry Rachel.)

McCrae knows that he can't go against the house now.  If he wins he will take Candice off and put up Elissa.  Candice says that if he pulls through then everyone will respect him.

McCrae:  I just straight up told her that's what I was going to do, and she went nuts on me.  That's why I'm shaking..

Candice:  Sometimes you've got to get your hands dirty in this game.

Amanda comes back in and somehow claims that Candice owes her now, big time.  (Note how she stands to address charge.)  Now she tells Candice that she offended everyone during a team competition, because she said for someone to shut the fuck up, and that's why she's nominated.

Candice starts to explain, but Amanda cuts her off and says she can be defensive right now, or she can listen to why she got nominated.  Candice backs down and makes nice, but I can't wait to hear her DRs about Amanda...

Amanda thinks she's running the show.  Not so fast there missy...

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