Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Latest BB Cast Rumor #BB15

Earlier today, rumors about Survivor Malcolm being cooped up in the Big Brother 15 house all summer were flying around like crazy.  Then suddenly those rumors fizzled as quickly as they started.

Then rumors started flying about Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa being part of BB15.  I'm not sure she would be considered the "familiar" face on this year's cast, but I guess I could talk myself into that.

The whole thing started after a volley of tweets between Rachel and her sister this afternoon.  Take a look.

Big Brother Super Fans immediately latched on the tweet about the potential "trip to Greece".  Of course, this harks back to the BB14 JanelleGate that was such an important part of last year's preseason gossip.

Why, even Janelle herself got in the act with this witty comment.

For some reason, there is a lot of hatred spewing from all corners about this rumor, and lots of name-calling being hurled at the Reilly sisters.  Before we all get too upset about this, can this possibly be true?  I can think up a handful of reasons to support either side of this debate.


1.  Tough competitors like Rachel Reilly just don't come along every season.  Especially those who are so polarizing and memorable.  I can see why Alison Grodner would want to cast the Next Best Thing to Rachel for BB14.

2.  Elissa is no stranger to reality TV and does not seem to be camera shy.  She appeared on The Brides of Beverly Hills with Rachel as they "shopped" for Rachel's wedding dress.  She also appeared on another one of those bride's shows to shop for her own wedding dress.  And she appeared on Rachel's WE-TV wedding show, as well.  So she's game, I would imagine.

3.  Elissa and Rachel don't look like twins, but they do look quite similar.  You might even say Elissa looks "familiar".

4.  Elissa got married and has a new last name now (Slater).  So I guess it's possible for her to play the game without being detected as Rachel's sister right away.  Her presence would not be as obvious as Willie Hantz was last year.  As long as she doesn't talk about "me and my man" and say "Obvie!" she might be able to conceal it.  Assuming of course that she doesn't not have a big "Reilly Rules" tattoo on her back ala Brandon Hantz.  (ha ha ha what a dumbass)


1. Rachel Reilly is certainly no idiot.  I don't think there is any way she would tweet in such a suggestive manner with her sister if Elissa was truly going to be on BB15.  She would not jeopardize the situation because she is a CBS Company Girl and also a Big Brother Super Fan herself.

2.  The tweets between them do not seem genuine in the exchange above.  I know from watching Rachel all summer long during BB12 and BB14 that Rachel is extremely close to Elissa.  She would not conversate about Elissa's purported honeymoon location via Twitter.  She would speak to her about it.  Duh.

3.  This is the time of year where the former house guests are asked to get involved, like when they are asked to Tweet something about the show that can be scrolled on the CBS show.  You do know that happens, right?  Evel Dick spilled those beans a long time ago.  The fact that Adam Poch (BB12) is also involved makes me smell a rat, too, or maybe that's just the odor of stale bacon.

I'm sure there will be another round of rumors tomorrow, too, so trust I will keep an eye on that.


I read on Twitter that there are rumors of having three nominees for eviction for the first few weeks.  I guess this would make sense with that "nomination couch" but I don't understand what is so exciting about that.  I guess that could change the house voting dynamics but I still expect there to be plenty of sheep in that house who just don't want to make any waves and will just go along with the house.  (Speaking of Adam Poch...)

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