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The Corner Office is Open for Business....the Rumor Business... #BB15

For the last three Big Brother seasons, a Twitter account has been  opened strictly to gossip about the new season of Big Brother.  Then POOF it is gone.  I think the goal is to make it seem like an insider from CBS or the Production team is squealing super-secret details about the upcoming season.

But are the rumors real?  We'll get to that in a minute.  But first....


The Corner Office cranked up their BB15 coverage with tweets that say there will be 18 house guests, with "no returnees", and that the move-in date is June 20th.  That date makes sense and is consistent with previous seasons.  There is usually a day for press photos and I'm sure production talks to them frequently as they settle in and start Playing by The Rules.  Production needs time to tape and edit the first episode, and then the live feeds kick off after the West Coast airing concludes.

When they say, "no returnees", that really could be interpreted a number of ways.  In past years, it has been very hard for Production to keep a lid on returnees coming in the house.  The cat was out of the bag for both BB13 and BB14 as far as that goes.  The returnees start calling each other and trying to feel out alliances, and then the blabbing and tweeting takes on a life of it's own.  (Remember Janelle Gate?  ha ha ha)  So far I haven't heard about any implications that a former player may be coming back, but all it takes is a few random ideas out there to spark a flame. 

***FUN FACT***

As you will recall, last year Jodi Rollins got evicted within a few hours of entering the house, after the first competition.  She actually had to go back to the house the next day to shoot cast photos by the pool.  I heard one of the BB14 house guests say (Shane maybe?) on the live feeds that he didn't recognize her. 

Now the Corner Office starts really dishing the dirt with some specific details.  These Tweets start laying pipe for a season full of teams.  In a way this might make sense, because we know the new Survivor season (in production now, post-merge and mid-jury) will feature teams with at least one former Big Brother cast member.  The Corner Office says "nobody will know" that the "lady and her son" will be related.  Does this imply that the "lady" is not the son's mother?

As far as "secret" teams go, if you watched Season 6, those secret teams didn't stay secret very long.

Then this little bombshell gets thrown down about players entering the game after the first eviction...this is kind of interesting, huh?  If there are teams involved, then maybe we will start with one team member from each team competing, and then after someone gets booted first then the other halves of the remaining teams will enter the house.

See how easy it is to make stuff up? During BB11, the house guests were formed into "cliques" by Production and after the first competition a "mystery" clique member got to join the winning team.  That is how Jessie Godderz "Mr. Pectacular" joined the BB11 cast so that may be another approach, too.

Miss Blogger tried to get a little more info from the Corner Office, but suddenly the Corner Office wasn't too chatty.  Maybe the answers to Miss Blogger's question wasn't in the script.  Because wouldn't a lesbian couple be considered diverse?  And is the whole house going to be full of white people?  WTF?  Maybe Alison Grodner was on her lunch break and her PA didn't know how to answer Miss Blogger on her own. 

There are other rumors out there about some Survivors being cast for BB15, but as far as I can tell that is just random chatter and speculation--nothing official that I know of.  Personally I think casting people from other CBS reality shows is highly likely.  They have built a stable of memorable competitors on both Survivor and The Amazing Race in the past decade, and harvesting the best of these personalities on a season of Big Brother may be a great way to freshen up a show that is well into its own life cycle.  It's time to start casting BB house guests who are proven game players and strategists.  Additionally, casting other CBS reality stars would be a lot easier to accomplish without a lot of spoilers or leaks.  

I know a Survivor that would be a GREAT BB15 house guest....MALCOLM FREBERG!  How nice would this be to see on the live feeds?

And it's about time we have a guy with long hair on Big Brother, right?

Unfortunately I think Malcolm is probably being saved by CBS for another season of Survivor.  You do know that the ratings plummeted on Survivor Caramoan the week after Malcolm snuffed his torch, right?  Malcolm's IQ is probably just as high as John Cochran or Ian Terry, but he brings a number of other positive attributes to the table now doesn't he?  

As much as I would like to see Malcolm in the Big Brother house, I'm sure my "real" business would suffer as I would waste twice as much time on "Malcolm Shower Watch" and "Malcolm Showmance Watch".  I think it's best to just move on and not think about that.....

One thing we can be sure of, is that the following former Big Brother players WILL NOT be in the BB15 house:

*  Janelle Pierzina
*  Britney Haynes
*  Evel Dick Donato

The first two have buns in the oven and will be giving birth in August (I think.) and the third one....well, you know why.


Well, I think it is a real attempt by Production to keep us guessing.  I think they monitor the rumors that are spreading and then try to re-direct them.  As Don Draper says, "if you don't like what is being said, then change the conversation".

Here is my coverage of The Corner Office Twitter account for both the BB13 and BB14 preseasons.  You be the judge....

BB13 Corner Office Posts can be read here.

BB14 Corner Office Posts can be read here, and here, and here.

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