Thursday, June 27, 2013

Standing Room Only in the Lounge #BB15

Apparently there was some big mess in the bathroom and Gina Marie came to the rescue and cleaned the bathroom with a toilet scrubber and bleach.  Everyone thanks her but she says "nah, it was nothing".  She propped the WC open with the toothbrush holder so "it could air out", and has to explain this at least three times so far.

Andy sat and watched and then went in search of  Spencer.  Andy likes talking to Spencer.

Aaryn comes in and chats with Andy and Judd who are sitting on the bathroom couch. (Andy couldn't find Spencer so he returned.)

Aaryn has to pee, and states she would leave the door open if it wouldn't make them uncomfortable--she could care less.  I could see saying that in front of Andy, but in front of Judd?  Damn he's only human Aaryn, go easy on him.

Judd left the room and Helen came in and sat for a while.  They discussed the towel situation.  Helen thinks that if "they" really wanted to be green, then they would assign a different color towel to each house guest.  Then they wouldn't need so many.  (I knew the chaos of that house would get to someone like Helen, who probably has a house keeper.)

Then they bring up the "green" tampons they have in the house, with no applicator.  Gina Marie has never used tampons...not ever.  Helen seems shocked and gently asks her if she's tried to use could be very liberating to try them.  Gina Marie still says No.

Aaron hates their tampons because you can't wash your hands off.  Then Gina mentions touching the doorknob after using one and then Aaryn turns around and looks like she's going to vomit.  They call out that this place is unsanitary!

Helen starts talking about OB tampons with no applicator.  The original advertisements featured them being so small they would fit in your pocket.

Aaryn then brightens when the conversation turns to how pretty she is, and how all of the guys in the house are infatuated.  Aaren asks if they've noticed one of the guys staring at her.  I think it was Nick, because Gina Marie (who flirts with Nick) says she's cool with it.

They trash talk Elissa a little, saying that she didn't compliment someone's shoes until she learned they were Louboutons.  Then when she saw how expensive they were, she started gushing about how cute they were.

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