Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smoking Section #BB15

So far, the BB15 smokers are as follows:


I'm sure there are a few more, maybe after a  few drinks, but these appear to be the morning smokers.

Someone has notified me that Amanda gave McCrae a handy in the wee hours of the morning.  If that is the truth, I'm guessing he is more ashamed right now than she is.  What's a guy supposed to do with a bossy predator like Amanda?

Jessie flirts shamelessly this morning with Jeremy in front of everyone.  Jeremy flirts back and says he would hate to do it, but he would probably nominate Candice next week, too.

Helen:  I like the name Jeremy.

Jeremy:  I like the name Helen.  Particularly if it belongs to a hot older lady.

They all laugh about that backhanded compliment.  Jeremy does the math and they marvel at how when he was a baby, Helen was graduating high school and starting her life.  She can't believe that now, looking at it that way.

Helen ran three miles in the backyard this morning, one short lap at a time.  On slop, too.  She thinks MaCrae is the spitting image of Joseph Gordon Levitt and McCrae says he heard that all the time back when Joseph had long hair on Third Rock from the Sun.

 Here's Amanda in her bikini, in case you want to know.  Better than expected for me.  What about you?

And here's Elissa from a little earlier today.  She needs to learn to relax and just be natural like the other girls.

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