Saturday, June 29, 2013

Morning Mashup #BB15

Andy is entertaining the crowd today, and it seems effortless.  But first...

McCrae sat in the HoH bed and chatted a little with Amanda.  It felt friendly, but not intimate.  I can see how McCrae can indeed be a ladies man, though, like he claimed when he spoke with Jeff Schroeder.

Andy sat outside a little while ago and described his morning routine in response to Jessie's questions.  He walks a certain distance to ride the "brown line" (?) out to the Chicago suburbs.  He makes less than $25,000 a year at his teaching job, but expects to make more once he's been there longer.  He has a job serving in a restaurant that will double his earnings over a year, and he hopes that he still has the job when he comes home.

When he came out to L.A. during the BB auditions the first time he told his job that he made the Finals to be on Survivor and they were very supportive and told him to go for it.  (I guess you can say anything but the truth.)  So he knows that they will now know that he lied, and hopes he has a job to go home to.  Andy has two roommates and lives in the Boy's Town area of Chicago.  One of his roommates is gay and one is straight.  I think he knows the straight one from high school.  He named them, but I only remember one.  One roommate is Japanese/Mexican and his name sounds like "Tomasha Rodriguez" but I'm not sure which roommate he is.

The first wake up song this morning was Rehab by Amy Winehouse.  Spencer dropped a bomb on the group by saying that song made it easier to come back after he got out of rehab.  There were a few moments of confused silence while everyone wondered if Spencer was joking or not.  He wasn't.

Andy:  What were you in rehab for?

Spencer  Well...let's just say they don't like you to smoke weed and drive trains.

He was in rehab for 46 days.


I think one of the other songs was Like a Prayer by Madonna, because Andy went off on a tangent about how that is one of the best songs to hear at a wedding reception.  He requests it and pesters the wedding party to request it, too.  McCrae admits that when the orchestra and chorus kick in near the end it is really good.

Andy elaborates that It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion is the all time best wedding song.  Amanda protests that it's a little slow, but Andy says it brings the house down every time.

Andy:  If I'm at a wedding and they haven't played that yet, I go up to the DJ and say that the bride's favorite songs are Like a Prayer and It's All Coming Back to Me Now so they play them immediately.

Everyone laughs and enjoys The Andy Show.

Amanda has a morning look reminiscent of the Unibomber.

Jeremy's giving us a little Ashton Kutcher as his morning look.  I heard him tell someone that he tried to pursue modeling after people kept telling him he could be a model, but the agency said that at 6'5" he was a few inches too tall.  Spencer is nearby so as usual there are jokes about Jeremy's farting.

Gina Marie had a rough one, apparently.  Or maybe this is Gina Marie's stand in, since she doesn't resemble the girl we've come to know.  ***whew***  We've all been there Gina Marie, even though we haven't been in there. 

Howard had a private moment with Judd to let him know there has been chatter about him moving around the house going from group to group.  They think he is spying and Judd thanks him and lays down to rest.  Within a minute though, he pops up and goes over and asks if it was Nick who's been saying that.

Howard says no, not Nick, but just to be careful.  Nick and Howard are aligned, you know, so he can't have Judd going after him.  Not yet, I guess.  Howard is playing a good game right now, because I think he makes everyone think he's only sharing info with them, and not part of a larger group.

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