Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet Nick Uhas - Longing for the Cute Fly Honeys #BB15

Allow me to introduce you to Nick Uhas, who is 28 and hails from Columbus Ohio, and lives in New York now.  Not clear whether that is New York City or not, but that distinction can make a big difference.  I'm not sure whether that crew neck sweater would indicate he lives in Brooklyn or Mohunk.  Same world, different planet, if you know what I mean.

Nick introduces himself as a Professional Stunt Rollerblader and is.....well.......VERY energetic.  I know that directors often encourage people on camera to show some energy.  And by me saying "I know" this, I have seen it on TV, so it must be true.

But I think Nick may be a little too energetic.  Just sayin'.  A lot of the pictures I took were smeary due to Nick's constant motions.  He's a "Hand Talker".  Having said that, I will say that Nick says he has traveled the world for his sport and this is not his first time being interviewed.  That much is clear.  I'm not accusing Nick of being on Adderall, but if he is, he might want to re-consider his dosage.

Jeff appears bowled over by Nick at times and loses control of the interview a few times.  But not in a bad way....Nick just knows how to answer and has a lot to say.  He is loving his BB15 press junket and I think that's great. 

Not only is Nick a Professional Stunt Rollerblader, he is also an Automotive Product Specialist (Which probably means he works the counter at Napa Auto Parts, right?  Or maybe the Pep Boys is more Nick's style?).

I know I accused Nick of ruining my pictures with his hand motions, but check out this picture of Jeff.  He looks scary!  I love it!

Here's the Douchey Part:

Nick knows that the "chicks love bruises, scars and cars", so he's a double-winner as far as that goes.  Nick is single and ready to mingle, but he knows that is his Achilles Heel.  Nick is "mega-excited to go into the house and see the cute little fly honeys" though.

Jeff's job is done at this point.  He's just kind of enjoying the show like I am.  The Nick Monologue abruptly ends with Jeff telling Nick he's "got a lot of energy---all good".

Jeff:  Stay sharp and I'll see you on the flip side.

Nick:  Awesome....

FeedWatcher Forecast

OK OK, are we getting punked here?  This is the second video where I just don't buy what they're selling.  I do like Nick and am excited to see his Path of Destruction through the BB15 House, but he seems like such a caricature of himself that my Bullshit Detector went off.

 (See my assessment (or lack of) for David Girton here.)

Let the record show that I am throwing a flag on this one.  Or whatever the proper sports terminology would be.

Nick could be the first boot, if he really acts like this.  I say that because contrary to what the CBS TV viewers think, the first HOH reign lasts a long time due to the non-live feed start up time every year.  If Nick really acts like this, and is that cocky to everyone, they might be sick of him after a week and he may have to settle with an interview from The Chenbot rather than the Cute Fly Honeys.

But if he can control himself, or if this preseason persona is indeed fake or exaggerated, then I think he could be the most dangerous tool in the toolbox.  He is undoubtedly very intelligent, and quick, and might be able to think on his feet.  And his athleticism is unquestioned, if he can do rollerblade stunts.

I'm not confident about this forecast, but I don't think Nick will make the Jury.  If this is the Real Nick that we are seeing, he's going to be a little too slippery and oily, and I don't think he will be able to tone it down in those first crucial weeks where the house likes to evict a common enemy. 

I think Nick may come out of the gate too hard and end up screwing only himself.

But once again this seems like brilliant casting.  Yet another strong personality type that I can't recall being represented on Big Brother.

Prove me wrong Nick.  I may be delighted if you do.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I'm ready for a few new villains, and some Dastardly Deeds to be done.


Before posting, I just googled Nick, and turns out he is also an actor:

And a model (Mon Dieu!):

This is shaping up to be a good summer, SuperFans.  If Nick can pull off a robbery this summer he has potential to be as legendary as Dr. Will.  Just my two cents.

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