Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet McCrae Olson - BB SuperFan and Pizza Boy #BB15

Meet McCrae Olson, who is a Big Brother Super Fan from Minnesota.  He and Jeff get off to a great start and seem to have a warm bond right from the jump.  McCrae confesses he's been a BB fan for long, long time and is a "Feedster".

He calls himself a "pizza Boy" and is proud of that fact.  He likes his life and his job and Jeff gives him the rock on that.

Jeff:  I like McCrae's attitude!

McCrae is going to miss his friends and family who all support him.  He is going to have a mantra this summer to just "keep going" and not get down about things and to keep going in the game.  Jeff says he likes what he is saying and "topping the pizza with" and they both laugh.

Jeff asks him if he is open to the idea of a showmance but says he doesn't want McCrae to run in there and fall head over heels and get sidetracked.  McCrae then makes what may be the line of the pre-season for me when he says he is interested in a showmance, but he's going to follow the "Know Your Role and Shut Your Hole" philosophy and try to stay out of trouble.

Jeff wants to get a tattoo with that saying on his back and there is more laughter.  McCrae can be a flirt and a ladies man but it really depends on the cast and who the girls are.  Jeff agrees and says he really likes McCrae and will enjoy watching him all summer.

FeedWatcher Forecast

How can you not like McCrae?  It would be like not liking pizza, or something equally preposterous.  He seems incredibly genuine and is a True Super Fan, and I'm always excited when they cast someone who knows the game. He is smart enough to know that all plans could go out of the window depending on the cast and the twists.

I just can't wait until he tells someone in the BB15 house to Know Your Role and Shut Your Hole!  You know the DR is getting to work on that's just too good to leave on the table.

He seems to be free of the ego problems that are common to many reality wannabes.  He could easily be dismissed and fade into the background when he needs to this summer.  It will break my heart if McCrae is a floater.  I can see him pulling some Ninja moves in there, maybe casting some hinky votes here and there.  And potentially getting some MVP action from the fans as well.

I predict McCrae will make the jury, and his Big Brother knowledge will come in handy due to the relative predictability of the challenges at certain points in the game.  In order to win, I think he needs to keep his Big Brother knowledge kind of quiet.

I must confess I saw this Tweet from Janelle, McCrae's fellow Minnesotan earlier today, but I did not let that influence my impressions of McCrae.  For gods sake McCrae, don't tell anyone you've met Janelle!  Shut your hole about that!  ha ha ha

My new favorite saying....

***BREAKING NEWS FLASH***  New News about McCrae Olson posted here.

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