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Meet Kaitlin Barnaby - Introverted Bartender #BB15


Kaitlin Barnaby is a 23 year old bartender from Minneapolis, and sat down for a little chit chat with Jeff.  She says she is a fan of Big Brother, but is "kind of a newbie".  She plans to "tease people and play with their minds".

Jeff asks her if there is a line that she will not cross, and she says she doesn't know yet.  She is not going to be a fan of confrontation and doesn't like whiny girls.  (Who does?)  She's going to try to "hold it in at first but will probably talk crap in the Diary Room".  (We hope, right?)

She wants to play her own game and not have to rely on anybody else.  Jeff points out that when she's up on the block she's going to need to trust people and work with them.

Kaitlin: These people aren't going to be trustworthy, though.

She then discusses how she is a "closed" person and doesn't open up to people very easily.

Jeff tells her that is going to be a problem for her in the house, but then quickly backtracks and says "who knows, it might help" in order to sound supportive.

I think Jeff was working hard in this video.  As you can see from the pictures, Kaitlin wasn't playing to the camera and was just staring at Jeff most of the time.

I guess that's understandable.  Jeff is attractive and has developed into a very engaging host.  This is great training for him and I see a big improvement from last year.  Not that Jeff was bad in his videos last year, but I see a lot more polish and he is comfortable in this role now.

I know this is supposed to be about Kaitlin, but I ran out of things to say about her.  I did notice a rather large piece of jewelry on her ring finger.  Maybe she's married?

That's about it for this interview.

FeedWatcher Forecast

I am watching the CBS videos first, and will then watch the other interviews that are posted online, but even though I don't know much about Kaitlin, I am prepared to make a statement.

I don't expect Kaitlin to do very well in the BB house based on a few factors:

*  Obvious lack of knowledge of the game
*  Lack of ability to be a catalyst in conversations (i.e. needs prodding)
*  Admitted reluctance to open up to people
*  Observed lack of warmth (first impressions can stick in the BB house)
*  Admitted difficulty getting along with women

I hope she surprises me.  But I've been a FeedWatcher for a long time, so I have to say I think Kaitlin could be an early boot.  I don't know anything about her fitness level, so she might do well in challenges, but according to this video she is going in that house with a big chip on her shoulder and that's not going to help her.  I will contrast her to Hayden Moss, who was equally clueless about the BB game when he was cast for BB12.  But Hayden had the social skills (if not a little low key) and was eager to be friendly with all of the house guests, male or female.  There's a difference.

And if she is married, the living conditions are probably going to be especially grating to her.  (Compared to other house guests who may be used to a having roommates and a more open living situation.)

Don't get me wrong, I can empathize with that, and there is NO WAY I could live in that house with all of those strangers, even if there were no cameras watching me every moment.   And I know that the Press Junket day can be long and grueling, so maybe she was out of energy for the day at the time of this interview.  But playing Big Brother is 24/7 so Kaitlin needs to Get to Steppin'.

She might even be the first eviction, but I still have 13 other videos to watch.  If I need to update my forecast later then I certainly will.  But I don't think so.  Sorry Kaitlin.  As a consolation prize, your look reminds me of Jennifer Garner.  And that is a compliment.


Just because she says she is from Minneapolis, that doesn't mean she isn't living in Los Angeles now.  I suspected that from the first few seconds of this video, but maybe not since she didn't make much eye contact with the camera and didn't turn on the charm very much.


I'm not really sure how "important" this really is, but if you are reading this post then I guess there is a good chance you will appreciate the information.  I just watched Kaitlin's video interview over at and it was really informative and I feel like I know Kaitlin much better.  Thanks Matt Maynard for all of your thoughtful preparation and execution.

Here is new info I learned about Kaitlin:

*  She's not just single, she's "super single" and had some sort of major break up about three months ago.  (I'm sure we will know all about that very soon, as chicks love to discuss their relationships in the BB house.)

*  Her type of guy is tall, dark and tan, but she might like to date someone edgy for a change and try someone with tattoos.

*  She's open to having a showmance, particularly as a strategy, but she won't be getting laid in the house.  She kept mentioning that her dad was going to be watching.

*  She was scouted when she was bartending, and thinks she might have been having fun with some of her regular customers.   She said a lady came up and handed her a card and said "we need you!" and things just went on from there.

*  Here's the thing:  Kaitlin had "never heard" of the show until then.  (WTF?)  She's been watching it since then and is excited about the competitions.  She likes to win.

*  She hates politics and doesn't even want to discuss it, by the looks of things.  She also doesn't like to eat meat but does not call herself a vegetarian.

*  She "doesn't go handing her shit out like crazy".  Meaning she's not loose, I guess.

After watching this video, I can see more of her personality.  She didn't vibe well with Jeff in his interview, obviously, or maybe he made her nervous since she watched his episodes. This format was much more comfortable I'm sure, just sitting on a couch in a hotel suite.  She is extremely cute and I didn't really get that from Jeff's video.  Extremely cute.  Like, model cute but in a natural way. 

I still think she will be an early out, but let's remember that Lisa Donahue, winner of BB3, was cast in the exact same way.  Except Lisa worked in a bar on Sunset Strip, so she was more convenient as far as casting goes, and as I recall she was cast at the very last minute.


  1. She looks like that girl from Wedding Crashers

  2. Your name is one of the best, Sam Hamwich. I am meeting friends for lunch tomorrow and I am going to work that into the conversation somehow.

    Re: Wedding Crashers

    That was one of those movies that I watched totally wasted. I remember what Vince Vaughn looks like, but that's about it. So I'll have to agree with you.

  3. Why is Helen Kims little profile here non exsistant? Is she ashamed of being on BB and have it scrubbed?


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