Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Judd Daughtry - Harmless Country Boy #BB15

Meet Judd Daughtry, who is 26 and hails from Englewood Tennessee.  He is energetic and friendly and has an instant, easy rapport with Jeff, who laughs frequently throughout the interview.

I will be brave and admit I have watched two episodes of MTV's Buckwild.  OK, I've said it.  Well, Judd would fit right in with that crowd, even though Buckwild was filmed in West Virginia.  Tennessee and West Virginia are two different states, although the residents may look and sound the same, apparently.

Judd is an appraiser and when probed by Jeff about what that means, he explains he "drives around and looks at different construction and stuff like that" and then he looks at the tax rolls to see if he needs to "put it on there". 

(As a homeowner who pays property taxes based on my county's appraised value, I find this very interesting, don't you?)

Judd is going to be Mr. Personality in the house, and tells us his nickname is "J. U. Double D Party Daughtry", pronouncing it with proud gusto.  Jeff listens intently and is amused.  For someone who is obviously not an aspiring Mactor, he is one of the best I've seen this year as far as looking straight into the camera and speaking with energy.

After rewinding the video to watch it again, I noticed Jeff asked if Judd was spelled with "Double D's" and this prompted Judd to tell Jeff the nickname.  Obviously this was in Jeff's notes but I point it out because Judd did a great job taking the cue naturally.

Jeff wants to know what Judd does for fun in Tennessee and Judd admits to "a little partying".  He likes to "go frog gigging", too, and hang out by the lake.  (No "mudding", Judd?)

Judd needs to win BB15 because he is "broke as a joke", but would like to donate a little of the money to St. Jude's Hospital for the assistance they have given his nephew and another friend over the years.
Judd expects his biggest downfall in the house to be his temper.  He is not going to let somebody "run all over him" in the house because no money is worth that.  Jeff rephrases this by asking if getting respect means more to him than winning and Judd agrees.

Jeff ends the interview like this:  Keep your cool....keep it J. U. Double D...

Judd:  Party Daughtry!

FeedWatcher Forecast

I predict Judd will give good D.R, based on this interview with Jeff.  I know the BB Super Fans are ripping Judd a new one regarding his country ways, but to be honest many of the CBS TV viewers will probably be able to relate to Judd.  At the very least, he will be entertaining.

Let's make this clear:  Production knows we will be laughing at Judd this summer.  They expect that and that is why they cast him.

I'm guessing he was scouted in order to represent the "Buckwild" market.  He might have even auditioned to be part of that cast.  If so, I think they did a good job picking someone who would work in prime time, rather than in the 3:00 am MTV time slot.

I don't think Judd has much of a chance to win Big Brother.  If he makes it to the jury, it will be because he teamed up with some strong players, forming a solid group like the Brigade.  He might be the kind of guy who would get the votes if he makes it to the end because I think he will be likeable and you know how the jurors like to really stick it to the Final Two sometimes.  

I can see Judd going all out in the challenges and appears strong and athletic.  Sometimes the house guests like to get rid of an athletic guy early in the game, but Judd's "Yee Haw" and "Aw Shucks" mannerisms may convince others to keep him around, perceiving him as a dimwit.

I don't like to sterotype, but if Judd is not cool with gay people then that will either be a big point of conflict, or perhaps a sweet, teachable moment if he can learn to accept diversity.  I have no clue what Judd's opinions are of gay people, I'm just giving my forecast regarding his potential pitfalls in the BB15 house. 

I'm guessing he isn't very familiar with the show, but I think he will really whoop it up in there and have a Big Time when he has to wear the costumes for the competitions.    I also predict that Judd may be very open to nudity in the house, and might do a little streaking when the booze starts flowing.

I think Judd will be fun to watch this summer, but I don't think we will be watching Judd all summer long.  But I do think he has a good chance to make jury, because I can't see him making too many enemies early in the game.  His temper could be a factor too, of course, but I expect that to be very entertaining as well.

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