Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Jessie Kowalski - Flirty McFlirterson #BB15

Meet Jessie Kowalski, who is 25 years-old who will be in the Big Brother house this summer.  Jessie is a Texan, hailing from Beaumont.  (Aaryn and Jeremy are also from Texas.)

I would say this is less of an interview and more of a Flirt Fest.  Jeff starts off the interview by saying "Cute!" and then the giggling begins.

Jessie "was in sales" but is now "unemployed".  Jeff, who worked in sales for years, starts teasing her about how bad her sales pitch is and she giggles.  Of course.

Jessie says she's single, and Jeff works hard to get her to say she's "ready to mingle".

Jessie:  But Jeff that's corny!

Jeff:  Well, a few others have said it, maybe.

***Giggle giggle giggle***

 Oh Jeff! You are just so funny!


Jessie says her downfall will be how emotional she is, but Jeff wants her to clarify if she is gullible or not.  This seems important to Jeff, and Jessie says she's not as gullible as she used to be.

(Does Jeff think the words "emotional" and "gullible" are synonyms?  Those words don't even have anything to do with each other.  But far be it from me to give Jeff Schroeder a lesson in Vocabulary.  Or a lesson on How to Flirt, because clearly he passed that class.)

At some point in this "interview", Jeff starts trying to coach Jessie a little, saying she's all "cute and nice" now, but it's going to be tough in that house and he doesn't want her to get steamrolled.

***giggle giggle giggle***

Jeff makes her promise to play the game once she's in there, or something along those lines.  They even pinky swear on it.

Jessie tells him she wants to see him later, rather than sooner.  Or something like that.  I don't speak the language, I guess.  She's pointing at us in this picture.

FeedWatcher Forecast

Yes, Jessie is very cute.  But does she know how to play Big Brother?  I vote 'No' and predict she will be reunited with Jeff very, very soon for a touching post-eviction "interview".

But maybe not....she seems really sweet and she might be able to slide right into position in that house, to complement all of those Type A Attention seekers.  Let's learn a little more about Jessie, since we didn't really get to learn much from this Flirt Fest interview.

Here is her Linked In profile, indicating that she is indeed unemployed right now, but has a nicely put-together writeup.

I've scanned this information twice, and I don't see one typo or misspelling.  I'm impressed.  Particularly with her "strong knowledge of the structure of modern organizations".  I'm not being mean or joking.  If I were being mean I would say that Jessie had to hire someone to write all that and she was full of bullshit.  But no, I'm not saying that.  Her little bio is a persuasive summary.  She does need to use a more professional picture though, that looks a little more "business-y".

But what kind of picture is this?  Have you ever seen a picture like this?

And via Twitter I have heard the chatter about her winning the "dancing" contest at Spring Break.  I was prepared to believe it based on the following news snippet, but if you read the dates and do the math it seems unlikely.  If Jessie is really 25 today, then she would have been 17 when this picture was taken.  Is that old enough to be in a "dance" contest?

So maybe she was 17, and that's okay.  But wouldn't that bikini bottom indicate she had some sort of payment arrangement with Guess?  Would you get that as a 17 year old?

I know everyone really wants to believe this is the Jessie Kowalski in the BB15 house.  I'm just playing the Devil's Advocate a little.   She is probably a good girl who likes to have a little fun.  God knows there weren't cameras everywhere all the time when I was out having my fun and "dancing".

I do predict showmance action in the house for Jessie.  Somebody's going to try to get on that.  Of course.  And there have been girls who went in there without a solid game plan or even knowledge of the game and have figured it out enough to win.  So if Jessie is going to be a "Jordan", who will be her "Jeff"?

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