Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Howard Overby - He'll Keep you Guessing #BB15

Meet Howard Overby, a 29 year old from Hattiesburg Mississippi. (That is smack dab in Redneckville.)

Howard is a youth mentor and family advocate.   Jeff wasn't sure what that meant, so Howard explained that there are a lot of at risk and underprivileged kids in his area that don't have male leadership in the household, and as an advocate he basically "bridges the gap between the community and the family", bringing them resources and working with the schools.

Jeff:  So you really work for the community, helping out the families.  You've got a big heart.

Howard:  Exactly.  Big heart, big heart.

Jeff decides to be funny by asking Howard if he works out.  (Because obviously Howard's arms are JACKED.)

Howard laughs and Jeff pretends to read from a checklist.

Jeff:  So you have a current gym membership?

Howard:  Yes, it is very current.

Jeff tells Howard he needs to be in shape to be on Big Brother so he might need to do a couple of push ups.  Howard says he'll try to fit that in, then.

I wish Jeff would get a few of those push ups on camera, but I'm sure we will all watch Howard work out, in due time.  It's a 100 days of live feeds, right?  All day and all night, baby.

Jeff thinks Howard's exterior doesn't match up with the interior, and Howard agrees.  Howard says he is stereotyped a lot, but he's a deep thinker and is actually very social.  He likes to play the game of "you can't guess what I'm thinking" and likes to "keep people guessing".

Jeff:  I know that.  When you first walked in here, I didn't know if you were gonna talk to me or punch me in the face!

Howard liked that comment.

Jeff says Howard's got a plan this summer, and wishes him the best of luck, and then comments on the strong handshake.

FeedWatcher Forecast

These interviews are so short, it's hard sometimes to assess someone's game potential.  I know I will learn more about Howard when I allow myself to visit all of the other Big Brother websites (after I finish reviewing the house guests), but I like Howard's calm persona.

I have a pretty good idea of the sorts of things that Howard has to deal with in his daily work life, so if he can manage those types of situations, he is a very strong man and should have a good grasp of reading people's emotions.

Howard will obviously be commandeering the weights in the back yard this summer, which will give him a great opportunity to bond with the guys and have some easy muttered conversations without necessarily drawing suspicion.

I think Howard will get a little action, too, if he wants it.  Is he married?  Does he watch Big Brother?  Those are answers that I just don't know yet.

(It just occured to me that I only have 2 house guests left to review after this, and no one so far has been identified as gay in these interviews.  No one.  That can't be, right?)

Howard's maturity will help him in the house.  I can see him aligning with Helen Kim, and maybe getting flirty with Gina Marie Zimmerman.  Just a guess.  He's going to have a hard time on many of the competitions with his bulky physique, but that may help him out as the Big Brother fans in the house might not identify him as threat in competitions.

After all, look at the finalists from last year (Dan and Ian).  You certainly don't need big guns like Howard's to win Big Brother.  If he is honest in the house about his job then I wouldn't want to take him to the end, because he might get the "Good Person" who "Deserves to Win" votes.  And there are some snakes in that house this year.

At least, I'm hoping for that.  I am looking for some Dastardly Deeds and I can't see Howard coming through on that for me.

Oh shit.  I just googled Howard to see if there was anything else I can say about him, and looky looky what I found.

So Howard wants to be a model.  I'll be damned.

Howard really had me going there, with the whole do-gooder community speech.  I'm not saying that those things weren't true, but the fact that Howard didn't mention the modeling is a little suspicious.  Maybe he is just trying to keep us guessing?

But maybe this whole modeling thing happened a long time ago, before Howard cut his hair and started power lifting.

I hope Howard surprises me and is a lying, cheating backstabber.  He does have a certain Dastardly air about him in that picture, hugging up on the bamboo like that. 

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