Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Helen Kim - She Knows All About Getting Votes #BB15

Meet Helen Kim, a 37 year old mom of two who hails from Falls Church Virginia.  She lives in Chicago now and Jeff celebrates that with a fist pump.

Just so you know:  Helen is a big breath of fresh air.

I can feel it.  I can see that Jeff feels it, too.  She has been working in politics for over 20 years, anything from working on a political campaign, to working on federal campaigns and supporting lobbyists.  She knows this political knowledge will help her in the house, and she plans to hide it from everyone.

(Finally, someone who has a GOOD reason to hide their profession!  Yes, I'm talking to you Danielle Murphree!)

She proclaims her marriage to be "incredibly successful" and points out that she and her husband support each other, "no matter what".  He was "shocked" when he learned that she was going to be on Big Brother.  There are so many things about her life as a wife and mother that make dropping everything to be on Big Brother a challenge. She will have many more worries then the other house guests this summer since she is leaving so much behind.   But her husband realizes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Helen jokes that she knows she will doing dishes and other household heavy lifting for a long time when she goes home to make it up to her husband.

Helen speaks very clearly, and evenly, and is clearly well-versed in public speaking.  She is getting her message across and it's a good one.  This interview seems to blow by very quickly, but before wrapping up Jeff asks her what she's would do with the money if she wins.

Helen:  Well, a half million dollars could help anybody.  Whether you have a ton of student loans or a family to support...that kind of money could help anybody.  I might be able to launch a new career because I have a nice nest egg, or I might be able to stay home to raise my kids a little longer...

Jeff:  Well, you're gonna!  Because you're gonna take the prize!

Helen:  Thanks!  I knew I liked you!

Helen gets a high five from Jeff.

Jeff:  I'm looking forward to watching you on Big Brother to the VERY END because YOU'RE GONNA BE THERE!

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Instead of wondering if Helen can win BB15, I'm wondering if any of the house guests I've met so far can beat her.  I kind of doubt it.

It's a sad state of affairs when at 37, she is by far the oldest house guests on BB15.  In fact, she is nearly 16% older than the next-oldest house guest (Gina Marie Zimmerman).  But she doesn't seem old from here.  If Helen can fit in with all of the youngsters in the house then I think she will have a good shot at the prize.

Can she keep her cool with all of the sloppy behavior?  The messy kitchen?  The ants?  Living like a sardine in a can?

I think she can.  And I'll bet she'll be a hellion on those endurance challenges.  She's a mom for Crissakes, and mom's can withstand pain.  It's in their job description.

Helen is going to be very good at reading people, and I know she is going to give some good DR this year.  I tried to poke around and see if I could find out who Helen has worked for, or what her political leanings may be.  There has been a lot of political corruption in Illinois in the past few years so I was curious how she might have be impacted by that.  But I couldn't find anything.

I think she and her husband are quite comfortable, financially.  That is obvious from her answer to Jeff about how everyone could use the money.

I'll bet Robyn Kast could hardly believe her good fortune at getting Helen as a member of this year's cast.   Like Jeff, I will be watching Helen closely until the very end.  I'm calling Final Four for Helen, at least.

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