Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Gina Marie Zimmerman - Let's All Welcome Gina Marie to the Stage #BB15

Meet Gina Marie Zimmerman, who proudly calls Staten Island New York home and is 32 years old.  She is off to a great start in her interview with Jeff and they have a chatty rapport.  He brings up her fun and loud personality a few times in this interview, and is amused by her.

She is a pageant co-ordinator who does a little of everything involved with pageants.  She works behind the scenes "with the kids" and even does a little MC-ing on the stage.  She does a quick "check one two" for us to demonstrate.

Gina Marie is a ball of fire who Jeff says is "ready for anything".  She obviously has a great sense of humor and is very witty.

Gina appears to be married, with a big rock on her left hand. She is wearing some sort of one-armed garment that I wish I could see better.  I'm also thinking that a good portion of that hair is fake. That's not a read---Gina Marie is a pageant girl and probably sees nothing wrong with getting ready for Show Time.  (It's not "Showtime" anymore, of course, just plain old "Show Time".)

She is a fan of Big Brother but does not elaborate on this.  I believe her, though. (That doesn't mean she wasn't scouted, though.)  She knows there will be some twists coming.

She believes that in order to Be the Best, she's got to Beat the Best, so she's not afraid to compete hard and wants the best players to be left standing at the end of the game.  Jeff thinks that America is going to fall for Gina Marie and wishes her the best of luck.  Gina gives Jeff the two-handed shake, which is nice if you can get it.

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I love it when the house guests have such a specific job.  I think Gina Marie is going to be one of the Go To people in the house to spend time with, if she is this easy and fun on a regular basis.  She seems extroverted, but not pushy like at least one of the other house guests (Amanda Zuckerman).  I can see her organizing fun events in the backyard to pass those long hours.

Of course they will have a "pageant" this year, right?  I've been trying to figure out who will be the "All Day, All Night" house guest on the CBS promos and so far I've narrowed it down to David Girton (stoner boy) or Gina Marie.  Because of her accent and energy, she may be the best choice if CBS wants to bring in the viewers.  For example, scroll up to the first picture---this is her just saying "Gina Marie from Staten Island". 

She looks like she has some muscle tone in her arms, so I'm thinking she must be fit and fairly athletic.  I predict Gina Marie will at least make jury, and may have potential to go even further.  Even though her personality is strong, she seems so good-natured and because she is a little older, she may have more self-control, a key attribute in those early days when many snap judgements are made.

OK, so I just did a quick Google to see if there was anything else about Gina Marie that I could comment on.  I was FLOORED to see that she is a "Maxim Hometown Hottie".  I'm not even sure what that means, but I definitely did not guess that there would be any pictures of Gina Marie out there that looked like this:

***mind blown***

So, I guess she is certainly fit and toned, as I guessed a few minutes ago.  I'm going to put out a guess that Gina Marie has some "dancing" on her resume as well.  Yep.  On the pole.  AKA The Shoe Show.   Just a guess.

And this doesn't change my opinion of her game potential.  If she can keep secrets and surprises, then she might have more potential than I thought.

Well played Gina Marie.  Well played.  Now just play the people in the BB15 house the way you just played me.


I found a picture of Gina Marie's one-shouldered dress in all of it's glory, and it's even worse than I thought it would be.
I love how she's workin' it, too.  I will update my assessment of Gina Marie to say that I am nearly certain that she is or was a stripper, and based on the Maxim pictures she is a Dirty Whore and is proud of it.  And I mean that as a kind of compliment...because I think Gina Marie would take it like that.  She's certainly not worried about what I think of her.

Well played Gina Marie.  I know you will be wearing that dress for the Live Show, won't you? Of course  you will.  It's probably your Sunday best.

Now get your shapely ass in there and start some TROUBLE!

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