Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Elissa Slater - She's Got her Eyes on the Prize #BB15

These are pictures from Elissa's brief interview with Jeff Schroeder.  She is a nutritionist and certified yoga instructor, and doesn't mention that she is Rachel's sister until prodded by Jeff.  Jeff says that Rachel is "one of the funniest people he knows" and gets Elissa to do a few of her impressions of Rachel.

She made fun of Rachel talking about "me and my man", being a "chemist", and her fiance "going to UCLA"  and Jeff got a few chuckles out of that.  Then he clarified that it's "all in good fun". Then he admits that Rachel is a winner and I can tell Jeff is enjoying himself in this role.

Elissa states that she's "in it to win it" and she's got her "eyes on the prize", and the rest of the house guests can be as catty to her as they want to be, but she's there to win the half million.

FeedWatcher First Impression:

I can't make my official FeedWatcher Forecast yet because I just don't have enough information.  I found Elissa to be colorful, bubbly, and intelligent.  Exactly what you would expect from a Reilly.  If she can keep from being too preachy about being healthy, she can be a real asset in that house, teaching daily yoga classes and sharing her nutrition knowledge.  She's likely to be a demon in the endurance and balance challenges. 

I do wish Jeff had spent the time asking her some more probing questions, like her plans to divulge her connection to Rachel Reilly.  Or if she is going to keep it quiet as part of her strategy.

Do you think she can keep it on the down low?  If there is a Big Brother Super Fan in the house that follows Rachel, they would definitely know she has a sister named Elissa.  I will have to search for them, but I know I've posted pictures from Rachel's Twitter that included Elissa a few times.

I think it might even be wise for her to tell people she is single, and Slater is her maiden name.  Because you just know they will want to boot her ass as soon as the truth about her family connection is discovered, right?  Or maybe to suck up to her to get on her good side, in case she might be a Fan Favorite.

(I never understand why the BB house guests don't try to feel out who the fans like to strategize their relationships.  For example when Janelle won America's Choice to leave the BB6 house for a trip to the Two and a Half Men set, and also the America's Choice telephone call from home, the Nerd Herd ostracized her even more. When the fans don't like you, you're in for a rough ride, even if you are lucky enough to win.  Just ask Maggie Asburn.)

But I digress.  As usual.

Elissa is already getting a lot of unnecessary hate from the "fans" who think the MVP twist is tailor-made for Elissa, due to Rachel's tremendous Twitter following.  And how "unfair" the MVP twist is....


Those "fans" are going to complain no matter what happens this year.  It's part of their Big Brother tradition.  I think we should just wait and see what happens before getting our panties in a wad.  Let the effing season start before you start hating, haters!

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