Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet David Girton - All He Needs Are Some Tasty Waves #BB15

Meet David Girton, a 25 year old hailing from beautiful San Diego California.  If you've never visited San Diego, then you really should put that little town on your list.  You can enjoy all of the great things about California without all the Industry hoopla.  I've stayed downtown in the US Grant Hotel across the street from Horton Plaza, and I also enjoyed a Love Weekend in La Jolla at an Embassy Suites after running the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon.

And I'm digressing already.  Sorry.  Just note that David is fortunate enough to be from a really great place where you can have a really good time.

And that special place might just be his own head.  David tells Jeff that he is a lifeguard and Jeff says of course he is, he has that special vibe.  David nods his head Yes and says he is a Matthew McConnaghy - Spicoli dude.

Jeff:  That was all going around in my head, but I didn't know if you were open to it!

David: Yeah dude, I'm open to it.

They both giggle with obvious delight.  If you don't know, this is Jeff Spicoli.

If you haven't seen the movie, then shame on you.  Go rent it because I predict this movie is going to experience some BOOMERANG action once this season of BB starts.  Don't be left out of the conversations about David by not watching this important piece of our culture.

Jeff asks him how he got into this whole thing--does he watch Big Brother?

David:  Yeah, dude.  I watched you and Jordan all summer!

Jeff, obviously thrilled:  Yeah?  You did?

David:  Yeah!  Dude, you scored!  Dude, you got a dime for sure, man.

Jeff, chortling:  Yeah, she's pretty cool!

Jeff wants to know if David has anybody at home that he's leaving.  David assures him that he's 25, single and ready to mingle.

Jeff, already mirroring his new BFF:  Dude!  Then there's no better place, huh?  Look at me, I picked up a dime!

They both cracks up like they've had three bong hits.  David tells Jeff his strengths will be his looks and his competitive nature.  He really likes to win first place every time.  Jeff asked if he would be willing to throw a competition and David's not sure.

David: I'm not a quitter.  And I think acting will come into play if I throw something.  I don't know if I'm easy to read or not....I guess we'll see...

David thinks his downfall will be his poor hygeine.  He doesn't take a shower or wash his hair because he's a hippie.  He'll be in the pool every day but not the shower and he knows people will think he stinks.

As someone who values good grooming, Jeff can't believe this and doesn't understand why he won't take a shower.  David said something about the warm water on his chest making his blood pressure rise, or some shit like that.  Personally I find this excuse to be a Bad Highdea.  (Do any of them turn out to be good?)

Jeff winds up the interview saying that David is a Fan Favorite as far as Jeff is concerned and that Jeff can't wait to see what happens to David in that house.  At some point in this interview, Jeff started calling David "D.G." in a very enthusiastic fashion.

And they begin their Bromance with a special hand gesture.


FeedWatcher Forecast

As a Type A High Achiever my whole life, I have always admired the hippie vibe.  The laid-back Cali style of life.   I love that era coming back in style and attitude.  So I was surprised and delighted to meet David and think he is as close to a home run in casting as they come, right?.  We've had a few house guests over the years with a beachy type vibe, but nothing as strong as DG.

As far as the show goes, he's going to be a Star.  Loved and hated but always remembered.  David might even be the one who says "All Day All Night!" on the CBS commercial.  (It's gotta be, right?)

You couldn't write a better part, could you?  Hmmmm.  Here's the thing:  When David mentioned the acting, it was a little strange to me.  Then when he said we'd find out if he was easy to read or not.  Something in his presentation just seemed different.

And I thought:

What if David is making up this persona?  Or exaggerating himself to be more of a 'character' with the whole "I'm stinky" trajectory?  Dan Gheesling actually recommends doing this in his book How to Get on Reality TV and admits to doing a little acting himself to get cast on BB10.   I just sat back and watched David's entire video again, trying to detect if David is yanking our chain or not.  Still not sure.

And then I thought:

David is acting stoned in this video. Is it possible that he had access to some weed before the interview?  Some edibles maybe?  Maybe if he has a prescription for it since he's a Cali native?

(Is that how Ashley was so high last year?  Did they let her have prescription pot in the DR?  Someone please get cracking on this Very Important Topic so we can learn about these BB weed rules.  TYIA)

If he's not actually high (which may be unlikely under the circumstances) then he was acting high.  And that makes me wonder what else he might be acting about..and wonder how effing boss it would be if David tells us in the DR that he is really a PhD candidate with Brendon at UCLA and is playing the stoner role in the house. .I look forward to learning more about him from the fans though, because I know that people are flocking to the message boards with all sorts of info about all of the BB15 house guests right now.  I won't start reading the other BB websites until I've met and commented on all of the house guests for myself, though.  I never do.  I like to form my own opinions.  I know I'm missing some info and can't wait to dish it.

So David.....maybe his identity is solid and I'm the one with the Bad Highdea.

Well, it is Friday night.

Now, what were we talking about?

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