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Meet Candice Stewart - Pageant Patty on the Downlow #BB15


Meet Candice Stewart, a 29 year old from New Orleans, Louisiana, living in Houston Texas now.  This was one of the most interesting interviews that Jeff did, because Candice has a lot of interesting items on her resume that she doled out here and there.

She threw a "ya'll" out there early in the interview and Jeff pounced on that word.  (Chicago guys like Jeff like girls with southern accents.  Just ask Jordan.)

Candice is a pediatric speech therapist, teaching children with autism or Downs syndrome to talk.  She tells Jeff she is very competitive, so he asks if she plays any sports.

Candice:  Well, I was an NFL cheerleader for a couple of years.  I can't hit a ball with a bat to save  my life, but when it comes to dancing and running I've got that covered.

Jeff:  Don't just breeze over that you were an NFL cheerleader!  It's cute that you work with kids and all, but just say I'm Candice and I'm an NFL cheerleader and I want to win Big Brother and let's get out of here!

She laughs and says she was an NFL cheerleader a few years ago...she's 30 now and 15 pounds heavier.

Jeff:  Whoa. Whoa Whoa.  You just said you were 29...are you a liar?  Are you gonna bring this in the BB house?

Candice explains that she will turn 30 in the house (if she makes it to Sept 19th, that is) and if lying helps her win, she'll do it.  She's kind of coy and flirty about it, but I'm going to put her down as a Potential Villain even before the end of this interview.

She told Jeff she is willing to lie, and will "go pretty far for the $500,000."

She is a fan of the show and is open to a showmance and brings up Jeff finding "his mate" on the show.  If he can do it, she can too. She says she is a big fan of love. 

Candice:  Who doesn't love love?

She's not worried about America loving her.  She's playing to win, but if she finds love and $500,000 than that would be wonderful.

Then  Candice drops a bomb by telling Jeff that she competed in the  Miss USA pageant, so if she can live with all of those women for one month, then she has the patience to live in the BB house.  Jeff can't argue with that, but you can tell his mind is blown.  He ends by telling her she has it all to win the game, and Jeff just may be right.

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Candice, Candice, Candice.  I'm sorry I recapped your interview  next to last.  It certainly was newsy.  Since she brought it up, I took the liberty of nosing around a little.

Candice was an NFL cheerleader for both the New Orleans Saints, and the Houston Texans.  She won the following pageants, too:

Miss Louisiana Teen 2002, Winner
Miss Louisiana 2004, 1st Runner up
Miss Louisiana 2005, Winner

Damn.  I'm no Pageant Patty, but this is impressive.

I'm going to be honest.  When the interview first started, before I heard Candice speak, I thought she might be a man.  But no, she is not.

Candice is a Big Threat to win this game, but those other house guests might not know this until it is way too late.  She's not planning on telling the house guests her secrets, so that will be fun for us to watch.  Particularly since Gina Marie Zimmerman works in the pageant business.  Uh huh.

After all, we've all seen house guests who SWORE they would not be telling anyone they were Chemists, or PhDs, or Nurses.  The list goes on and on and on. If Candice can keep her shit straight in there, keep the lies in line, then she can get into the end zone.

I found her Twitter, too.

What what?  Drinking hand grenades?  And this is her last tweet, from May 5th, which I find very interesting.

Is that Kimora Lee Simmons?  What does this mean?  Is Candice into women?  Candice even has her own Wikipedia page!  What the hell is going on here?

Candice is going to be Dastardly for sure, in some way shape or form.  I can't wait!

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